Third Party Data Policy

Terms for use of Whitehall Media data by Exhibitors/Sponsors/ Media Partners (Sponsors)

· The data must be used by your company alone not passed to anyone (including partners) unless further consent has been received by the data subject
· Not to be used for mass or automated LinkedIn requests
· Not to be used for mass or automated Calendar invite/requests
· Not to be used to advertise events or partners events which may be in direct competition with our Conference
· All use of the data must comply with the business to business marketing rules within the GDPR and PECR.
· A clear opt-out or unsubscribe must be available on all communications
· Once a data subject has opted out their information must be removed from all marketing databases, or added to a suppression list.
· The data must only be used for proportionate and relevant business purposes.
· Sponsors must not excessively contact data subjects.
· Sponsors must clearly identify themselves on all communications
· Sponsors should provide data subjects with a link to their privacy policy within one month of first contact.
· Sponsors are themselves liable for any complaints due to unreasonable use of data
· Phone numbers are not permitted for use of sending mass texts to attendees
· The data cannot be used for pre-recorded phone calls
· Contact must be made with people during business hours only – i.e. 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (UK hours)
· All data will have a password applied to the document so it can only be accessed by the nominated persons
· The data must not be processed outside the EEA without appropriate governance such as Model Contract Clauses, Privacy Shield, or an Adequacy Decision.
· Once a data subject has engaged in a service or quote the ownership of the information is the sponsors.

If you have any queries please email