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Fertility Clinic Patients Hit by Ransomware Egg

NHS Boosts its Cybersecurity Via Early-Stage Company



…In which our guest speakers, delegates and industry partners come together to discover the latest tools and techniques, establish and nurture business relationships, and effect real-world change through the successful application of big data technologies.

Technology Events 2021

Whitehall Media’s series of technology events is rightly regarded as Europe’s premier free to attend conference and exhibition, which consistently brings together the industry’s leading experts and solution providers. From global end-user enterprises and big data analytics tech businesses with a reputation for delivering cutting edge solutions designed to support your big data, AI and machine learning operations, it’s only at one of our technology events that you will have the opportunity to hear first-hand how you can secure a digital dividend for your business.

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  • Learn why Whitehall Media is Europe’s leading technology events provider
  • Learn how to become a better technology leader
  • Discover the latest technology tools and techniques
  • Understand how you can implement technology solutions within your business
  • Advance your understanding of why your business needs technology insights through seminars at our technology events
  • Get to know your customers better and drive revenue by becoming a technology driven business

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Why Attend our Technology Events


It is only at our series of technology events that you will find a perfectly calibrated mix of guest speakers, delegates, and leading solution providers. Set within a relaxed, non-competitive, conference space that encourages networking, whatever your motivation for wishing to attend, you will find and get what you want out of the day.


Whether during the plenary sessions which provide you with the platform to directly ask questions of our guest speakers during the panel discussion and audience Q&A, or in the more intimate breakout sessions, or even in the dedicated exhibition space, the opportunities to debate at our technology events are endless.


Our technology events are all about creating the perfect environment in which expert knowledge can be shared, deep understanding gained, and professional development achieved. Ultimately, the purpose of our technology events is to support technological innovations to modernise workplace processes, improve customer relations, and identify new business opportunities.

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Fertility Clinic Patients Hit by Ransomware Egg

Ransomware attacks have been seen to hit a wide variety of industries and sectors over the past year, with the...

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NHS Boosts its Cybersecurity Via Early-Stage Company

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Parliamentary Staffers Losses Over 2 Years

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Password Security Is a Goal for Cyber Criminals

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Google Drive and Docs Not Safe from Phishing

In the ever-developing world of cybercrime, there are always advancements on attacks that are not expected or even considered, and...

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Human Action Fuels Organization Security

In a recent annual report provided by Verizon, it was highlighted that employee decision making and actions have provided the...

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