Sponsors Data Policy

Terms for use of Whitehall Media Data by Exhibitors/sponsors/media partners

  • The data must be used your company alone not passed to anyone including partners
  • Not to be used for linked in requests
  • Not to be used to advertise your own events or partners events
  • The data must only be used once – 1 use per media ie 1 phone contact (actual conversation not tries to reach them), 1 mail contact, 1 email contact ie NOT put onto a general mailshot database – you are encouraged to make use of your contact opportunities by asking the recipient to sign up to your mailing list within these communications as the rule is now opt in – the event opt in is regarding a ‘follow up from exhibitors’ on the themes of the event not an opt in to a mailing list of all exhibitors. Exhibitors are also permitted to send 1 additional ‘chase’ email to assist in chasing contacts to see if they wish to subscribe to further contact.
  • All contact made needs to have the option to unsubscribe/be forgotten – ie contact deleted for any further form of contact
  • Phone numbers are not permitted for use of sending mass texts to attendees
  • Contact should be made with people during business hours only – ie 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
  • Data must only be used in relation to the themes of the conference and not other ‘outside’ subject matter as the attendees registered showing interest in this particular field
  • All data will have a password applied to the sheet so it can only be accessed by the nominated persons
  • The data must not be transferred outside the UK
  • Once you have used the data as per the conditions above the information should be deleted not stored. You have 1 calendar year to utilise the data as specified above unless they have obviously agreed to subscribe to your further contact.

If you have any queries regarding this policy please contact us events@whitehallmedia.co.uk