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23 November 2021

Business Design Centre, London

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4 Tips for Controlling Costs and Optimizing Spend with Better Visibility
By: Ari Roth Working life changed significantly for most of us in 2020. According to Snow’s 2021 IT Priorities Report, 63% of IT leaders reported that technology management became more difficult in the ­­­­past 12 months. That is no surprise considering 76% said the pace of digital transformation significantly increased and the majority reported increased...
Cloud Collaboration and Covid-19
The one defining characteristic of the COVID-19 has been the incredible speed and resultant global reach of the virus. From the first alerts in December 2019 to multiple country-wide lock-downs in March 2020, this pandemic has provided little time for government departments and businesses to implement emergency plans and roll-out supporting stakeholder communications infrastructures. Read...
Digital transformation is a journey not a destination, and you need to travel with the right people
Digital transformation is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. It has become a major driving force across all areas of an organisation. Innovative tools such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation are making waves across industries, while models of technology consumption are rapidly changing with the increasing use of Cloud. ...