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24 November 2020




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PSEICT 2020 – VIRTUALCONFEX – The Live Virtual Summit will feature a mix of keynotes, panel discussions and covering the most IAM deployment issues so join us live if you can!

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Conference Chair’s Opening Address

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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Achieving a digitally enabled workforce at pace and scale

Dr Lesley Holdsworth OBE, National Clinical Lead for Digital Health & Care, Scottish Government

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This presentation will outline how Scotland responded to the challenges posed by COVID19 and the digital efforts made to provide resources and upskill its health and social care workforce at pace and scale. It will also highlight the key learning from this period

  • Video consultation rates increased from 300 per week (end of Feb 20) to 21000 (end of August 20)
  • Microsoft Teams made available to 160,000 staff within 8 days
  • National webinars to support the upskilling of the workforce viewed by over 46,000 staff
  • Upskilling at pace and scale has its own challenges and lessons to be learned
Digital Identity for all – is it really possible?

Cheryl Stevens MBE, Digital Director, Shared Channels Experience, Department for Work and Pensions  

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Digital Identity in the modern world can create a barrier to access for some of the most vulnerable in society. The question is, how do we create solutions that protect citizens and services whilst removing those barriers.

  • How COVID accelerated and influenced DWP direction for identity
  • DWP serves 18m customers across the entire demographic spectrum
  • Context-driven, proportionate solutions are key
  • Hear how DWP are striking that balance and leading the way

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Since the advent of the GovTech Catalyst Fund, which is designed to help public sector leaders connect with tech firms in a problem-action-solution dynamic, many opportunities have arisen to share and resolve common governmental challenges.

In our opening address, we expertly map how the UK’s govtech market is now matching the popularity of fintech and what this means for central, local and devolved organisations.


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Welcome to session two

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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Navigating the Digital Workplace with DWP and Jamf

Robert Petrie, Senior Infrastructure Engineer – Mac Specialist, DWP

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Clare Smith, Key Account Manager – Existing Accounts, Jamf

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With technology now being even more important to the employee experience with the recent pivot to a more remote workforce, hear how DWP are:
o Reviewing their digital transformation strategy
o Planning for scale and focusing on the employee experience with technology
o On-boarding new employees and pivoting to remote working

Nurturing new talent to become future leaders

Nurjahan Khatun, Head of Project Delivery Profession, HMRC

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Using a case study to talk through how establishing sustainable routes for junior staff within the Project Delivery Profession to become future leaders was mitigating an overarching risk of ‘Ensuring the right people with the right skills, were on the right projects in the right location’.

  • The profession has a community of 2,500+ so how did the approach adopted address the lack of representation of BAME and Women in particular
  • Importance of digitisation and digitalisation in nurturing junior talent for technology-enabled senior roles
  • The learning offerings available and how learning has moved on from traditional classroom learning

How to develop new talent to address the wider strategic need of ensuring the profession is future-proofing its talent and not losing knowledge


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For many senior decision-makers and influencers, the hype of emerging tech often fails to meet reality as projects fail to move beyond the piloting to the production stage.

Mapping each key stage, from concept to scale, we address how it is possible to progress beyond the testbed stage to ensure that Govtech solutions, whether they be RPA, AI, ML, are successfully integrated into your established architecture and supporting infrastructure.

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welcome to session three

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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UK Cloud Case Study
Freelance ICT professionals as an essential component of successful public sector project delivery

Rose MacCrossan, Project Manager, EU Exit, Borders and Boundaries, DEFRA

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The ICT Public Sector profession has transformed in the last two decades and in this time, the role of the ‘freelance’ ICT professional has grown significantly to become an essential element in the successful delivery of public sector ICT projects, programmes, portfolios and PMOs.

During this time, the commercial landscape has expanded in response to the market requirements of a ‘professional flexible workforce’; the professional standards set by organisations such as the APM, APMG and BCS have emerged and risen to set the best practice standard for individuals and organisations; and the public and media perception of ‘ICT consultants’ has largely had a negative press.

This considers:

  • A high-level overview of the contract landscape for hiring managers and freelance ICT professionals working in the ICT Public Sector
  • The advantages and disadvantages that the ‘professional flexible workforce’ brings to ICT public sector delivery and transition into BAU
  • How the freelance ICT consultant can achieve successful delivery and value for money for hiring managers and leave a positive legacy in BAU
  • How hiring managers and agencies can support the freelance ICT consultant and achieve great delivery and value for money
How to Deliver the Best Possible User Experience?

Adrian Perez, Account Director UK&I, Login VSI

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As digital transformation and cloud migration is now more relevant than ever, testing your infrastructure and digital workspaces is crucial to keep the organisation running. And with the rate of changes and updates increasing rapidly, preventing issues has become even more challenging.

In this session we’ll be discussing the use cases of Login VSI’s holistic testing solution, Login Enterprise, and how it helps to prevent problems, optimise workspaces and deliver the best possible application performance and employee experience. We’ll be covering some real customer cases and talk about how organisations successfully utilise the benefits and value of Login Enterprise. Key Highlights:

• Why testing the end-user experience matters
• How to deliver: use cases, benefits, and value of Login Enterprise
• Key initiatives and challenges: Change Management, Remote Working, Windows Virtual Desktop Login VSI is a trusted supplier of the G-Cloud 12 framework and is listed in the Digital Marketplace.

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online session five

welcome to session five

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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DWP Case study

Andrew Bolton, Deputy Director, Head of Data as a Service, DWP

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LiveTiles Case Study

coming soon

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Using technology to help people have a better work experience during times of crisis

Connie Hendry, Head of Shielding Delivery, Population Health, Scottish Government (formerly Head of Organisational Development, Disclosure Scotland an Agency of Scottish Government}

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This presentation will outline how Disclosure Scotland responded to prevent isolation and loneliness for its 400 strong workforce whilst bringing stability during the early crisis created by the Covid 19 lockdown.  It will cover:

  • People engagement – every voice is heard people feel valued and cared for
  • Re-purposing – refining the technology you have during times of crisis
  • Endlessly adaptable – innovating technologies during times of change
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online session six


welcome to session six

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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Digital Scotland Design System

Anusree Raju, Senior Interaction Designer, Digital Directorate, The Scottish Government

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Jennifer I’Anson, Lead Product Manager, Digital Directorate, The Scottish Government

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  • Scottish Government’s new Design System ( was launched recently in August 2020
  • This presentation will give you a quick tour of the new Design System, who it’s aimed at, its objectives and benefits
  • It will also showcase a few new design components added to the Design System along with their design stories. Tune in to know more about Digital Scotland Design System!
The Mobility Pivot – Threat & Response in a Cloud-enabled frontline workforce

Helen Williams, Operational Security Manager, Metropolitan Police

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The growth of mobility in workforces, moving access to sensitive and critical systems out of offices and to the frontline, continues to dominate workforce planning and law enforcement is no different.

In response to this, we are seeing a steady increase in mobile targeting threats to exploit these platforms, both for consumers and for enterprise customers.

What are you doing to enable and protect your assets in an increasingly mobile world?

  • Law enforcement frontline mobility is a key trend
  • Mobile targeted threats, trends and use cases
  • Defensive measures & deployment considerations
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