Public Sector Enterprise ICT

26 November 2019

Victoria Park Plaza




Tuesday 26th November 2019

The Seminars will take place from 12.20 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.



Securing Collaboration: Bridging the Gap between Security and DevOps

Surveys show that security professionals have no privileged account security strategy for DevOps within their organisation. This creates significantly weak points for attackers to target. This seminar explores what the basic principles and best practices security teams should follow to ensure a consistent level of security while implementing DevOps.


Augmenting Government with Machine Learning

Machine learning has massive transformative potential for public services, including for the health, education, and transport sectors. But this potential brings with it a set of challenges, and raises important questions about the implications and consequences of this technology. We use this session to discuss a public services approach to personalisation and how it can be used for optimum service delivery.


Procurement Innovation- Securing the Right Solutions in the Digital Market Place

Public procurement sets out the opportunities for reshaping procurement into a strategic tool for driving innovation. This seminar explores the benefits of creating a centralised digital marketplace for procuring solutions and how this can be further developed to encompass more efficient savings for government with minimal time expense:

  • Embedding innovative approaches
  • Identifying and fulfilling unmet needs


Sponsored by:
The Robotics and AI Use Case to Transform Local Government in 2020

Keith Stagner CEO T-Impact Ltd

The future for Local Authorities is uncertain. With issues surrounding life post-Brexit, concerns about where funding is coming from and the need to cope with demands from an increasingly elderly population, councils are finding themselves overworked with back-end administration and unable to fulfill frontline duties.

Our seminar will help you to understand this future in more detail and explain how robotics and AI can provide the perfect solution for your council to maximise operational efficiency, reduce the need to cut vital services due to budget issues and free up your staff for empowering and important frontline operations to directly serve the most important people – your constituents.

We’ll explain how digital transformation is equally about people, as well as technology.

We’ll explain why you need to win hearts and minds to drive your digital transformation projects and the importance of choosing the right business case and use cases to make your first projects successful.

We’ll explain why we have chosen UiPath, the world\’s fastest-growing enterprise software company as our exclusive robotic solutions vendor and why they are perfectly placed to help you achieve your digital goals.

Above all, we’ll share some of our biggest industry success stories with you and reveal the key use case that is going to transform the way your local authority works, as we head into the uncertainty of 2020.


Software Asset Management in the NHS

Hear from a leading NHS trust about how they have used the power of Software Asset Management to give them visibility and control of their estate, reduce cost pressures, and enable the automation of manual processes. With hundreds of bespoke medical applications and complex licensing metrics, hear how they are future-proofing the organisation to consolidate and increase control.


360 Security for Your Cloud

With the transition to cloud in the public sector still in full force and the amount of heightened sensitive information that it holds, concerns about security, privacy, and compliance have remained key cloud adoption and migration issues. This seminar will discover and categorise the benefits of Private, Hybrid and Public Clouds and explores secure cloud services that can be both flexible to changes in your levels of demand and cost-effective.


Disrupting the NHS- AI Innovation for Public Healthcare

Artificial Intelligent has never been so widely publicised as it now is today and in particular the opportunities AI in Healthcare hold great promise. This seminar will explore how the NHS can implement AI into their existing legacy systems and the benefits AI can bring to multiple areas in the NHS from automising internal architecture to using AI for clinical scanning.


Smart Geospatial Data for Enhancing Public Service Delivery in the Field

Geospatial Data is increasingly central to effective decision-making and digital by default approaches at all levels of government. Volume and variety of data (and data sources) makes it more difficult to manage that data to ensure consistency and accuracy across the organisation. This presentation will explore the stages of adopting geospatial data from the management of data quality through to the design and deployment of web-based mapping applications that deliver greater insight and enables the public sector to better segregate and visualise their data.