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1 December 2022


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Data Security and Cloud Adoption Challenge
Over the past two years, Australia has faced unprecedented change and unpredictable patterns in the form of wildfires, floods, and the effects of the global pandemic – with the pandemic, in particular, forcing government agencies to renew their focus on digital transformation. Post-pandemic, the Australian government placed $1.2bn of the 21-22 budget into their revised...
Government Pushing Algorithms to Be More Transparent
The government has set about its mission to make an algorithmic transparency standard due to concerns that more biased algorithms are having an unnecessary impact on the way Britons are being treated by the state. Little Insight a Big Problem Algorithms are systems that contain wide ranges of data to provide a singular answer, but...
Moving Applications to the Cloud – Is this an Opportunity or Challenge?
Since the mid 90’s many applications have been built – and most probably have a few things in common. They’ll be built on relational database management system (RDBMS) and they probably still run on dedicated infrastructure. If that’s the case, then you’re probably facing some challenges with them – today, as external users become your...