Applied Machine Learning & AI

23 September 2020

Victoria Park Plaza, London



The UK’s leading event for the strategic implementation of Machine Learning and AI technologies across all major business sectors

At a glance

From advancing the means by which you build and retain your customer base, to the insights gained through the production of machine powered analysis of key business functions, market analyses, competitor activities and social trends, Artificial Intelligence is rightly recognised as the leading global disruptor.

Whilst reality has since met hype regarding its capabilities, the question remains as to how best to deliver, implement and develop your AI potential.

Whitehall Media’s ML&AI Conference will help you to better understand how to plan your AI roadmap, identify which elements of your business require adoption, the organisational culture needed to ensure success and how to anchor related technologies to your AI capabilities.

Join hundreds of senior technology professionals and world leading providers, learn from recognised thought leaders and discover examples of best practice AI projects from a diverse range of industry sectors.



  • How to change your culture
  • AI risk perception and mitigation
  • Sustainable and competitive growth
  • Actionable AI
  • Learning from legacy issues
  • Leveraging data and analytics
  • Achieving ROI
  • Outsourcing your AI project: pros and cons
  • Automation and AI as a measure of productivity
  • Surviving disruption


  • Starting your AI journey
  • Setting up a data science team
  • Automation in the cloud
  • Being digital first
  • Harnessing the potential of AI
  • Examples of real-world AI deployment
  • The role of AI and ML in IAM
  • Cloud architecture for AI
  • AI, machine learning, and smart data
  • Progressing AI to fully integrated automation
  • Customer-centric AI innovation


  • Translate your AI potential into results
  • Applying deep learning to design systems
  • The 3 pillars to success: people, process and technology
  • Using deep learning to create original product offerings
  • AI ethics and accountability
  • Driving the implementation of ML
  • Democratising access to AI
  • Linking human and machine activity
  • Tackling AI bias
  • Leveraging customer satisfaction

Featured Speakers