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MIM Europe Confex 2022

Machine Identity Management Europe Confex

8 February 2022


Speakers @ MIM Europe Confex 2022

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Extensive research is carried out in order to ensure that our programmes provide a platform for industry experts from the worlds most data driven organisations are able to address the most important issues which matter to you and provide a path towards greater success

Keynote Speaker
Raul Lapaz
Cloud security engineer Blue Team, Roche

Raul Lapaz has more than 20 years of IT experience and works as a cloud security engineer at the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche.

His primary role is to design, implement, and deploy a secure cloud environment for health care digital products in AWS.

He writes articles for such publications as Admin Network and Security, and in the past, he also wrote articles for Windows NT Magazine.

He holds several IT certifications, like Splunk Architect, GIAC SANS, RedHat, CEH, Microsoft and others.

Keynote Speaker
Edina Dobos
Head of IAM, Diageo

Edina is currently the Head of Technology IAM for Diageo, leading cross-functional activities in preparations for and in response to internal and external audit requirements and compliance with IT control Frameworks.

Previously held various positions in covering both IS and Business SoD control activities for the key ERP, accompanied by management assurance over ERP application controls as well. Having gained 10+ years in managing and improving overall response to business SoD-risks, she expanded her remit to cover and transform IS SoD control activities as well.

During her career she has created the foundations of a centralized SoD operations team, standardizing and simplifying new monitoring procedures along with leading the upgrade of GRC Access Control and Emergency Access Management from a business point of view.

Her experience includes as a business acceptance lead a major review of SoD-matrices, translation of rules into GRC solution, designing and implementing new monitoring processes and engagement to achieve management- and external auditor confidence in the new procedures.

Edina is certified in CISA, CRISC and COBIT 5 and is highly qualified in ERP security, administration and configuration

Keynote Speaker
Bertrand Hanappe
Global Head of Identity & Access Management, Euroclear

Bertrand is currently heading the Identity and Access Management teams for the Euroclear Group. After having spent 17 years in the back-office operations of several entities, Bertrand’s main mission today is to reconcile/reconnect the security world with the Business needs while strengthening Identity and Access management governance and processes.

Keynote Speaker
Carlos Trigoso
Lead Architect, NHS

Carlos Trigoso is a Lead Identity and Access Management Architect with the NHS. Carlos started in the “user management” area when this speciality was in its beginnings. He moved through all Identity Management specialities in the past 20 years, including software development, pre-sales, consultancy, service delivery, project management, enterprise architecture, information security, business consultancy and audit, role and attribute-based access controls, identity data management and governance. Carlos has worked in a wide variety of industries and the public sector in Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East. He finds himself at home in the challenging but extraordinarily dynamic and professional BBC Design and Engineering division.

Keynote Speaker
Saru Tumuluri
India Ambassador, Women in Identity

Saru Tumuluri is the CEO Khosla Labs and is currently focused on scaling Veri5Digital, a leading Global Digital Identity and Customer On-Boarding SaaS platform from India.

With over two decades of experience pertaining to entrepreneurship in India and the United States, Saru is focused on bringing new technology-driven opportunities to entrepreneurs, with an aim to solve large-scale problems in India and across the globe.

Saru is currently the country Ambassador for Women in Identity (WiD), a registered non-profit membership organisation, run by volunteers whose purpose is to champion a more diverse workforce, inclusive of all, to enter, and work, and advance in the growing industry of Digital Identity.

Keynote Speaker
Andrew Aken
Zero Trust Lead Architect, Twitter

Dr Andrew Aken is an entrepreneur, consultant, professor, speaker, cybersecurity SME, and software engineer.

Andrew started his career at IBM focusing on internationalization & globalization. Andrew earned his PhD in Business Administration, developed, taught, and designed University programs for MIS & Cyber Security degree programs, founded and ran a successful consulting company servicing the IT, application development, and cybersecurity needs of small & medium-sized enterprises as well as a telephone company and ISP.

He has also been a leader in the development of a Zero Trust strategy for one of the Big Four accounting firms.

Dr Aken is currently the Zero Trust Lead Architect for Twitter.

Keynote Speaker
Jayanta Debnath
Head of Identity and Access Management, Standard Chartered Bank

Jayanta Debnath (Jay) is a thought leader and innovator who currently heads the IAM Strategy for one of the largest global banks out of Singapore.

He has close to two decades of IT experience spanning across major sectors such as Banking and Finance, Retail & E-Commerce, Public Sector, Technology and Services to name a few.

Jay specialises in Cybersecurity and Cloud and is an out of the box thinker who believes that “Experimentation is the only way to Innovate”.
Throughout his career, he has led many Digital Transformation projects for large Enterprises and FSIs.

Keynote Speaker
Kumud Dubey
Senior ASIC Verification Engineer, Boeing

With over 18 years of experience in the software industry with leading MNCs like Alcatel Lucent, Mentor Graphics and Cadence Design Systems, Kumud has been a part of senior management and recognised as a thought leader within these organizations.

At present, she is working with Boeing India as a Senior ASIC Verification Engineer.

Being a prominent speaker and a well sought-after name in national and international conferences, she has been regularly quoted in Indian print and digital media on global issues. She has been invited by various Indian government bodies, including its defence forces to train their cyber workforce.

Along with her team, she has devised and conducted various events for capacity building and cyber safety awareness in association with state police departments and UNICEF.

She has supported various government initiatives in their technical reviews and audits, especially the smart city initiatives of the Government of India.

She has been involved actively in the Cadence Design System for solving complex design problems using Machine Learning Algorithms

Keynote Speaker
Lydia Payne-Johnson
JD, CIPP, Director, Information Security, Identity & Access Management and Risk, The George Washington University

Lydia Payne-Johnson is the Director of IT Security, Identity Management and Cybersecurity Risk at The George Washington University. In this role, Lydia is responsible for her teams’ service delivery, including alignment with the university’s digital transformation strategy. She is a dynamic, multi-talented executive with more than 35 years of experience in regulatory compliance, risk, information security, data management, and consumer marketing across financial services, health information management, and higher education. She is a published subject matter expert, noted industry panellist, speaker, and mentor. She is an exceptional communicator and a culture change agent.

An effective leader, Lydia has been a Chief Privacy Officer and successfully led teams at Freddie Mac, Morgan Stanley, PwC, Verispan and CIT Group. She designed and led the implementation of privacy and cybersecurity policies, standards, risk and controls frameworks, and data classification schema, risk monitoring measures, data loss prevention, incident response, as well as privacy impact and third-party assessments. In addition, Lydia is adept at forging partnerships across businesses, IT, and service lines.

Early in her career, Lydia was Senior Vice-President and Global Advertising Director with Dean Witter Reynolds Inc. At Dean Witter, she was the primary driver overseeing creative processes for the firm’s highly successful, and globally recognizable media campaigns.

Lydia has a J.D. from New York Law School, is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) and holds a certification for GIAC Law of Data Security & Investigations (GLEG).

She is a graduate of the Executive Leadership Program of the Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business and holds certificates from KPMG’s Executive Leadership Institute for Women and the Securities Industry Institute of the Wharton School of Business.

Keynote Speaker
Rodolfo Grave
Enterprise Cloud Architect, Schroders

With a background in software development and then architecture, Rodolfo is always looking for that place where theory meets reality. Identity Management and data access controls are an area in which many good ideas come up but can rarely be fully implemented. As an Enterprise Cloud Architect Rodolfo has been helping come up with new patterns and strategies that help teams deliver applications that can be useful and flexible while still protecting their data.

Before being an Enterprise Cloud Architect at Schroders, Rodolfo was a Solutions Architect (also for Schroders) and a Team/Tech lead in several other companies in the Financial Industry.

Keynote Speaker
Vilma Blomberg
IAM Solution Design Owner, KONE

Vilma is an IT/Business professional working in Cybersecurity at the KONE Corporation as IAM Solution Design Owner. She has gained three University degrees as a “hybrid” manager from International master’s in management of IT -program (IMMIT).

At her work, she is specialized in delivering value from digital Identity and Access Management (IAM) using DevOps practices and automation. Vilma is responsible for gathering business and technical requirements, planning roadmaps, and designing global solutions for IAM and Cybersecurity.

She has experience from managing a large legacy IDM replacement project. Now, her main focus is leading the agile IDM system development team. Acting as a Product Owner, she is ensuring that the solution is continuously developed, customized, and configured to match the enterprise environment. She is more than eager to share her learnings and thoughts on practicing DevOps & IAM.

Keynote Speaker
Phil Demetriou
President, UCL Technology Society
Keynote Speaker
Kevin Bocek
Vice President, Security Strategy & Threat Intelligence, Venafi

Kevin Bocek is responsible for security strategy and threat intelligence at Venafi. He brings more than 16 years of experience in IT security with leading security and privacy leaders including RSA Security, Thales, PGP Corporation, IronKey, CipherCloud, nCipher, andXcert. He is sought after for comment by the world’s leading media such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post,Forbes, Fortune, BBC, Süddeutsche Zeitung, USA

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