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MIM Europe Confex 2022

Machine Identity Management Europe Confex

8 February 2022


Seminars @ MIM Europe Confex 2022


Evaluate cutting-edge technology and solution providers through our Live Web Seminars by attending solution provider sessions. Connect with your fellow IAM and IT security leaders and dive into thoughtful conversations spurred by powerful sessions and hear directly from the experts behind the latest IAM innovations.

All sessions will be available on-demand after, so you won’t miss anything. Session times are subject to change. Participants can also connect with peers and experts to ask questions, share insights, and get the most from the leaders in the industry

PLEASE NOTE: All Conference Sessions (including slides) will be presented in English ONLY
Delegates will be able to attend two seminars at the event ‘live’ as they will run in two sessions.
All event footage will be available on demand for a maximum of 2 hours after the session has closed.

The Zero Trust You Don’t Know


The number of machines of all types – from Kubernetes, to cloud, to IoT – is on the rise. Every machine requires an identity – SSL/TLS, SSH, and code signing keys and certificates – that control encryption, authentication, and code execution. Too often these powerful security controls are left unprotected. Compromise, misuse, and fraud of machine identities are already prime attack vectors for hackers targeting supply chain weaknesses, and errors create debilitating outages and millions in lost business. For all these reasons and more, Gartner has named Machine Identity Management a top trend for 2021.

Attend this session to learn:

  • The top machine identity attacks targeting your organisation and software supply chain
  • How SSL/TLS, SSH, and code signing keys and certificates are left unprotected
  • How machine identities fail and cost millions in outages
  • Why most organisations are not prepared to use machine identities at speed
  • Three things your organisation can do today to stay #fastsecure with Machine Identity Management

Simplify and secure SSH access


SSH keys provide privileged access to your infrastructure, and yet despite this central role, their importance is often overlooked.

This has led to a situation in which organisations are unaware of the true number of SSH keys residing within the server, how many have been left dormant, and open to attacks that allow bad actors to operate with relative freedom.

Join us as we explore how you can find and protect keys in your network, secure SSH access, and prevent the risk of audit failure.

Cloud enabled PKI-as-a-service


PKI is a vital component of your digital business security and operational efficiency.

That being said, ensuring you have the right people in the right place with the appropriate level of expertise is a difficult task. Added to the mix is the need to adhere to industry standards, manage hardware and software costs, and navigate your way through a complex balancing act between security and productivity.

We address:

  • How PKI as-a-service provides you with both security and scalability
  • Combine with end-end certificate lifecycle automation
  • A bespoke solution built and operated according to your needs

Adding intelligence to your threat detection capabilities


The very nature of today’s unknowable number of threat actors and potential vectors means that you have to not only maintain but strengthen your security posture on a continuous basis. The enemy innovates at the same or even greater pace than you are able to.

The truth is, however, that it is impossible to do so without adding a layer of cutting-edge automation to your security architecture and infrastructure.

By doing so you will enhance your ability to anticipate, mitigate and resolve risk factors related to machine identity productive activities, as well as support your workforce to move away from error-ridden manual processes.

Join us to discover how you can build intelligent identity protection into your security foundation.

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