MIM Europe Confex 2022

Machine Identity Management Europe Confex

8 February 2022


Managing Machine Identities as a critical security capability
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Key Experts



The quality has been very high as we’d hoped, we’ve had a lot of people interested in how to advance big data projects.

DELL, Marketing in UK/EMEA.

A very good conference – well done to all involved.

SHOPDIRECT, Lead Data Scientist.

Great event, business focussed, informative with a wide range of speakers that gave a lot of different views and options for me to take away. Thank you and well done.

BT, Chief Architect – DSS Big Data.

I think this is a good way to network with people to hear about what other people are doing and really to get in to the community to see what’s going on outside of your immediate atmosphere.


It’s been fantastic, we’ve met a great number of people, they are really good quality, these are people who know about big data.

TALEND, UK Marketing.

It’s been really good, we’ve had a huge number of people here, some excellent conversations and been busy all day.

IBM, Big Data Business Development Manager.

It’s been fantabulous. We had a lot of people coming and talking to us, they are in need of big data for their business and hopefully we can give them a lot of solutions

HEXAWARE, Practice Head Business Intelligence.

It’s been very good working with Whitehall Media, they’re very professional, always available to help us out with any issues we might have.

SAP, Director of Consumer Industries

The UK and Europe’s leading strategy event for the deployment of enterprise-wide machine identity infrastructures

Machine Identity Management is gaining momentum.

With the proliferation of keys, certificates, and secrets, this exciting conference will enable IT, Security and MIM leaders to understand the methods needed to create and implement enterprise-wide cryptography and Machine Identity Management (MIM) strategy.

MIM Europe Confex 2022 will focus on governing and orchestrating these identities – digital certificates and keys – of machines – devices, workloads, applications, containers, IoT, etc.

Furthermore, the event will explore how Machine Identity Management is essential for data security, integrity, and compliance, as it authenticates communicating parties and ensures all traffic is encrypted.

Join us at MIM Europe Confex 2022 and network with key MIM Leaders across UK and Europe while immersing yourself in this new and innovative arena.

Reasons to attend

Brought to you by Whitehall Media, the leading enterprise technology conference specialist, this year’s Machine Identity Management Europe Confex, will bring together the leading lights from across machine and human identity management, InfoSec, and Cybersecurity, in order to provide you, our dedicated audience, the opportunity to equip yourselves with the latest tools, techniques, and solutions the market has to offer.

Topics Include 
  • Trends in cryptography and Machine Identity Management
  • Emerging MIM priorities
  • Legacy vs modern Machine Identity Management
  • How Machine identity works
  • PKI and certificate management practices
  • SSH Management practices
  • Establishing a Crypto Centre of Excellence for your organization
  • Build crypto-agility into your incident response plans
  • Why is an MIM strategy critical?
  • Identifying Machine identity compromises
  • Best practice in Machine Identity Management

Featured Speakers

Be inspired by our speakers made up of key industry figures and thought leaders.

Raul Lapaz

Cloud security engineer Blue Team, Roche

Phil Demetriou

President, UCL Technology Society

Vilma Blomberg

IAM Solution Design Owner, KONE

Rodolfo Grave

Enterprise Cloud Architect, Schroders

Lydia Payne-Johnson

JD, CIPP, Director, Information Security, Identity & Access Management and Risk, The George Washington University

Kumud Dubey

Senior ASIC Verification Engineer, Boeing

Jayanta Debnath

Head of Identity and Access Management, Standard Chartered Bank

Andrew Aken

Zero Trust Lead Architect, Twitter

Saru Tumuluri

India Ambassador, Women in Identity

Carlos Trigoso

Lead Architect, NHS

Programme & featured topics

Check out the conference topics to discover how the day will be calibrated.

From keynote presentations, industry-leading technical use cases, product demos, and solution provider-led breakout sessions, MIM Europe Confex 2022 is packed full of highly relevant, tailored, and content-rich presentations designed with you in mind.

Keynote seminars

A central feature of Whitehall Media’s award-winning events is the solution provider-led breakout sessions.

From business-centric, C suite level keynote speakers, MIM practitioner-led technical use cases to the solution provider delivered case studies, Whitehall Media’s Machine Identity Management Europe Confex promises to deliver on your professional, commercial and educational needs.

Limited places are available, 109 days, 4 hours & 56 minutes left to secure your seat.

Previous events

A particular highlight of MIM Europe Confex 2020 was when Adam Gwinnett, Head of Strategy, Enterprise Architecture & Cyber Security, Metropolitan Police Service, and Helen Williams, Operational Security Manager, Metropolitan Police Service, presented a best practice example of how to manage your threat and response architecture in a cloud-based setting.

Given the growth of mobility work, and the need to move access to sensitive information outside of traditional security parameters, the necessity for front line services to better understand how best to enable and protect their digital assets in an increasingly mobile world is vital. The enthusiasm of the audience was reflected in the feedback Adam and Helen received for their talk.

At a Glance

At a glance-why should I attend this event?

By attending MIM Europe Confex 2022 you will be giving yourself the best opportunity possible to learn, develop and grow as machine identity, infosec, risk management or cybersecurity practitioner. You will also provide yourself with the opportunity to discover the latest tools and techniques being deployed across enterprise and how best you can positively impact your workplace through the utilisation of innovation-driven technological solutions.

At a time of increasing complexity and uncertainty, being machine identity secure is surely the priority of those who are tasked with maintaining operational continuity and business security.

Register today to ensure that you do not miss out on the opportunity to hear firsthand from our expert speakers, select a breakout session of your choosing, or test out some of the latest products that the market has to offer.

By attending MIM Europe Confex 2022 you will:

• Better understand how poor Machine Identity Management can affect your business
• Discover how to expand your machine identity productive capacity
• Learn how to tackle short lifespan certification cycles
• Understand how to support machine-machine communication
• Be able to identify bad actors within your network
• Review best practice examples of successful threat detection
• Defend against Cloud-initiated attacks
• Align your human and machine identities
• Adopt a lean technology environment
• Implement automation-driven security
• Long term vulnerability patching
• Secure machine data sharing capabilities
• Deliver greater IoT convergence


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