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IDM uk

Identity Management

8 November 2022

Victoria Park Plaza, London

Programme @ IDM uk

Session One

better IAM for your business, users and customers

  • Zero Trust in the modern digital workplace
  • Authorization-as-a-Service: why it matters
  • Accessible IAM: for business and end-users
  • You’ve successfully implemented an Identity Governance Solution – now what?
  • Panel discussion: SSI for all!
  • Why security awareness training for developers matters

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09:00 (GMT)

Conference Chair's Opening Address

09:05 (GMT)

Zero Trust in the modern digital workplace

In the world of more elusive threats, omnipresent mobility, and cloud apps, traditional perimeter diminishes as so do the obsolete security concepts.

A new approach is necessary to guarantee users secure remote access from anywhere and anytime.

With ZTNA you can answer this call by putting users into the centre of your security and allow them to access your network while ensuring the security of your assets.

In our opening address, we explore the value ZTNA brings to your organisation in the age of the virtualised enterprise.

09:20 (GMT)

Authorization-as-a-Service: why it matters

Centralized Access Management (AM) Systems are on the rise, and the biggest challenge is always the adoption across a large suite of enterprise applications.

Let’s dive into the details of AM systems so we can understand their risk and benefits and make an informed decision that we can defend before our stakeholders.

  • What is an AM System?
  • What is a Centralized AM System?
  • Why a Centralized AM System?

09:35 (GMT)

Accessible IAM: for business and end-users

IAM is a key element in securing the data of your company. Yet, IAM is also the front door of all employees. How do you make sure IAM is both secure and easy to use? In this presentation we will cover the balance between ease of use and security, as well as the communication around IAM implementations, which is key to a successful IAM strategy. · How is IAM presenting itself in your company?

  • How to balance IAM security and ease of access?
  • How to successfully communicate IAM implementations?

09:50 (GMT)

You’ve successfully implemented an Identity Governance Solution – now what?

Enterprises are responding to cybersecurity threats and concerns of their boards by making substantial investments into their Identity Governance programs. This is often done without factoring in downstream impacts to control management and audit requirements. After the last SOW is paid and the deployment of new technology is deemed a success, IAM program owners are often surprised by their new responsibilities to internal and external auditors.

This discussion aims to address this common issue and provide guidance on setting expectations of what audit will require of program owners. Building governance in from the onset of the roll out of new services will enable successful outcomes long after your partner teams have departed

10:05 (GMT)

The needs of the few - Why security awareness training for developers matters

Security awareness training for employees has become more or less the norm in modern companies. Users are taught about document classification, passwords, phishing, and many other topics. However, the needs of one user group in particular are often forgotten: the developers.

The developers create the basis of the business model in many companies, the application, the code. A small mistake here can have massive consequences both reputationally and legally. As a result, the requirements for Developer Security Awareness Training need to be different from the “normal” user.

In this presentation we will take a closer look at what is required to make developers think and develop securely.

  • Security Awareness for developers needs improvement
  • Developers have special training needs
  • Awareness training must be integrated into the daily work
  • A gamified approach makes the training more attractive

10:20 (GMT)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

10:35 (GMT)

Refreshment Break Served in the Exhibition Area

11:05 (GMT)

Panel discussion: SSI for all!

Culturally, socially, and individually, more and more organisations, groups and citizens are favouring a bespoke approach to the handling of their digital ID.

This approach has both benefits in terms of business application and user experience. It has even been utilised by political leaders as a way to popularise the tendency towards taking back control.

In this talk, we highlight how SSI can be deployed and integrated in enterprise IT environments and how it can be utilised alongside prominent protocols and methods.

11:35 (GMT)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers & Delegates move to the Seminar Rooms

11:50 (GMT)

Seminar Sessions

12:30 (GMT)

Networking Lunch Served in the Exhibition Area

Session Two

ensuring you have the tools, technology, people and processes to thrive?

  • Biometrics: a revolution in waiting?
  • External CIAM: enabling trust between individuals and organisations
  • Real-time privileged threat analytics
  • Panel discussion: why Covid accelerated adoption
  • Building your IAM watch tower: continuous verification
  • Entitlement management: why provisioning should never be static
  • Managing your IAM services in unison with a trusted partner

13:30 (GMT)

Conference Chair’s Afternoon Address

13:35 (GMT)

Biometrics: a revolution in waiting?

2020 will forever be known as the year in which accepted forms of identity verification and authentication were disrupted, fragmented, and in some cases abandoned all together in the great migration to remote working.

One such disruption was the need to remotely digitally onboard all users regardless of status or relationship to the business.

In an instance, this previous reserve of strategically minded, forward-thinking businesses went from a nice to have to a critical business priority.

We address:

  • The acceleration of biometric face recognition
  • How to create secure, trusted, and frictionless onboarding experiences
  • How biometrics can drive efficiency, resolve identity challenges and open up new opportunities

13:05 (GMT)

External CIAM: enabling trust between individuals and organisations

The debate on Customer External Digital Identity now cuts across all industries and sectors as its value transcends an organisations product offering or target market.

We look at how Customer External Digital Identity can enable trust between individuals and organisations in many sectors, what that allows organisations and individuals to do and also look at the different roles that you might choose for your organisation.

14:05 (GMT)

Real-time privileged threat analytics

Privileged threat analytics enables you to know who your high-risk privileged users are, monitor questionable behaviours and uncover previously unknown threats from inside and outside of your organization.

Having in place the appropriate safeguards in place for your privileged analytics capabilities detects means you can better identify anomalies and rank them based on risk so you can prioritize and take appropriate action — and ultimately prevent data breaches.

Join us as we highlight the role that privileged analytics can play in helping you to secure your PAM users.

  • Real-time privileged threat analytics
  • Screen content analysis
  • Reduce alert noise
  • Pattern free operation
  • Behavioural biometrics
  • Automated response

14:20 (GMT)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

14:35 (GMT)

Afternoon Networking and Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area

15:05 (GMT)

The rush to the cloud: why Covid accelerated adoption

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the cloud migration journey for many companies as the number of remote office employees multiplied overnight.

Many organizations that relied on on-premises tools for IAM were forced to evaluate cloud-based options due to employees needing access from outside the traditional network perimeter.

One particular trend is being able to orchestrate access across all clouds as opposed to managing multiple data centres on-premises and in different regions.

We address:

  • The need to focus on cloud-managed IAM tools
  • The need to adopt multi-cloud compliant products
  • The growing verticalization of cloud IAM offerings

15:35 (GMT)

Afternoon Networking and Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area

16:05 (GMT)

Building your IAM watch tower: continuous verification

Companies that have not started down a zero-trust journey would be wise to start as one of its most prominent features is continuous verification as it mandates that companies need to continuously ensure thew authorised user who initially logged in is still the same over the course of the log-in period.

We discuss, why IAM processes and policies must also go beyond verifying users to include continuous verification of human, machine and application identities.

16:20 (GMT)

Entitlement management: why provisioning should never be static

The removal of standing privileges in favour of a just-in-time PAM approach means you can better monitor identities and ensure that users have the proper degree of privileges for the period necessary as access too often remains static, which fails to provide users with the flexibility they need to move vertically and horizontally.

We address why, in the age of the great migration to the cloud, effective entitlement management is especially important as access rights on premises shift to the cloud.

16:35 (GMT)

Managing your IAM services in unison with a trusted partner

Not all companies have the time, space, financial or structural capacity to deploy and manage IAM. This doesn’t mean that you have to manage without this vital security feature.

By outsourcing IAM, companies can offload tasks such as continuous verification, threat intelligence and account compromise to a trusted partner who can more efficiently handle them.

We address:

  • Why not every company has the capacity to be an identity expert
  • Identity requires a continuous effort to manage
  • IAM needs to be handled like incident response

16:50 (GMT)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

17:00 (GMT)

Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair

17:05 (GMT)

Conference Closes

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Whitehall Media reserve the right to change the programme without prior notice.

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