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9 November 2021

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Seminars @ IDM uk


Away from the conference hall you have the opportunity to deep dive into a subject which is of most relevance to you. With a wide selection of seminars to choose from, you are certain to find one which feels as though it has been tailor made with you in mind.

Delegates will be able to attend one seminar live at the event. No pre-selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend live and watch the remainder on demand.

Seminar A – Build trust in your business: orchestrate your activity


As we move towards a password-free world in an attempt to facilitate frictionless access on a globally dispersed and distributed way, businesses are having to integrate their It function into increasingly complex ecosystems. In order to do so successfully, what is required more than anything is for this environment to be founded on trust.

In this session, we will address how to deploy, implement, and manage an identity hub which can orchestrate your IAM integration into the wider business digital ecosystem.

Room / Location:
Session 4 @ 13:45

Seminar B – Venafi – Rise of Machines: Protecting your Machine Identities


Kevin Bocek, Vice President, Security Strategy & Threat Intelligence, Venafi

The number of machines of all types is on the rise. Every machine requires an identity.

However, compromise, misuse, and fraud of machine identities are prime attack vectors for hackers. Errors create debilitating outages and millions in lost business. That’s why leading analysts are recommending Machine Identity Management as a top security trend.

Attend this session to learn three things your organisation can do to secure Machine Identities.

Kevin Bocek
Vice President, Security Strategy and Threat Intelligence, Venafi
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Room / Location:
Session 4 @ 13:45

Seminar C – Auth0 – The Login Experience Customers Want


Domanic Smith-Jones, Solutions Engineer, Auth0

Consumers around the world are becoming more educated on best practices, and are increasingly considering how application and service providers implement and manage identity when deciding whether to interact with and share their personal information. Auth0 and YouGov’s recently published global research, ‘The Login Experience Customers Want’, reveals that most businesses fail to meet consumer expectations around login technology, and risk frustrating their users and losing sales, as more than 8 in 10 consumers abandon carts or apps due to arduous login experiences.

In this session, Domanic Smith-Jones, Solutions Engineer at Auth0, will discuss:

– The widening gap in consumer expectations.
– What this means for the identity management landscape.
– How the desire for convenience and security is driving consumers to seek out modern identity solutions.
– How you can deliver both convenience and security without compromise

Domanic Smith-Jones
Solution Engineer, Auth0
view profile
Room / Location:
Session 4 @ 13:45

Seminar D – One Identity – Distributed Privilege in a Distributed World


Robert Byrne, Field Strategist, One Identity

It is a given that we operate now in a distributed multi-cloud world. This has brought many advantages in terms of accessibility and agility but comes with an expanded attack surface and increased risk. Experience is showing that most security failures are due to flaws in configuration and access management rather than flaws in IT software or platforms. This session explores how we can address these problems using next-gen approaches to Privilege and Identity Governance.

We will look at Privilege + Governance as applied to topics like remote privileged workers, Cloud Platforms, Third Parties and RPAs. The goal here is to substantially mitigate risk and enhance breach resiliency all these cases.

Robert Byrne
Field Strategist, One Identity
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Room / Location:
Session 4 @ 13:45

Seminar E – BeyondTrust – Building Cybersecurity Immunity to Ransomware with PAM


James Maude, Lead Cyber Security Researcher, BeyondTrust

Ransomware shows no signs of abating. Digital transformation, expanding cloud deployments, and increased remote work are all creating new planes of privileges for ransomware to exploit. In the session James Maude, Lead Cyber Security Researcher, BeyondTrust, will explore ransomware attacks and how you can protect your environment by making it inhospitable to them.

Attend this session to learn:

• 6 things to know about ransomware

• Realistic security practices you can implement to protect against ransomware

• The role of PAM (privileged access management) in mitigating the risks of ransomware and other cyber threats with a powerful, blended defense.

James Maude
Lead Cyber Security Researcher, BeyondTrust
view profile
Room / Location:
Session Five @ 14:45

Seminar F – ThirdSpace – How to Avoid the Human Trojan Horse with Microsoft Identity Governance


Marcus Idle, Head of External Identity, ThirdSpace

Organisations spend a lot of time and money building cutting edge cyber defences around critical systems, infrastructure and sensitive data. But all too often the importance of strong identity governance can be overlooked as a strategy to protect the organisation.

If the story of Troy has taught us anything, it’s that the most dangerous threats can arise from enemies you unwittingly invite into your organisation.

In this session ThirdSpace’s Identity Governance Expert, Marcus Idle demonstrates the newest B2B Access and Identity Governance functionality now available within Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory. Discover how to improve security and reduce insider risks through focusing on improved access governance.

You’ll learn:

  • How Azure AD B2B can be used to securely grant (and manage) guest user access into your environment
  • How Azure governance features such as Entitlements management, Access Reviews and Privileged Access work in practice – INCLUDING A STEP BY STEP DEMO
  • Real life stories of organisations that have overcome security challenges with improved identity governance
Marcus Idle
Head of External Identity, ThirdSpace
view profile
Room / Location:
Session 5 @ 14:45

Seminar G – Saviynt


Chris Owen, Director of Product Management, Saviynt

Chris Owen
Director of Product Management, Saviynt
view profile
Room / Location:
Session 5 @ 14:45

Seminar H – IC Consult – The IAM Cloud Journey – Your Path to the Cloud


Join us for a discussion around the drivers for moving IAM into the cloud, the benefits and challenges of opting for Cloud-based IAM, the main options available and how to choose the path to Cloud that is best suited to your organisation.  

We will share insights from a wide variety of IAM projects and explain the value of a structured roadmap to help IAM stakeholders and their organisations to plan and align their cloud journey. We will also detail the processes involved in creating an IAM roadmap, including a preparation and migration plan. 

Join this session to: 

  • Understand the importance of a modern IAM system 
  • Hear about the benefits and challenges of moving IAM to the Cloud 
  • Explore the options for adopting a Cloud-based IAM solution 
  • Learn how to prepare to launch a new IAM Cloud project 
  • Discover how structured roadmap to Cloud IAM is created 
  • Find out how managed services for IAM can support your Cloud journey  
Room / Location:
Session 5 @ 14:45

Seminar I- Secure all identities: adopting an intelligent identity platform


With an intelligent identity platform, you no longer have to choose between security and convenience. With smart authentication, you can transform your security and make it apart of your business enabling technology portfolio.

We address:

  • Intelligent IAM as a productivity maintainer
  • Simplified admin control
  • Secure performance without interruption
  • Deploy across platforms
Room / Location:
Session 5 @ 14:45

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