Identity Management 2020


4 November 2020





Evaluate cutting-edge technology and solution providers through our Live Web Seminars by attending solution provider sessions. Connect with your fellow IAM and IT security leaders and dive into thoughtful conversations spurred by powerful sessions and hear directly from the experts behind the latest IAM innovations.

All sessions will be available on-demand after, so you won’t miss anything. Session times are subject to change. Participants can also connect with peers and experts to ask questions, share insights, and get the most from the leaders in the industry

PLEASE NOTE: All Conference Sessions (including slides) will be presented in English ONLY
Delegates will be able to attend two seminars at the event ‘live’ as they will run in two sessions.
All event footage will be available on demand for a maximum of 2 hours after the session has closed.



Single sign-on in the cloud

A solution for simple, yet secure, authentication is the ultimate outcome that end-users look forward to. SSO in the cloud can offer friendly user experiences when signing into a computer providing access to all federated applications. We discuss the disadvantages and advantages of deploying a local server running ISS versus cloud SSO system.

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Employing CASBs, cloud security brokers

Moving your data to the cloud poses its perils though it delivers significant benefits to your enterprise. How can you enforce your enterprise security policies?

Extending the reach of your security policies beyond the infrastructure with CASBs will offer you a system that acts as a gatekeeper to secure the enterprise when using third-party cloud systems. We deep dive into how you can implement CASBs and overcome customer support and compatibility issues.

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Governing users, Governing Identities

Consider the following statistics. 60% of workers want better access to data. 51% of worker ignore security policies. And 43% of all enterprise breaches are caused by internal incidents. Protecting your data and network in a world increasingly governed by mobile devices is becoming vital. In this challenging scenario, what solutions are available to your enterprise to govern users and identities?

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Reporting and Analysis, Creating Compliance Reports

Legislation and strict regulations require IT auditors and data protection officers to gather detailed information about access policies and user permissions. To achieve successful audits, you must generate audit-ready reports and maintain a complete audit trail of users’ access rights across on-premise and cloud-based systems. We address how organisations can monitor access to IP and data to provide detailed reports that showcase access governance intelligence.

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Mock Web Application Penetration

The threat posed by cloud and web-based applications is equal to the opportunity they present. Threats which originate from the cloud are unconventional and therefore need a more dynamic approach. Effective penetration testing covers cloud infrastructure, applications and corporate network integration. We look at how to follow an attack vector, obtain proof of concept for each identified security gap and get recommendations for improvements.

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Leveraging AI, intelligent suspicious attempt discovery

IT departments face time and budgetary constraints when deploying several complex projects. This is where automation and AI can help: automation can detect unusual and suspicious access and behaviour in a matter of seconds, helping to unlock performance and productivity.

In this seminar we discuss how to set up an automation system that discovers suspicious access that prompts you to review and take action if needed.

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Automating lifecycle management

Human-centric, labour-intensive processes are prone to producing error-ridden fragmented and siloedoutcomes. Truly streamlined and comprehensive life cycle management comes with increasing automation, which, in turn, allows for better managed and enforceable and dynamic risk-based policies for your business.

To ensure that access control is maintained and updated as your business processes, you need to automate life cycle management. We discuss how to reduce costs, improve productivity, achieve compliance and increase security by embracing life cycle management solutions that can run anywhere: on any cloud, on-premise or private.

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Smart API Cybersecurity

Almost every day, new APIs with diverse sets of users are introduced into enterprise networks. Such massive traffic flow of APIs makes identifying malicious behaviour a highly complex task. No matter how customer-service driven APIs are by bringing innovative solutions, securing customers must be at the top of our priorities. We examine how to protect these connections without compromising on user experience.

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