Identity Management

4 November 2020

Business Design Centre




Wednesday 4th November 2020

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 hrs – 13.00 hrs
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.



Auditorium (Main Conference Room)
Privileged access management: protecting and managing your access pipelines

IAM leaders are constantly searching for ways to keep privileged accounts safe with ease, at speed and with scalability incorporated. This is because managing user privileges through their life cycle presents many challenges. Establishing, moving, removing and monitoring passwords takes time and requires much effort.

We address:

  • Introducing automation to these actions
  • Managing privileges policy controls
  • Protect privileged accounts from hostile actors and insider threats
  • Ensure compliance with the ever-changing regulatory environment
  • Allow authorised employees to gain easy access tools and information


Room A
Cloud access management: secure user productivity

By adopting the right cloud identity platform, you will be able to secure user productivity, deliver on the promise of single sign on, multifactor authentication and identity governance.

A cloud identity platform fit for today’s complex business environment needs to be designed to manage thousands of pre-built connectors, provide quick access to popular apps and allow for the integration of in-house apps to support pre-built templates.

Learn how to:

  • Scale and adapt quickly
  • Navigate changing business needs with ease
  • Never compromise on security, privacy and risk



Room B
Authentication: maximising your trust levels

Authentication is at the centre of a successful IAM system as it encompasses both customers and employees need as they seek to access business services. The startling reality is, however, that one in five users fail to authenticate. The result of this is lost productivity, lost revenue and the loss of your customer base. Done right, the authentication ecosystem can deliver on the need to protect your business from hackers while also enhancing the trust users place in it.

By attending this session, you will better understand how to improve your authentication capabilities, provide a seamless user experience, protect a wide range of target systems and strengthen the ability of app developers to innovate when necessary.



Room C
Identity governance: on-prem IAG

Knowing who has access to what and how that access is being used is of paramount importance. The question is, how can you measure the reliability of your identity governance? By deploying an IAG solution which is designed to collect and analyse IAM data in order to support IT and regulatory compliance, you will ensure you are governing your IAM space at peak performance.

Attend this session to better understand:

  • How to improve visibility into how access is being utilised
  • Prioritise compliance actions with risk-based insights
  • Make better decisions with clear actionable intelligence
  • Adopt business-activity based approach to risk modelling



Room D
CIAM: building your customer confidence

Customer expectations have altered drastically in light of increasing digitalisation. Consumer loyalty cannot be relied upon as it once was due to the crowded marketplace and multiple competing product offerings.

It is incumbent upon enterprises need to offer a CIAM solution which is both frictionless and secure.

We will address:

  • The privacy-personalisation paradox
  • Providing highly personalised experiences that don’t compromise data protection
  • The value of customer identity data
  • Trends that threaten such value
  • How to build a privacy-centric strategy



Room E
Moving beyond the firewall: Deploying MFA capabilities including contextual and application-based authentication

In today’s enterprise environment, the need to move increasingly towards effective and meaningful authentication is a must. Such authentication must include contextual, risk based and application-based authentication which allows admins to manage accounts, roles, user access privileges with greater ease and security.

We address:

  • Application migration
  • Moving outside the firewall
  • Your security demands
  • Providing access to customers and partners
  • Expanding beyond single-factor and two-factor authentication


Room F
Digital Identity and disruptive technology: incorporating AI and ML

We explore the impact of AI and ML on identity management, how to incorporate into your IAM architecture, which business areas would benefit most and how to build a sustainable IAM system built on intelligent AI-led automation with the power of machine learning to drive data-driven decision making.