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IDM 2020 – VIRTUALCONFEX – The Live Virtual Summit will feature a mix of keynotes, panel discussions and covering the most IAM deployment issues so join us live if you can!

Be sure to check back as we enhance the agenda to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.  We look forward to your participation in IDM 2020 VIRTUALCONFEX.

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Conference Content Overview:

Through cross-sector case studies and industry perspectives, we charter key IAM imperatives including accountability, transparency, user experience and managing trust, privileges and entitlements. The early morning session will also explore:

  • Identity governance and data access controls
  • Privileged Access Management and user authentication methods
  • Innovation and future-proofing your IAM programme
  • IAM security architecture
  • Digital transformation and your IAM platforms
  • How to utilise IAM to achieve business goals and empower digital business
  • Operationalising identity intelligence for risk mitigation
  • Future trends in the IAM space
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Conference Chair’s Opening Address

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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Universal Privilege Management: Secure Every Privilege, Every Time

Charlie Wood, Regional Sales Manager, BeyondTrust

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Virtually every cybersecurity breach today involves the exploitation of privileged access. Privileges are initially exploited to infiltrate an IT environment; once compromised by threat actors, privileges are further leveraged to move laterally, access assets, install malware, and inflict damage. Enterprises of all sizes have experienced a privilege explosion, driven by trends like cloud computing, DevOps, and edge computing, and the proliferation of non-human identities and accounts. As a result, privileged access is pervasive across the modern IT environment, yet it is often inadequately managed and monitored. Many organizations assume that password management will solve the privilege problem—but it’s only a partial solution.

In this 15 minute session, learn about Universal Privilege Management, and how it is used to secure every user, session, and asset across your IT environment. Charlie will cover:

• Why relying on password management alone leaves dangerous gaps in protection
• Disrupting the cyberattack chain with privileged access security controls
• Keys to a frictionless PAM solution that is invisible to end users

Business Roles and Least Privilege: (Re-)Balancing Risks and Efficiency

Oliver Briese, IAM Project Lead & Head of SoD, Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB)

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Markus Duda, External Project Manager, Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB)

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In today’s advanced and distributed IT landscapes business roles (BR) is the means to cope with the size and complexity of user access

rights. Building BRs means a constant struggle to fulfil conflicting interests such as least privilege, need to know, segregation of duty and reducing building and provisioning efforts. As of late auditors have also been stressing the importance of least privilege.

We will therefore show a risk-oriented approach on how to harmonize the contradicting goals.

Choosing the Right IAM solution for your Hybrid Cloud

Matt Berzinski, Senior Director, Product Management, ForgeRock

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Digital transformation, competitive advantage, and saving money are driving factors for any organisation moving to the cloud. However, many organisations still need to support their legacy applications, running on premises, that are providing business critical functionality. To support and secure this reality and enable a smooth migration to the cloud, you need a comprehensive Hybrid cloud IAM strategy today.

In this session we will cover:

  •  Realities of hybrid cloud
  •  IAM strategies to secure them
  • Customer use case
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Welcome to session two

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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How to go from traditional IAM to Modern Identity Governance

Mark Vermeulen, Regional Director, Omada

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 The IAM market has matured and there is an increased demand for cloud architected IGA solutions. Today\’s CIOs demand a reduced time to value and many are convinced that a cloud first strategy will take them there. This transition is happening rapidly and leading analysts predict that by 2022 SaaS delivered IGA solutions will replace 75% of existing software-delivered IGA implementations globally.

In this session you will learn: – Key success factors for an IGA project and how SaaS improves TCO and TTV – How modern SaaS delivered IGA can accelerate implementation of IGA best practice processes – How to master governance and compliance with automated processes and reports

How to convince your organisation that effective IAM is its top priority

Ian Evans, IAM Expert, Hargreaves Lansdown

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You know that effective IAM is crucial for your organisation’s survival. But how do you convince others? Ian draws on his dual experience of client-side IAM and influencing/ presenting/ negotiating to propose approaches that could prove useful:

  • Structuring an IAM proposal
  • Real-world examples of good and bad IAM outcomes
  • The benefits and costs of IAM – and the alternatives
  • Likely questions and objections to an IAM proposal
Is it time to Re-Think Identity?

Hans-Robert Vermeulen, SaaS Solution Specialist, EMEA, SailPoint

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We live in a world where identity must adapt in near real-time to stay aligned with today’s dynamic business environment, in this presentation you will hear about the very real challenges business are facing today and how SailPoint will dramatically simplifying the future of identity.

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Welcome to session three

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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Growing Need for Identity and Access Management to Support Digital Business Initiatives

Niamh Muldoon Senior Director, Trust and Cybersecurity, EMEA OneLogin

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This session looks at the future of identity management and looks at how CISOs can make sense of this rapidly evolving landscape.


Denise Beardon, Head of Information Security Engagement, Pinsent Masons

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Hannah Tufts, Cyber Security Awareness Specialist, Pinsent Masons

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For too long phishing simulation programmes have focused on the minutiae of ‘lookout for poor spelling, hover over that link’ rather than addressing the fundamental reasons behind why someone clicks on a link.

By engaging partners and employees in an empathetic way and exploring neuroscientific insights into habits and behaviours, Pinsent Masons have introduced a new approach to their phishing simulation using positive reinforcement.

In this presentation we explore:

  • Why awareness should focus on good security-related behaviour
  • Educating through empathy
  • Why phishing emails trigger our happy (neuro) hormones
  • The importance of building confidence
Security and the Cloud: The Missing Ingredient? Identity

Max Faun, Head of EMEA Consulting, Okta

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Mobile and cloud proliferation has exposed organisations to much higher risks for potential hacks and attacks. The traditional perimeter is crumbling under the weight of these threats, making it imperative to re-examine traditional security approaches. IAM must now take centre stage to defend against identity-based security breaches. This session will discuss the best practices and success factors to dramatically reduce attack surfaces and vectors.

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Seminars A-D

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Seminars E - H

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welcome to session six

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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A Case Study on Fixing the JML (Joiners, Movers, Leavers) Process – not a journey for the faint-hearted

Ralph Loewen, CEO, Itergy 

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The JML (Joiners, Movers, Leavers)  process was already a demanding one before the pandemic, and the challenge has only increased.  How do you integrate multiple processes, supply chains and departments into a seamless, automated workflow?  Is there any hope?  The corporate closet is full of identity and SSO skeletons of projects that never made it to the end.  Learn from at least one of our customers who successfully brought their JML process down from weeks to days, and how HR and IT are finally realizing positive results.

IAM Delivery with DevOps

Vilma Blomberg, IAM Solution Design Owner, KONE

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IAM programmes are traditionally slow and expensive multi-year investments for organizations. Today organizations must be able to adapt fast to changes in the IAM environment and implement IAM solutions faster with lower cost.

Organizations could accelerate and automate the delivery of value from IAM by using DevOps principles and mechanisms… but how?

A solution to this challenge will be presented by using a case study on how to adopt DevOps in IDM (SailPoint IIQ) delivery in a large corporation.

  • IAM is a business-critical area of IT that is heavily driven by security risk management
  • IDM system must be highly configured and customized to meet organizations’ requirements and to become an IAM solution that brings value to the organization
  • Today organizations must deliver these solutions faster and cheaper than ever to meet business, security and regulatory requirements
  • Automated DevOps pipeline can be built to automate IAM deployments, shorten the release cycles and speed up the resolution time of the incident
The Modern IT Dilemma - Delivering Work from Anywhere Identity Management

Nelson Cicchitto, Founder and CEO, Avatier Corporation

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The world has never faced such a shift in how and where we work due to the global pandemic we are facing now. How we consume identity management services needs to be modernized to support this digital transformation. This presentation will explore how a universal identity management user experience revolutionizes how fast workflow requests are approved, access certification reviews are conducted, and new integrated ways to securely but quickly access cloud applications.

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