Identity Management

6 November 2019

Business Design Centre




Wednesday 6th November 2019

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 hrs – 13.00 hrs
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre-selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.



Reduce the likelihood of an attack with an IAM maturity model

Given that two-thirds of organisations have experienced a breach in the last two years, being able to identify best practice in IAM adoption and implement across your organisation is vital if you are to reduce the likelihood of experiencing a breach.
The value in doing so is realised through higher end-user productivity, improved transparency, and reduced findings from compliance audits. Additionally, companies that experience fewer breaches can gravitate towards an integrated platform for IAM technology.


Critical capabilities for identity governance & administration

IGA tools are critical to maintaining control over digital identities linked with accounts maintained in siloes scattered throughout an organization. Identity and access management leaders should derive structured rankings based on critical capabilities that match their organizational needs.

This seminar is designed to provide you with an understanding of how to assess your critical capabilities.

  • Identity life cycle
  • Access requests and entitlement management
  • Workflow, Policy and Role management
  • Access certification and Fulfilment
  • Auditing, Reporting & analytics
  • Ease of deployment
  • Scalability and performance


Automating life cycle management

Human-centric, labour intensive processes are prone to producing error ridden, fragmented and siloed outcomes which directly impact organisational performance. Truly streamlined and comprehensive life cycle management comes with increasing automation, which in turn allows for better managed and enforceable static, dynamic, and risk-based policies for your business.

To ensure that access controls are maintained and updated as your business processes, data classifications, and personnel change, you need to automate life cycle management.

  • Maintain Defined Business and Security Processes
  • Consistently Enforce Policy Configurations Across the Enterprise
  • Free Up Staff Resources by Automating Tedious Tasks


How to build a single source of truth for your digital identities

In many organizations, users’ identity data is a mess. Identities are housed in multiple, disconnected data stores, and attributes are formatted inconsistently. This is a challenge for IT teams who need to create a single source of truth to power an IDM system. Good data is needed to provision accounts and automate access management.

Learn how you can aggregate multiple data sources, transform the data to clean it, and ultimately use it.


Cloud Security and Web Application Penetration Testing

The threat posed by cloud and web-based applications is equal to the opportunity they present. Threats which originate from the cloud are unconventional and therefore need a more dynamic approach.
Effective penetration testing covers cloud infrastructure, applications, and corporate network integration.
We address:

  • Easy to follow attack vector
  • Proof of concept for each identified security gap
  • Threat model approach
  • Risk and likelihood-based rating for each vulnerability
  • Mitigations and recommendations for improvement


Moving beyond the firewall: Deploying MFA capabilities including contextual and application-based authentication

In today’s enterprise environment, the need to move increasingly towards effective and meaningful authentication is a must. Such authentication must include contextual, risk based and application-based authentication which allows admins to manage accounts, roles, user access privileges with greater ease and security.

We address:

  • Application migration
  • Moving outside the firewall
  • Your security demands
  • Providing access to customers and partners
  • Expanding beyond single-factor and two-factor authentication


Uniting your identity authentication processes

Do you know who has access to your organisation’s information and facilities and for what reason?

Being able to unite how you collect, manage and utilise identity intelligently is the desire of every organisation. A united platform helps you connect people, things, information, devices, applications and business processes by securing access to the right resources regardless of time, place or device being used.

Attend this seminar to discover how you can manage the digital identities of people and equipment on a centralized basis and utilize the related master data to boost and automate your business processes.


Enhance your organisations customer-facing applications

By building customer identity management into your applications, you can improve security, privacy and customer experience. This can only be achieved, however, by modernising your legacy IAM, connecting to your CRM, and being able to deploy on-premise or in the cloud.

We address how to:

  • Increase conversions and engagement with a consistent customer experience
  • Minimise legacy IAM operating costs with improved efficiency
  • Achieve security and privacy policy requirements
  • Meet EU security regulations


Exploring Biometric Identification

Are we moving towards a real passwordless system?

More sophisticated ways of identifying a user are become increasingly popular, from facial recognition to behavioural analytics. We explore the multiple applications of biometric identification, such as voice recognition during a customer call or facial recognition for enterprises’ end-users.