Identity Management

6 November 2019

Business Design Centre




Wednesday 6th November 2019

The Seminars will take place from 12:20 hrs – 13:05 hrs
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre-selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.



Auditorium (Main Conference Room)
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Security Starts Here …… Identity

Ian Stimpson, Solution Architect, One Identity

This seminar will focus on why any effective security program must start with identity. Ian will walk you through the concept of identity-based security – what it is, what its components are and how your organization can achieve it. See how you can secure the identities of your line-of-business users, as well as your all-powerful privileged users, and how you can safely administer and govern access across your diverse enterprise.


Room A
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How to Start the Journey Towards Decentralised Identity – An Experience

Pranam Codur, IT Security Specialist – Identity and Access Management, IBM Security

Saritha Arunkumar, Security Leader and Master Inventor, IBM Security

The journey from passwordless authentication to FIDO and then eventually moving towards Decentralised Identity is the next generation IAM vision.  Join Pranam and Saritha in this session, as they take you through key scenarios for each of these transitions and show you the way forward to the future of Identity.


Room B
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Identity Governance 2.0: Lessons Learnt from the Best-In-Class

Maarten Decat, CTO, Elimity

Because of the ever-growing compliance and security requirements, the focus of IAM keeps tilting towards governance in favour of provisioning. While this evolution has been going on for years now, the fact that technologies such as data analytics and AI have become mainstream opens up vast new possibilities. As high-end IAM solution provider, we have been involved in several innovative IAM projects involving these technologies, and we start to see the growth of a fundamentally new approach to identity governance. In this session, we discuss several of these projects and give insights into the strategic initiatives of some of the most forward-looking IAM departments in Europe.


Room C
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The Texas Hold ‘Em of Cybersecurity: Mitigating Risky Decisions

Diana Volere, Chief Evangelist / Director of Product Marketing, Saviynt

Many organisations treat cybersecurity like a game of roulette. Roulette is a risky game of chance where the best strategies involve sticking with one choice and continuously waiting for it to provide a benefit. Many organisations treat their cybersecurity programs the same way, making minimal changes and hoping that they continue to bet lucky. While roulette may be a game of chance, Texas Hold ‘Em is a game of statistics. At each step, players review the new cards, apply statistics to their hands, and analyse what to do next. Creating a holistic Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) program based in analytics can turn your cybersecurity posture from a game of roulette to one of Texas Hold ‘Em so that you can better mitigate risky access decisions.

In this session, Diana will discuss:

  • Reading The Opening Pot
  • Assessing Information Asset and User Risk Reading the River
  • Analysing Access Risk Changes Across the Request/Review/Certification Cycle Going All In
  • Continuously Monitoring for Compliance Violations and Mitigating Risk with Analytics
  • Creating a risk-based IGA program and incorporating context-aware entitlements can mature your data privacy and security program from a game of roulette to a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, giving you more control over protecting your organisation.


Room D
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Fact or Fiction: 6 Myths of PAM Busted!

Chris Clarkson, Lead Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust

Industry thought leaders have stated that if you can only tackle one project to improve the security of your organisation, it should be Privileged Access Management (PAM). However, successfully securing and managing privileged access is a tough problem and is only getting harder to solve. This session will identify the top PAM challenges and breakthrough the myths to enable you to:

  • Understand the risks uncontrolled privileged access presents
  • Identify solutions to tackle key PAM challenges and myths
  • Provide a foundation to begin a successful PAM program


Room E
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Flexible Identity Management and Reporting that your Users and Admins will Love

Mathew Rawlings, Senior Identity Architect, ThirdSpace

Are you looking to bring your identity management systems to life – with real-time / action-based reporting and a user-friendly UI that admins will love? Admins are crying out for intelligent reporting, forensics, monitoring and auditing capabilities, instant event-driven updates to key systems – and, let’s not forget, a customised user management interface. Learn how you can give this to them.

Mathew will introduce you to a neat tool that can help you:

  • View and report on identities across the whole organisation
  • Easily generate powerful reports on user status and changes
  • Track changes to users and groups identities over time
  • Make instant modifications for emergency changes
  • Access an identity reporting portal from any device and location
  • Manage sync schedules and more via a web-based interface


Room F
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Globalise Your IAM with IDaaS – All about Challenges, Customer Insights and Best Practices

Andre Priebe, CTO, iC Consult

Dr Heiko Klarl, CMO, iC Consult

Globalisation has spread business and production sites all over the world. Companies are faced with distributed IT systems as well as with different and demanding regulations in various countries, spanning from the USA through to Europe and Asia, especially China and Russia. For many businesses, IAM is a central part when it comes to managing employees, partners, customer, things and APIs securely and reliably.

The development of cloud services, the DevOps movement and the increasing maturity of IAM software lead to new ways to cope with these challenges. In this interactive session,  you will learn more about:

  • Challenges for a worldwide distributed IAM
  • The positive effect of DevOps and cloud strategies on IAM projects and vice versa
  • Success factors for IAM deployment and operations for global enterprises

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