Programme @

IDM Nordics

Identity Management

19 November 2024

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen

Programme @ IDM Nordics

Morning Session

towards a more robust, reliable and flexible ID-driven enterprise

  • Cybercrime – A Societal Threat
  • Zero Trust & IAM
  • Securing the Future of Digital Identity
  • A Global Retails Access Governance Journey
  • Adrift in a sea of Cyber-terror: Are you looking for a life jacket or a lifeboat?
  • Unlocking the Power of CIAM: SaxoBank’s Road to Enhanced Security, User Experience, and Operational Efficiency
  • AI and role mining – do’s and don’ts
  • Prevention of Lateral Movement using MFA and service account protection in Active Directory

08:00 (CET)

Registration and Exhibition Opens

Refreshments will be available in the Exhibition area.

09:15 (CET)

Conference Chair's Opening Address

Sarah Aalborg
CISO & Head of IT Governance, Tivoli
view profile

Sarah Aalborg, CISO and Head of IT Governance, Tivoli


09:25 (CET)

Cybercrime - A Societal Threat


With each passing day, new and increasingly advanced cyberattacks are published. Pretty much every company and organization has had attacks from cybercriminals and many don’t even know about it. In a world that is painted more and more like an ongoing Armageddon, one wonders if there are even opportunities to protect oneself and one’s business?

The answer is that it is easy to significantly reduce the risks of an attack and significantly minimize damage in the event of a completed attack.

This will presentation will discuss::

  • What the consequences are of cybercrime?
  • Who are behind the attacks?
  • What the police and other actors are doing?
  • What is fast approaching regarding the new Modus Operandi?

09:45 (CET)

Zero Trust & IAM

Tom John Fischer Jensen
Head of Privacy & Security, CPO, Semler Gruppen
view profile
Tom John Fischer Jensen, Head of Privacy & Security, CPO, Semler Gruppen


  • Addressing the future of Identity and Access Management and the benefits of a Zero Trust approach.
  • Exploring the technical possibilities and the alignment with both compliance and business needs 

10:00 (CET)

A Global Retailers Access Governance Journey


How are retailers approaching Access Governance for their global retail organisation with an everchanging digital landscape? This presentation will cover the following topics:

  • What are the Access Governance challenges in our organization?
  • Where did we start and what we have done up until today?
  • What’s next on our roadmap?
  • Lessons learned

10:15 (CET)

Adrift in a sea of Cyber-terror: Are you looking for a life jacket or a lifeboat?


As you try to defend yourselves against current threats and have the desire to better control the access you hand out, you need to choose the right solution. With vendors in the Access Management and Privileged Access Management space branching out and offering IGA-like capabilities, it becomes more difficult to choose. Especially if you must rely on websites of different vendors, as you will quickly learn that they all use the same verbiage, making it difficult to understand the actual differences between these offerings. Differences you will need to understand to distinguish between the life jacket and the lifeboat before committing to a solution.

10:30 (CET)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

10:45 (CET)

Refreshments Served in the Exhibition Area

11:15 (CET)

Welcome to Session Two

Sarah Aalborg
CISO & Head of IT Governance, Tivoli
view profile

Sarah Aalborg, CISO and Head of IT Governance, Tivoli

11:20 (CET)

Unlocking the Power of CIAM: The Road to Enhanced Security, User Experience, and Operational Efficiency


As more financial services became primarily a digital experience, legacy application and security systems are not able to keep up.  By putting security in the epicentre of innovation, there is the ability to develop new capabilities where security enhanced end user experiences and increased business, as opposed to being a hindrance as previously viewed. In this session, we will delve into a case study illustrating how CIAM infrastructure can be revamped to deliver:

  • – Increased conversion rate of new investor self service enrollments
  • – Fast, yet secure, authentication for financial traders
  • – Flexible Journey Time Orchestration to meet unique user’s needs
  • – Improved Business Agility by reducing develop time to release new applications and feature


11:35 (CET)

Mind the GAP


This presentation is a story about how a well-defined procurement process and the best intentions in the world can compromise a successful operational implementation of any enterprise-wide IT solution. When you do not ask the right questions to the right people, you likely become unknowingly naive about your own maturity and is headed into a situation that will be difficult to navigate.

11:50 (CET)

Prevention of Lateral Movement using MFA and service account protection in Active Directory


In recent years we have witnessed the commodization of lateral movement skills required for attacks on IT infrastructure, leading to massive increases in the spread of ransomware, both in terms of scale of these attacks as well as the size of their impact on business critical assets.

What are the security gaps to address this exponential phase of the attack?

This session addresses a novel approach to identity security, which allows detection of various types of lateral movement as well as response policies that effectively block this part of the attack.

12:05 (CET)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers &

12:20 (CET)

Delegates move to the Seminar Rooms

12:30 (CET)

Seminar Sessions

13:15 (CET)

Networking Lunch Served in the Exhibition Area

Afternoon Session

adapting to the new normal with the right tools, technology, and processes

  • Making sense of uncertain identity information: Collecting and assessing good quality data in the field of migration
  • Data Driven Identity Governance Administration
  • How Decentralized Identity will affect your APIs

14:00 (CET)

Welcome to Session Four

Sarah Aalborg
CISO & Head of IT Governance, Tivoli
view profile

Sarah Aalborg, CISO and Head of IT Governance, Tivoli

14:05 (CET)

Securing Your Identities for Digital Services

Identities are not just personal information that you use to log in or verify yourself online. They are often associated and linked to other complex and dynamic attributes that reflect who you are, what you do, and what you want in different contexts and situations. And then we have the identities that exist beyond the personal ones, such as organizational, social, and device identities. We will discuss how identities and users are different, and why it matters.

We will also share some best practices and tips on how to use your identities securely in a digital service and how to enable your different identities for different services. The presentation will explain how to leverage the benefits of identity and access management (IAM) solutions that can help you protect your identities across various digital services.


14:20 (CET)

Data Driven Identity Governance Administration

Kevin Kruse
IGA Lead, Banking Circle
view profile

Kevin Kruse, IGA Lead, Banking Circle

  • Setting the scene: What is Identity Governance Administration?
  • What are identity policies?
  • Developing an IGA business case
  • Governing your identity policies


14:35 (CET)

The Key to Secure Online Ecosystem and Identity Management With CIAM

The global digital landscape is undergoing a significant transformation and the battle for customers is intensifying. Modern organisations are now focused on delivering strategic, omnichannel experiences to their customers that support user-friendly applications, regulatory compliance, and streamline onboarding processes for new customers and partners.

Furthermore, the need to secure customers’ personal data across all digital touchpoints in user-friendly solutions has never been more pronounced. To deliver these experiences efficiently and securely, organisations must leverage Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) solutions that not only enhance the customer experience, but also protect customer data and privacy. A CIAM solution is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for organisations striving to create seamless customer experiences while ensuring the highest levels of security and data protection. As businesses continue to adapt to the changing digital landscape, the role of CIAM will become more integral.

14:50 (CET)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

15:05 (CET)

Afternoon Networking and Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area

15:30 (CET)

Welcome to Session Five from the Conference Chair

Sarah Aalborg
CISO & Head of IT Governance, Tivoli
view profile

Sarah Aarlborg, CISO and Head of IT Governance, Tivoli

15:35 (CET)

Securing Critical Infrastructure with IAM in an Elevated Threat Landscape

Sachin Loothra
Lead Solutions Architect, Telia
view profile

Sachin Loothra, Lead Solutions Architect, Telia

In our current security landscape, stringent regulations demand robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) for safeguarding critical infrastructure. It’s no longer sufficient to merely layer identity services; we must also ensure their availability during force majeure events and border closures. As threat actors escalate to cyber-warfare levels, maintaining confidentiality and availability becomes paramount. This session strives to explore the regulations, challenges, and discuss some potential solutions.

15:50 (CET)

PAM: The Critical Foundation For a Successful Identity Security Strategy

Identity compromise and misuse are central to almost every cyberattack. This is causing a fundamental shift in the cyber battleground from traditional perimeter and endpoint security into the world of identity security. This session will cover:

  • How gaps in visibility between Identity Access Management (IAM) and security tools create vulnerabilities.
  • How impersonated identities can be exploited to access resources, compromise systems, and achieve illicit objectives.
  • The emerging field of Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR).

16:05 (CET)

Balancing Security and Customer Experience in CIAM

Sushant Devanta
Enterprise Architect (IAM), Inter Ikea Group
view profile

Sushant Devanta, Enterprise Architect (IAM), Inter Ikea Group

16:20 (CET)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

16:35 (CET)

Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair

Sarah Aalborg
CISO & Head of IT Governance, Tivoli
view profile

Sarah Aarlborg, CISO and Head of IT Governance, Tivoli

16:45 (CET)

Conference Closes Delegates Depart

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Whitehall Media reserve the right to change the programme without prior notice.

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