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Identity Management

14 November 2023

Sheraton Stockholm

Seminars @ IDM Nordics

Seminars @ 12:30 and 15:30

Away from the conference hall, you have the opportunity to deep dive into a subject that is of most relevance to you.

With a wide selection of seminars to choose from, you are certain to find one which feels as though it has been tailor-made with you in mind.

With the seminars repeated at the event end it gives attendees the chance to attend two of the four sessions.

How to leverage identity outcomes to foster organisational collaboration and drive business growth


Matthew Berzinski, Senior Director, Product Management, ForgeRock
Jochen Raymaekers, Principal Solution Architect, ForgeRock

What is IAM? How many versions of the same narrative does your organisation have? Explaining what Identity & Access Management is to non-technical people is hard enough, but to get alignment across a project team of different business personas is nearly impossible. Each team member has their own perception of IAM and what they need from the project that may seem incongruous with each other, however by digging deeper you can usually relate them all back to a few fundamental Identity Outcomes. Join this session to understand why Identity Outcomes speaks your language (and theirs), better than Use Cases and how you can leverage them to sell the value of IAM internally and drive efficient coherent deployments of the technology.

Matthew Berzinski – Seminar
Senior Director, Product Management, ForgeRock
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Jochen Raymaekers
Principal Solution Architect, ForgeRock
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Room / Location:
Main Conference Room

Why you should have an Identity First Mindset for Security


Philip Hoyer, Field CTO EMEA, Okta

Growing attack surface leaves organisations even more vulnerable to identity-based attacks — the leading cause of compromise today. Join us and learn more when we discuss the security strategy required at an identity layer that follows users, wherever they are; securing them as part of a Zero Trust architecture that can solve the security, technology and operational challenges of modern businesses.

Philip Hoyer
Field CTO EMEA, Okta
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Room / Location:
Gripsholm A

Privileged Access Governance (PAG)


Ingvar Johansson Pre-Sales Engineer, One Identity

Privileged Access Management (PAM) technologies are often used as standalone solutions, without proper integration to other security process controls that are in place, particularly when it comes to Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) technologies.

Organizations that operate PAM and IGA in silos, lack the ability to apply consistent access policies across end-to-end access mapping and provisioning processes for privileged accounts. Without these systems integrated, they lose 360-degree visibility of identities and user accounts, rights, and activities associated with them, left unable to answer who has access to request what access, how and why.

Join this session to learn how the One Identity unified approach to consolidating identity security silos can help you become more secure and efficient within your security program.

Ingvar Johansson
Pre-Sales Engineer, One Identity
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Room / Location:
Gripsholm B

Caverion’s Cloud Identity Transformation Journey. A discussion


Sebastian Stauber, Service Owner – Identity and Access Management, Caverion
Fredrik Hörnell, Sales Director, Saviynt

Caverion is a Northern and Central European-based expert for smart and sustainable built environments, enabling performance and people’s well-being. Caverion offers expert guidance during the entire life cycle of buildings, infrastructure or industrial sites and processes: from design and build to projects, technical and industrial maintenance, facility management as well as advisory services. Caverion employs around 15000 professionals serving customers across 10 countries.

Discover how the adoption of an enterprise identity governance and administration cloud platform has contributed to the transformation strategy of Caverion and the crucial business drivers that led to its rollout.

Service Owner – Identity and Access Management at Caverion, Sebastian Stauber, will talk about the journey to implementation and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from Sebastian’s experience.

Sebastian Stauber
Service Owner - Identity and Access Management, Caverion
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Fredrik Hörnell
Sales Director, Saviynt
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Room / Location:
St Erikssalen

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