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7 May 2024

Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport

Seminars @ IDM Nordics

Seminars @ 12:30

Away from the conference hall, you have the opportunity to deep dive into a subject that is of most relevance to you.

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Unlocking the Key to Identity Security Success: The Vital Role of PAM


Matthew Sturman, Senior Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust

The world of cyber security is changing, with more dynamic highly connected systems than ever. Cloud proliferation has caused an explosion of apps, accounts, and access which makes it now impossible to distinguish between how a legitimate user is leveraging an identity, and how an unauthorised user may be misusing an identity. This has in turn forced the cyber battleground to shift from traditional perimeter and endpoint security into the world of identity security. Following on from his main agenda session, join Matthew as he discusses what is driving this paradigm shift and how attackers are successfully exploiting the gaps in visibility between Identity Access Management (IAM) and security tools, leading to a new discipline of Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR). You will hear:

  • Why Identity Security is so challenging.
  • How ITDR can provide a centralized view of Identities and their entitlements across multi-Cloud and application environments.
  • How ITDR can detect Indicators of Identity Compromise.
  • An example of a real-world Identity Breach and how it was controlled with ITDR.


Matthew Sturman – Seminar
Senior Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust
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Room / Location:
Main room

Maximising Value From an IGA Project, An Interview with Assemblin Caverion Group


Sebastian Stauber, Service Owner – Identity and Access Management, Assemblin Caverion Group 
Frederik Hörnell, Account Executive, Saviynt

Assemblin Caverion Group is a technical service and installation provider that plays a pivotal role in maintaining and supporting buildings, critical infrastructure, and energy needs across the Nordics and Central Europe. With a workforce of 22,000 strong, Assemblin Caverion Group offers advisory services, project management, technical maintenance, and design and engineering—all dedicated to driving efficiency, modernisation, and sustainability throughout the region.

Nearly three years since the adoption of an enterprise identity governance and administration cloud platform and with many applications already onboarded, what does the future look like for Assemblin Caverion Group’s Identity Transformation project? How will the project mature and how will the organisation address the challenges that await?

Service Owner – Identity and Access Management at Assemblin Caverion Group, Sebastian Stauber, will talk about what Identity 2.0 means for his organisation and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from Sebastian’s wealth of experience.

Sebastian Stauber
Service Owner, Identity & Access Management, Assemblin Caverion Group
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Fredrik Hörnell
Account Executive, Saviynt
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Room / Location:
Los Angeles International

Securing Every Identity


Dries Robberechts, Area Vice President Solution Sales EMEA, CyberArk

An identity security platform has to do far more than manage one group of identities – it must focus on securing all identities – human, machine, code, bot, developer – across all environments, from one platform. The best way to do this is to apply the right of leverage privilege controls – and reinvent and modernize capabilities across these silos while inventing new ways to secure new identities. Every identity can become privileged under certain conditions. By reinventing the standalone IAM markets into a comprehensive identity security platform that secures all identities with the right level of privilege controls and the appropriate type of access, organizations can stay a step ahead of attackers.



Dries Robberechts
Area Vice President Solution Sales EMEA, CyberArk
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Room / Location:
Dallas-Fort Worth

Empower Users with Identity – Navigating to Decentralised Identity


Matthew Berzinski, Senior Director of Product Management, Ping Identity
Jochen Raymaekers, Principal Solution Architect, Ping Identity

In an age of rampant data breaches and identity theft, empowering users, including your workforce and customers, to autonomously handle and share personal data is reshaping the identity landscape. Explore decentralised identity principles with us to:

1. Empower your users to securely manage and control personal data, make anonymous identity claims without unnecessary exposure and explicitly authorise data visibility on a need-to-know basis.

2. Reduce attack surfaces and minimise risk of breaches tied to vulnerable centralised authorities to enhance organisational privacy and security.


Matthew Berzinksi
Senior Director of Product Management, Ping Identity
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Jochen Raymaekers
Principal Solution Architect, Ping Identity
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Room / Location:
Denver International

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