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15 June 2023

Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London

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Chair & Keynote Speakers
Conference Chair
Bharat Thakrar
CISO and Principal Security Lead, Information Security Forum

Bharat has over 18 years’ experience in the cybersecurity industry and he was the cybersecurity lead and Head of Cyber Resilience at BT. He now works as a CISO/BISO and board-level advisor. He specialises in cyber risk, incidence response, threat intelligence, IAM, zero trust and engaging CXO’s on cyber scenario planning. Bharat is a regular conference chair/keynote speaker, visiting lecturer on BSc/MSc courses and was consultant and advisor on the UK Cyber Security Council (UKCSC) Formation Programme. Bharat has an MBA from Imperial College and is CISSP certified.



Plenary Speakers
Plenary Speaker
Steven Furnell
Professor of Cyber Security, University of Nottingham

Steven Furnell is a professor of cyber security at the University of Nottingham.  He is also an Honorary Professor with Nelson Mandela University in South Africa and an Adjunct Professor with Edith Cowan University in Western Australia.  His research interests include usability of security and privacy, security awareness and culture, and technologies for user authentication and intrusion detection.  He has authored over 360 papers in refereed international journals and conference proceedings, as well as various books, book chapters, and industry reports.  Prof.  Furnell is the UK representative to Technical Committee 11 (security and privacy) within the International Federation for Information Processing, and a board member of the Chartered Institute of Information Security.

Plenary Speaker
Ros Smith
Senior Technologist, Ofcom

Ros Smith is a Senior Technologist in Digital Identity at Ofcom. She has worked at the organisation since September and has previous IAM and PAM roles both as a contractor and as an Executive Product Manager at the BBC. Prior to working in Identity, she worked in Production and Editorial, roles at the BBC, having been a Radio Producer for Science Radio and Woman’s Hour; Deputy Editor of the award-winning BBC News School Report; Project Manager at BBC Media Action and most recently Acting Head of BBC Weather.

Plenary Speaker
Craig Ramsay
Senior Solution Architect, Omada

A seasoned Senior Solution Architect at Omada, Craig is equipped with over a decade of experience in the Identity space. As a Computer Science graduate in 2008, Craig embarked on a journey to carve out a successful career in the industry. He honed his skills working for prominent Financial Services organizations, and later as a consultant in Professional Services. Through these roles, Craig has amassed a wealth of knowledge in defining and delivering on Identity and security strategies. Craig is a firm believer in the pivotal role of identity in the wider cybersecurity industry. His passion for the subject has become a driving force in his current role, where he\’s responsible for providing technical support to Omada\’s prospects and customers. By aligning their business requirements with the right technical solutions, Craig helps them appreciate the importance of Identity as an essential component of their overall security strategy.

Plenary Speaker
Frank Reboiras
Director of Solutions Engineering, TrustCloud Inc.

Frank Reboiras is the Director of Solutions Engineering, technologist and board-level advisor at TrustCloud Inc. He has led many IAM implementations projects worldwide, and his team of specialized engineers work side by side with some of the largest tech providers and channel partners in the market. Frank’s visonary view on technology provides the future stepping stones for the TrustCloud roadmap. His vast experience in the field helps our customers land ideas and convert these into comprehensive solutions, by providing an integrated orchestration layer. The ultimate objective is to provide value to the customer’s business workflow, transform and evolve their digital customer transaction ecosystem.

Plenary Speaker
Manoj Kumar, Director: Identity and Access Management, Philip Morris International
Manoj Kumar
Director and Global head of Identity and Access Management, Philip Morris International

Manoj is a keen student and follower of the Identity & Access Management space, right since the day when he set up a boutique consulting firm focused on this domain, back in 2012. Five years at KPMG and a global role at Philip Morris International has taken him through the scars and stripes of rolling out IAM Programmes at a global scale. Manoj writes and speaks regularly about his experiences as an Information Technology leader and a Cyber Security/Identity Management practitioner.

Plenary Speaker
Alex Santos
Chief Product Officer, CyberIAM

Alex is the Chief Product Officer at CyberIAM, where he is currently spearheading the delivery of cutting-edge software solutions. With over 21 years of experience in the software engineering field, he has spent the last 15 years exclusively in the Cyber Security IAM industry. Alex has vast experience working with high-availability systems that handle millions of records and hundreds of thousands of users, in addition to his proficiency in a variety of other software solutions for cloud applications, enterprise systems, integration layers, and mobile apps. He has led the development of bespoke IAM solutions, as well as integration layers to bridge multiple vendor technologies together.

Plenary Speaker
Robert Raynor
Presales Consultant, CyberIAM

Robert is a seasoned Pre-Sales Consultant at CyberIAM, based in the UK. Over his eight-year tenure in the industry, he has amassed extensive experience in providing exceptional sales support and developing effective sales collateral.

Throughout his career, Robert has had the privilege of working with some of the top market-leading companies in the UK and Europe. His portfolio spans various sectors, including higher and further education, local government, and cybersecurity.

Robert’s expertise lies in maximizing the potential of a solution. He achieves this not only by understanding his customer/audience but also by interpreting how his colleagues wish to present their developments. This holistic approach enables him to deliver superior results, truly embodying the best of what CyberIAM has to offer.

Plenary Speaker
Paul Squires
Lead Identity Strategist, SailPoint

Paul is SailPoint’s Lead Identity Strategist in the UK and has more than 20 years’ experience in cybersecurity and identity management. Paul brings this experience as he advises customers on how to meet security and governance goals with IAM programmes. Paul is committed to ensuring that robust identity processes, aligned with the right technologies provide real-world value to customers. He believes that making complex concepts simple to understand for non-specialists is key to allowing these benefits to be realised by all types of organisations.

Plenary Speaker
Amardeep Ginday, Identity & Access Management Analyst, HS2
Amardeep Ginday
Identity and Access Management Lead, Vanquis Bank

Amardeep comes with over 9 years of experience in Identity and Access Management.

He has built teams and raised awareness of IAM within businesses to highlight the importance of IAM.

Amardeep is a freelance contractor with team lead and IAM background.

Plenary Speaker
Gbola Gbadamosi
Head of Identity Management, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Gbola Gbadamosi is a leader in Identity and Access Management with a technical background. He has led implementations of IAM projects at many public and private sector organisations in the telecoms and finance industries as a senior consultant. He currently heads the IAM function at The London School of Economics and Political Science, driving delivery of forward-looking Identity and Access security and automation solutions.

Plenary Speaker
Chris Butchart
Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust

With a background in cutting edge SaaS security products, spanning both endpoint and network technologies, Chris has helped many companies address concerns around secure environments and privileged access. Now at BeyondTrust, using insight from a broad range of verticals and sizes of organisation, Chris delivers successful PAM projects through a consultative strategy combined with a flexible portfolio of options.

Plenary Speaker
David Hitchen
Senior Solutions Architect, Semperis

David Hitchen is a Senior Solutions Architect and veteran in the IT world. Specializing in automation and cyber-security, and with a philosophy of making a positive change in the world, he has held senior positions in companies such as Microsoft, Tanium, and now Semperis.

Plenary Speaker
Chris Butchart Seminar
Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust

With a background in cutting edge SaaS security products, spanning both endpoint and network technologies, Chris has helped many companies address concerns around secure environments and privileged access. Now at BeyondTrust, using insight from a broad range of verticals and sizes of organisation, Chris delivers successful PAM projects through a consultative strategy combined with a flexible portfolio of options.

Plenary Speaker
Máté Barany 
Account Executive, Ping Identity

Máté Barany has over 12 years of experience working on complex implementation projects across EMEA. Previously as a Solutions Architect and now as an Account Executive, the key to Máté’s success is focusing on the End User Experience – implementing a “Customer First” approach when working with Partners and Customers – while at the same time ensuring key business and technical requirements are met. Máté loves a challenge and believes there is always room for improvement.

Plenary Speaker
Mark Lillywhite
Senior Sales Engineer, Delinea

Mark Lillywhite is a renowned expert in the field of cybersecurity and insurance, with a focus on helping businesses mitigate risks and navigate the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

As a cybersecurity consultant, Mark has advised numerous organizations on enhancing their security posture and implementing effective risk management strategies.

He has worked closely with businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, helping them understand and address the challenges posed by insider cybercrime and external cyber threats.

Seminar Speakers
Seminar Speaker
Jonathan Neal
VP, International Solutions Engineering, Saviynt

With over 30 years IT experience, 20 of which specialising in Identity and Access Management, Jonathan is the Vice President of Solutions Engineering at Saviynt. Based in the UK, Jonathan has guided the design, implementation and management of IAM projects for some of Europe’s leading public and private sector organisations. Today, Jonathan brings this experience to helping Saviynt customers design, develop and deploy IAM solutions that exceed business requirements and expectations.

Seminar Speaker
Nawshad Hoossanbuksh
Senior Technical Product Manager, SecureAuth

Nawshad Hoossanbuksh brings 15+ years of experience in the Identity and Access Management space to his position as a Senior Product Manager at SecureAuth. Nawshad manages the Arculix solution for SecureAuth, a next-generation authentication solution delivering passwordless continuous authentication to enterprises worldwide. Nawshad started his career as an IAM Engineer in France, where he spent 5 years working for Airbus on behalf of Capgemini. He is now based in the UK, where his hands-on experience as an Architect and Product Manager at SailPoint, Barclays, DXC, and OneLogin helps him drive the Product Strategy and Roadmap at SecureAuth. Nawshad holds a CISSP certification and is well-versed in Identity Security.

Seminar Speaker
Marcus Idle
Head of External Identity, Kocho

Marcus Idle is Kocho’s Head of External Identity. Marcus is passionate about bringing cloud and external identity to life to solve business problems for our clients.

Seminar Speaker
Stuart Sharp
VP OneLogin Product Strategy, One Identity

Stuart Sharp is VP of Product Strategy at One Identity for OneLogin solutions, working with our customer and product teams to help companies address today’s identity and security challenges.

During a career spanning more than 25 years, Stuart has had a passion for driving technical innovation, with a particular focus on Data Security, Cloud Encryption and Access Management. Before joining OneLogin, Stuart worked for an Oxford University high-tech spin-off, as Global Product Manager for Database Security at Oracle and as VP of Solution Engineering for CASB provider CipherCloud. Stuart earned his BA at Harvard University and MPhil at Oxford University.

Seminar Speaker
Lidan Hazout
Head of Engineering, Risk and Fraud Detection, Transmit Security

Lidan Hazout Heads up the R&D Function at Transmit Security focused on Risk and Fraud Detection. Lidan is passionate about providing organisations with simple to use solutions that help them fight the fraud that they are exposed to through criminal misuse of digital identities, with a true focus on understanding how biometric and behavioural cues can be used to combat criminals. Prior to joining Transmit Security Lidan was VP of R&D at Secured Touch.

Seminar Speaker
Ellice Birch
Identity & Access Manager, Motability Operations

An experienced Identity and Access Management professional with a real passion for driving change and promoting cloud transformation. Ellice is responsible for overseeing the IAM function at Motability Operations and establishing the strategic vision for the organisation. Ellice is also committed to promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. She has spearheaded various initiatives that have had a significant impact on the organisation’s culture and employee engagement.

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