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15 June 2023

Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London

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Away from the plenary, you have the opportunity to deep dive into a subject that is of most relevance to you. With a wide selection of seminars to choose from, you are certain to find one which feels as though it has been tailor-made with you in mind.

Cyber Threats: What You’re Up Against and How to Defend with PAM


Chris Butchart, Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust

Cyber Threats show no signs of abating. Digital transformation, expanding cloud deployments, and increased remote work are all bolstering the Attack Chain, creating new planes of privileges for attackers to exploit.

Breaking the chain is more vital than ever. Despite this, organizations continue to mishandle projects, leaving themselves at significant risk of attack.

Following the overview on the main stage, join Chris Butchart as he takes a deeper dive into exploring how to break the chain with PAM.

Chris Butchart Seminar
Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust
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Room / Location:
Main Conference Room

MFA is so 80’s – Use Continuous Authentication to Get Invisible MFA


Nawshad Hoossanbuksh, Senior Technical Product Manager, SecureAuth

Remembering the ‘80’s is fun. But using traditional MFA methods that harken back to yesteryear – not so fun. Credential theft is the top enabler of cybercrime. In response, many organizations are turning to multifactor authentication (MFA), but not all MFA solutions are hacker resistant. Some approaches are more effective than others, but finding the right approach can be challenging. Attend this session to learn about invisible MFA. It provides superior security without the friction of its legacy predecessors.

When coupled with a risk-based, passwordless continuous authentication approach, you’ll be able to realize these benefits in record time:

– Massive cost savings from increased user productivity and a strengthened security posture
– Delighting users while meeting ZTA and cyber insurance requirements
– Securing all identities across all systems via Device Trust

Nawshad Hoossanbuksh
Senior Technical Product Manager, SecureAuth
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Room / Location:
Edward 1

Motability Solutions Cloud Identity Transformation. A discussion


Ellice Birch, Identity & Access Manager, Motability Operations
Jonathan Neal, VP, International Solutions Engineering, Saviynt

For over 40 years, Motability Operations has provided affordable motoring for millions of customers. Their aim is to meet customers’ different disability needs by providing a wide range of affordable vehicles. Today, nearly 700,000 disabled people and their families benefit from the worry-free mobility available through the Scheme. Discover how the adoption of an enterprise identity governance and administration cloud platform has contributed to the transformation strategy of Motability Operations and the crucial business drivers that led to its rollout. Identity and Access Manager at Motability Operations, Ellice Birch, will talk about the journey to implementation and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from Ellice’s experience.

Ellice Birch
Identity & Access Manager, Motability Operations
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Jonathan Neal
VP, International Solutions Engineering, Saviynt
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Room / Location:
Edward 3

The Passwordless and Passkey Conundrum: balancing the security implications of Google and Apple Passkeys with your drive towards Passwordless


Stuart Sharp, VP OneLogin Product Strategy, One Identity

Passkeys are a great leap forward in offering a strong, phishing-resistant passwordless experience. They build upon the FIDO2 WebAuthn standard to offer the end user convenient off-device authentication. The big question, though, is have Apple, and more recently Google, rolled out Passkeys to their user communities in a way that undermines the very principles on which organizations base their security programs?

Stuart Sharp
VP OneLogin Product Strategy, One Identity
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Room / Location:
Edward 5

Do you know who I am? Solve your onboarding problems with Verified ID


Marcus Idle, Head of External Identity, Kocho

The red tape around processing personal data and hybrid working has made the management of identity data increasingly difficult. Alongside diminishing the control and experience for end users. There must be a better way, right?

Whether you’re looking to onboard new employees or grant least-privileged access to an app, Microsoft Entra Verified ID has your back. In this session, I will show you Microsoft’s roadmap for blockchain and decentralised identity. Understand how it reduces risk and improves compliance, trust, and transparency to help you confidently streamline your secure identity verification and reduce admin.

Learn how to improve the access experience for you and your users.

Marcus Idle
Head of External Identity, Kocho
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Room / Location:
Edward 7

How a risk based approach to customer identity management helped Monument Bank reduce fraud


Lidan Hazout, Head of Engineering, Risk and Fraud Detection, Transmit Security

Account takeovers have exploded more than 300% over the last year while hackers are emboldened organisations’ push to online commerce. Their new arsenal includes automated tools like botnets that can test thousands of logins per second. By simply guessing, stealing or brute-forcing credentials, fraudsters steal $16 billion annually — a massive sum that demands we finally put a stop to ATOs.

In this session, we discuss the ways most modern cyberthreats abuse credentials and how introducing Detection and Response services integrated directly with a FIDO-based authentication solution can shut them down by utilising non-phishable credentials and biometric behavioural patterns.

Lidan Hazout
Head of Engineering, Risk and Fraud Detection, Transmit Security
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Room / Location:
Albert 1 Room

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