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Identity Management

15 June 2022

Millennium Gloucester Conference Centre, London

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Zero Trust user verification using SIM-based authentication
Zero Trust is increasingly being adopted as the best strategy for access management and fraud prevention. To help achieve progress on Zero Trust, there is now a new, effortless way to implement continuous user verification – use SIM-based authentication that uses the cryptographic security already used by mobile operators. Before we show you how it...
Frequently asked questions about IGAmore application.
Blog By: Appmore   What is IGAmore? IGAmore is the ServiceNow IGA solution built to answer all needs for state-of-the-art IGA, IAM, IDM solution. The organizational policies and processes and procedures related to the oversight of identity management can be referred to as Identity Governance and Administration (IGA). Is IGAmore available in ServiceNow Store Yes:https://store.servicenow.com/sn_appstore_store.do#!/store/application/38e2cb954f2a8f008ef74fa18110c78f...
How To Use MFA To Achieve Regulatory Compliance
By Eran Shmuely | Cyolo Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a powerful solution for achieving and maintaining compliance with the leading industry regulations. Lately it has also become a necessity to qualify for cyber insurance. This is because MFA significantly reduces the risk of system penetration, up to a remarkable 99%. Let’s dive into MFA and how...