Tuesday 18th June 2019

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 hrs – 13.00 hrs
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.



Victoria (Main Conference room)
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UK Parliament – Changing Ways of Working Using Efficiency and Automation

Cherry O’Donnell, Product Service Owner – Identity and Access Management, UK Parliamentary Digital Service
Host: Alan Radford, Technical Director, One Identity

Join this interactive session where the UK Parliamentary Digital Service will share how they use automation to be more efficient and secure in a public sector regulated environment.


Edward 1
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Expanding the Frontiers of Identity to New Levels

Peter Jopling, Sales Manager, IBM Security

People, devices and applications have become increasingly interconnected and identity plays a key role in every transaction and touches every digital experience. IBM has some of the most advanced technology available in this fast moving area of all pervasive identity.

At this session, learn how IBM Security offers the flexibility to address some of the most challenging everyday digital experiences that are now mandating higher levels of assurance through non-invasive user experience.

Join the IBM Team for an interactive session and demonstration that will cover the following areas:

  •  User and non-user identities for creating a Logistics social network;
  • Automotive and IoT user identity experience: how to enhance the user security via a home virtual assistant interfaces;
  • User and application authentication in Financial Services: the challenges for organisations to address the PSD2 regulations with specific emphasis on the “risk based” user/application interaction, enforcing stronger authentication if real time risk is detected to ensuring robust transaction security.We look forward to your participation!


Edward 3
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The Critical Overlooked Security Risk: Privileged Identities in the Cloud

Diana Volere, Chief Evangelist, Saviynt

Restricting administrative privileges is a security best practice and critical to enabling digital transformation.  Doing so on-premises is challenging enough but doing so in a hybrid or cloud environment magnifies those challenges with all the speed and elasticity the cloud has to offer.  You need a modern, identity-based approach to manage privileged access in the cloud, and Saviynt’s innovative approach delivers.  Hear how we enable:

  •  Governance for privileged access in the cloud, whether SaaS or IaaS
  •  Securing across the multiple channels
  •  Full auditing of privileged access activity

Saviynt provides the privileged access governance you need to protect your organization as you go through that movement from on-premises to the cloud. We’ll talk about real world case study experience to help you with your own transformation.


Edward 5
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Extend your Microsoft Identity Management Solution to include Cross-Platform Governance

Joe Liptrot, Senior Identity Architect, ThirdSpace

Today’s organisations are using as many as 350 different cloud applications on a daily basis. As organisations adopt more cloud technology, managing access in silos (across different apps and infrastructure) can become a huge waste of time and resources.

In this seminar, ThirdSpace will address your common access governance challenges, provide insight into Microsoft’s and Saviynt’s strategic partnership for governance, and educate on new identity governance and administration (IGA) tools. Learn how to enhance governance and compliance processes for all your managed identities and augment your existing Microsoft identity platform to manage access governance in just one place – across your entire cloud estate.

Attend this seminar and learn how to:

  • Easily manage access across your identities, applications and cloud infrastructure
  • Stay compliant with intelligent reporting, dashboards and analysis tools
  • Stop managing governance in silos – saving your organisation time and money
  • Improve identity governance technology adoption and seamless integration


Albert 1
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Incident and Breach Management: Building a Harmonized Response Plan for Privacy & Security Teams

Tom Hallet, Privacy Solutions Engineer, OneTrust

In the event of a breach, privacy and security professionals often approach incident response from two different outlooks. Whereas security teams are focused on threat vectors, privacy teams are concerned with personal data leaks and adhering to various global privacy laws. While the two come from different perspectives, it is possible to build an incident and breach response plan that addresses the needs of both teams. In this session, we’ll discuss how to build a harmonized response plan that addresses both the security team’s technical needs and privacy team’s regulatory requirements across the patchwork of US privacy laws, the GDPR and other global privacy regulations. We’ll also provide tips to help you map out a 72-hour personal data breach action plan and share practical advice to improve your privacy program.
• Learn how to build an incident and breach response plan that fits the needs of security teams and privacy teams
• Breakdown what stakeholders, teams, tools and processes should come together in the event of an incident or breach
• Understand how to maintain a consistent approach to incident response while complying with privacy regulations across the globe