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28 September 2021

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Seminars @ IDM europe


Away from the conference hall you have the opportunity to deep dive into a subject which is of most relevance to you. With a wide selection of seminars to choose from, you are certain to find one which feels as though it has been tailor made with you in mind.

The Seminars will take place from 12:15 – 13:00

Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre-selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.

AI-driven analytics: architecting your insights


AI-driven analytics uncovers answers to questions your employees may not have known to ask. this takes on an added significance when it comes to the issue of verifying and authenticating enterprise identities.

We address, how to implement an analytics architecture and in-memory calculation engine which can meet the need to manage billions of rows of data at speed and scale across multiple data sources-all while delivering sub-second performance and enterprise-wide governance.

Room / Location:
Oudegracht 1-5 (Main Conference Room), Level 1

Making IAM a business enabler


As security becomes more closely integrated with the wider business, enterprise leaders want security to make a more tangible impact on operational performance, user experience and regulatory compliance. Despite this, many security leaders feel excluded from the initial stages of many workplace initiatives.

We address, how security leaders can leverage IAM in order to turn challenges into successes and deliver on key business security priorities as well as ensure that security plays a crucial role at all times.

Room / Location:
Domtoren 1, Level 1

Federated IAM: meeting the challenge of today’s identity driven business


IT is under constant pressure to provide easy access to a seemingly exponential number of cloud apps as quickly as possible whilst ensuring security and enabling productivity.

With a federated identity architecture, you can seamlessly enable the portability of identity information across otherwise autonomous security domains so employees can easily get into internal or external applications, while both partners and customers can securely access company data or systems, without the need for redundant user administration.

We address, how you can resolve your time-to-action pressures without compromising on security.

Room / Location:
Domtoren 3, Level 1

Smart IAM


A modern IAM system is no longer just an application but an essential infrastructure component. With a comprehensive identity solution, you can meet the demands of both mobile, distributed users and regulatory bodies.

We address:

  • IAM lifecycle management
  • IAG and admin
  • Access
  • Directory services
  • Strong authentication
Room / Location:
Domtoren 4, Level 1

Privileged access management: protecting every privilege ever time


You can protect and manage access to privileged accounts in your organisation with enterprise-grade password security and privileged access management.

Easily discover, secure, and manage privileged account password to protect from abuse and misuse.

We address, how to succeed with privileged access management with a zero-trust solution as a core part of your IAM infrastructure.

Room / Location:
Domtoren 5, Level 1

Enterprise level IAG for all!


It is a business imperative that you are able to know at all times who has access to what and in what way is that access being used. A question ever IAM leader needs to ask themselves is, ‘to what extent is our identity governance working intelligently?’.

With intelligent IAG you can focus on collecting and analysing data needed to support enterprise IT and regulatory compliance.

Join us as we explore how to improve visibility, prioritise compliance, and make intelligence-led decisions.

Room / Location:
Domtoren 6, Level 1

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