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28 September 2021

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Programme @ IDM europe

Session One

learning from the past, securing the present and looking to the future

  • Centralised Access Management Prioritisation
  • How to successfully manage IAM migration
  • How to support a remote workforce at scale
  • Moving from spreadsheets to AI: an entitlement management journey
  • How to securely manage identities at scale in the cloud
  • Addressing all PAM use cases
  • Why Security Awareness Training for Developers matters

09:15 (CEST)

Conference Chair's Opening Address

Robert Garskamp
Entrepreneur, Advisor on Digital Identity Matters and Founder of the IDnextplatform
view profile

Robert Garskamp, Founder, IDnext Association 


09:25 (CEST)

Why On Premise IGA is the New Legacy

Craig Ramsay
Senior Solution Engineer, Omada
view profile

Craig Ramsay, Senior Solution Engineer, Omada

Get insights about the evolving IGA market and why companies today choose an enterprise IGA SAAS platform over an on-premise solution. Learn how to transform your legacy or home-grown solution to a modern IGA solution without the hassle of long and cumbersome implementation and high maintenance costs. Learn how best practices can deliver fast value to mitigate risk and increase efficiency and how Omada’s four simple IGA building blocks can enable you to deliver a Modern Cloud Architected IGA solution on time and on budget.

09:40 (CEST)

The importance of having a centralized Access Management system (AKA: Authorization-as-a-Service)

Manuel Garat Loureiro
Head of IAM,
view profile

Manuel Garat Loureiro, Head of IAM,

Centralized Access Management (AM) Systems are on the rise, and the biggest challenge is always the adoption across a large suite of enterprise applications.

Let’s dive into the details of AM systems so we can understand their risk and benefits and make an informed decision that we can defend before our stakeholders.

• What is an AM System?
• What is a Centralized AM System?
• Why a Centralized AM System?

10:00 (CEST)

Universal Privilege Management – A Modern Approach to PAM

Karl Lankford
RVP Solutions Engineering, BeyondTrust
view profile

Karl Lankford, RVP Solutions Engineering, BeyondTrust

Virtually every cybersecurity breach today involves the exploitation of privileged access. Privileges are initially exploited to infiltrate an IT environment; once compromised by threat actors, privileges are further leveraged to move laterally, access assets, install malware, and inflict damage.

In this session, learn the key steps involved in achieving Universal Privilege Management, and how it is used to secure every user, session, and asset across your IT environment.

Topics covered include:

– Why relying on password management alone leaves dangerous gaps in protection

– Disrupting the cyberattack chain with privileged access security controls

– Essential steps to achieving rapid leaps in risk reduction

– Keys to a frictionless PAM solution that is invisible to end users

We will also share how the BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management (PAM) platform enables absolute control over every privilege in your environment to drastically reduce your attack surface and windows of exposure, while boosting business productivity.

10:15 (CEST)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

10:30 (CEST)

Networking Break

Session Two

10:45 (CEST)

Introduction To Session 2

Robert Garskamp
Entrepreneur, Advisor on Digital Identity Matters and Founder of the IDnextplatform
view profile

Robert Garskamp, Founder, IDnext Association 

10:50 (CEST)

Maximise Zero Trust with AI-driven Role Management

Tim Bedard
Senior Product Marketing Director, ForgeRock
view profile

Tim Bedard, Senior Product Marketing Director, ForgeRock

With growing cyber threats, organisations face mounting pressure to enforce Zero Trust principles, like least privilege access. But traditional Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions rely on manual, labour-intensive processes that can no longer scale to meet today’s dynamic security requirements. It’s time for a better solution.

Find out how organizations can address these challenges through Role-based Access Control (RBAC) by:

– Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to manage and enforce least privilege access

– Enforcing and enabling your organisation to quickly scale Zero Trust across your ecosystem

– Modernising your RBAC capabilities and processes to help you achieve regulatory compliance, mitigate risks, and reduce costs

11:05 (CEST)

Federated IAM: meeting the challenge of today’s identity driven business

Manjir Sen
Solutions Architect, Nuuday
view profile

Manjir Sen, Solutions Architect, Nuuday

IT is under constant pressure to provide easy access to a seemingly exponential number of cloud apps as quickly as possible whilst ensuring security and enabling productivity.

With a federated identity architecture, you can seamlessly enable the portability of identity information across otherwise autonomous security domains so employees can easily get into internal or external applications, while both partners and customers can securely access company data or systems, without the need for redundant user administration.

We address, how you can resolve your time-to-action pressures without compromising on security.

11:20 (CEST)

When the rubber meets the road - how to tackle CIAM without sacrificing security for convenience

Michael Bunyard
Head of Marketing, IAM, WSO2
view profile

Michael Bunyard, Head of Marketing, IAM, WSO2  

In the past few years businesses have had to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives in order to meet the evolving needs of their customers.  A strong customer-centric IAM strategy has become a focal point for businesses to gain competitive advantage, and in doing so it has provided a strong foundation to deliver simple, seamless and secure digital experiences for end users.

In this session we will cover:

  1. Common challenges that customers have faced and why IAM helps resolve those issues
  2. Case studies that showcase WSO2’s unique approach
  3. Outcomes of a recent Forrester TEI Report on our Identity Server
  4. Guidance on considerations before embarking on an IAM project

11:35 (CEST)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

11:50 (CEST)

Networking Break

Session Three

Introduction to Session Three

  • Achieving data access control at source
  • External identity management: securing your TPM
  • Securing your customer identities: CIAM in the age of COVID
  • Managing all of your identities centrally
  • Moving to the cloud: what’s stopping you!?
  • Mastering governance and compliance needs: enterprise IAG

12:05 (CEST)

Introduction To Session 3

Robert Garskamp
Entrepreneur, Advisor on Digital Identity Matters and Founder of the IDnextplatform
view profile

Robert Garskamp, Founder, IDnext Association 

12:10 (CEST)

Why provisioning gives you a false sense of security

Hans-Robert Vermeulen
Identity Strategist, SailPoint
view profile

Hans-Robert Vermeulen, Identity Strategist , SailPoint

Companies have invested in solutions to automate access assignment. Although this often covers only basic provisioning, they feel well protected. This is a false sense of security. Enforcing a least privileged access model is not achieved by “fire and forget” provisioning or account creation. Least privileged stands no chance if we do not see and review changes being made inside applications, if we do not incorporate new access rights and new applications into our existing role model and increasingly important, if we have no clue if access is actually being used.

Come and listen to SailPoint where we will bring you on a journey to show you how to protect with certainty.

• How to get better insight and make smarter decisions with Artificial Intelligence & usage data

• Reduce overall risk exposure by only assigning access people actually need and use

• Not only report and analyze (SAP) SoD policies but overlay this with utilization data

12:25 (CEST)

Business friendly IAM

Maarten Bevers
Information Security Officer, LeasePlan
view profile

Maarten Bevers, Information Security Officer, LeasePlan

IAM is a key element in securing the data of your company. Yet, IAM is also the front door of all employees.

How do you make sure IAM is both secure and easy to use?

In this presentation, we will address the balance between ease of use and security, as well as the communication around IAM implementations, which is key to a successful IAM strategy.

• How is IAM presenting itself in your company?
• How to balance IAM security and ease of access?
• How to successfully communicate IAM implementations?

12:40 (CEST)

Using a Digital Identity for Travel: what can we expect in the near future?

Annet Steenbergen
Project Lead Aruba Happy Flow 2.0, Government of Aruba
view profile

Annet Steenbergen, Project Lead Aruba Happy Flow 2.0, Government of Aruba

In March 2020, the Aruba Happy Flow 2.0 concept was close to the start of a pilot phase. The concept was to have only one enrolment and verification of the identity and then use (almost) only biometrics to travel, arrive, pick up a rental car and check in to a hotel. The Covid pandemic struck, and everything changed.

The priority became opening up the island to tourists again and facilitating the covid test results digitally.

A year and a half into the pandemic, digitization has accelerated on all fronts and especially for travel. The need for contactless facilitation has become urgent as we now need to share trusted digital health credentials.

The digital developments are many and, in this presentation, I will focus on what I think are the most pivotal that will change the way we travel.

• Identity management in travel; as example the Happy Flow 2.0 concept but in 2022
• Digital identities in travel
• What are the benefits for the passenger and stakeholders?

12:55 (CEST)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

13:10 (CEST)

Networking Lunch

Session Four

13:45 (CEST)

Seminars A - D

14:30 (CEST)

Networking Break

Session Five

14:45 (CEST)

Seminars E - H

15:30 (CEST)

Networking Break

Session Six

15:45 (CEST)

Introduction To Session 6

Robert Garskamp
Entrepreneur, Advisor on Digital Identity Matters and Founder of the IDnextplatform
view profile

Robert Garskamp, Founder, IDnext Association 

15:50 (CEST)

How to successfully manage IAM migration

Mark Fodor
Specialist Identity & Access Management, Interhyp Gruppe
view profile

Mark Fodor, Specialist Identity & Access Management, Interhyp Gruppe

How to get an organization to the point in which it has its access rights and identities in order.

We address:

• Why IAM is not an IT project
• Takeaways for future IAM migrations
• IAM process versus project

16:05 (CEST)

Driving CX Innovation with CIAM to Deliver Competitive Advantage

Richard Bird
Chief Customer Information Officer, Ping Identity
view profile

Richard Bird, Chief Customer Information Officer, Ping Identity

In today’s digital-first world, customer experience (CX) is the new battleground. Is your brand’s CX original enough to generate business value? In this session, we will talk through the requirements of what makes a customer experience “innovative” and how you can evaluate your brand’s CX. It will also address the next steps to take in your organisation’s journey, to enhance digital experiences with identity to provide business impact.

16:25 (CEST)

Bring trust and truth to the internet using Bank Verified Identity services

Rod Boothby
Global Head of Identity, Digital Platform, Banco Santander
view profile

Rod Boothby, Global Head of Identity — Digital Platform, Banco Santander

The Open Digital Trust Initiative will use banks to verify digital identity. The Initiative includes the IIF, the OpenID Foundation, Santander, and 72 other banks and insurance companies. The goal is to build a new Digital Trust Marketplace.

Learn about this open approach to solving a $2T global problem.

16:40 (CEST)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

16:55 (CEST)

Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair

17:00 (CEST)

Conference Closes

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Whitehall Media reserve the right to change the programme without prior notice.

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