Identity Management Europe 2020


15 September 2020






“I really enjoyed the day, the information which was presented was of interest to me and relevant to my job as an IT Inspector with the Central Bank of Ireland. It also provided me with the opportunity to network, and have interesting conversations with professionals who work in the same field as me.” CENTRAL BANK OF IRELAND, IT Risk Inspector.

“Thanks for letting us attending this lovely event in Amsterdam. It was very inspiring and brought up new energy.” ENDEMOL SHINE GROUP, Senior Process Manager.

“Well organized conference, wide range of interesting topics, handling the latest trends and developments about identity management.”BELFIUS BANK, Access Manager.

“Conference was well organised and staged. Sponsors and presenters were well suited and relevant. Presentations were well selected and ordered in a way that maintained attention. Overall a good experience and worth the day out.” NETWORK RAIL, Infrastructure Solutions Architect.

“A very enjoyable day with a lot of interesting presentations and ideas. I particularly enjoyed the associated topic presentations from the law and psychological points of views. Long may this event continue.” LLOYDS BANKING GROUP, Information Security Analyst.

“The conference provided a great range of topics with thought provoking speakers who gave real world examples. A great event.” COALFIRE, Risk & Security Director.

“An excellent opportunity to meet with a range of leading industrial innovators in the areas, and provided an industrial state-of-the art overview that would otherwise may have been very difficult to find.” LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY, IAM Lead.

“The presentations added value by giving a wider context. The Ping presentation was exemplary and I made sure that I attended their seminar which was also very good.” MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, Information Systems Architect.

“Overall a very well organised conference, useful for professional networking and to visit vendors, in depth and thought provoking sessions.” BT, Lead IAM Consultant.

“Overall very enjoyable!” TESCO BANK, Information Security Manager.

“A worthwhile investment of my time and I look forward to attending subsequent events.” FUJITSU, Strategy Lead Identity & Access Management.

“An excellent conference. Thought provoking and educational. Vendors available but not too over-powering.” IBM, Information Security Manager.

“Enjoyed the conference, it kept going at a pace with the right level of subject and time given to each – I like the 20-30 minutes presentation times as there is no time for drifting off.” JDSSE LIMITED, Independent IDM Consultant.


“The level of conversation has been really engaging, over the course of the last few years we’ve been coming to this event and we find that the people are more engaged in specific projects, they are interested in asking complex questions, it’s been very interesting.” PING IDENTITY, Director of Worldwide Technical Marketing.

“Excellent event, the quality has been right up there in terms of decision makers and the people we want to be talking to. Having the right people in the room has been very positive. The show itself has been run very smoothly and we’ve been talking to decision makers.” HITACHI ID, Director of European Sales.

“I think it’s been a pretty successful event for us, we had a seminar slot as well, really good attendance and we’ve seen a lot of interest in our solution. It’s actually a really high quality of delegate, lots of executives and decision-makers on the IT side. Anyone focussed on identity and access management issues, you will find them here.” PROTECTED-NETWORKS.COM, Head of Channel.

“The event was well attended, we had some good presence across our stand so we’ve taken away some decent pipeline production as a result” AURIONPRO, VP Enterprise Security.

“The conference was inspiring. We are happy about the people we spoke to and everything was very well arranged” IWELCOME, Field Marketing Specialist.

“We’ve had some great customer conversations ranging across a lot of variables including financial services and healthcare, a lot of different topics driving around customer identity, IOT, enterprise identity, so there has been some fantastic dialog” FORGEROCK, Senior Vice President PM.

“It’s the exact audience we want to talk to” INTRAGEN, Sales Manager.

“The conference has been fantastic. We’ve had a lot of visitors come to the stand, we had great responses to the meeting requests we sent out and I know the sales team are really happy with the people they have spoken to” SAILPOINT, EMEA Senior Manager – Marketing.

“This certainly is something we’d be looking at doing again. We’ve been participating in the Whitehall events for years and we keep coming back because it’s been of value to us. The dialogs, the people and the interaction have all been fantastic” FORGEROCK, Senior Vice President PM.

“Ideal opportunity to increase our brand penetration across the identity and access customer base” AURIONPRO, VP Enterprise Security.

“We’ve met a good level of enterprise customers and senior people, so a good calibre of delegates” DUO SECURITY, Vice President EMEA.

“The delegate audience has been fantastic for us. We’ve had great response with the 1:1 meetings with c-level and c-level -1 & -2, so for us that’s exactly the right audience” SAILPOINT, EMEA Senior Manager – Marketing.


“I found the event thrilling today. We had some excellent speakers her in the morning, we also had new cases from big organisations within the Netherlands. I found it really interesting to see how each organisation has its own approach” ROBERT GARSKAMP, ID NEXT PLATFORM, Chairman and Founder.

“The quality of speakers is absolutely superb, there are 500 people here, all professionals in their own spheres and it is fascinating to speak with them. Whitehall Media are the most professional I’ve seen.” STEVE GOLD (R.I.P 1956-2015), one of the UK’s esteemed InfoSec journalists & multiple-time chair of WM IDM conferences.

“It’s fantastic, the energy on the floor has been amazing, the insights that the delegates gain on the identity access management and governance topic for any industry have been really important in terms of communication and the things that people learn.” RAMSES GALLEGO, DELL SECURITY/ISACA INTERNATIONAL, Security Strategist & Evangelist.

“It’s been an interesting event with a variety of different speakers from very, very different backgrounds, standards organisations, public sector, private sector and they’ve all got their own take on identity and that’s been very interesting.” SARB SEMBHI, ISACA INTERNATIONAL, Chair of Regulatory Advocacy Committee.

“You’ve covered the technology capabilities which are possible to deliver the IAM solutions, you’ve had insight from vendors, some case-studies as well as some perspective from clients that have actually lived through the journey. It’s the whole lifecycle that you’ve delivered today.” DAVID AINGER, GENERALI WORLDWIDE INSURANCE, Business & Project Manager.

“I enjoy the industrial aspect and the practitioner flavour of the event and the lessons learnt from using technology in practice, inside big organisations.” ALI. E. ABDELLAH, UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM, Professor of Information Security & Head of Centre for Cyber Security.

“It’s been very interesting, interesting speakers and a good balance between realised cases and theory.” JOS GROENEWEGEN, RADBOUD UNIVERSITY, Identity & Access Manager.

“The event has been great to meet up with a lot of vendors and other government representatives to talk about the challenges that they are facing, we got a lot of positive feedback and questions from our talk already, it’s a good place to exchange ideas.” JAN VANHAECHT, BELGIAN GOVERNMENT, CSAM Architect.

“Just seeing the amount of interest that there is in identity and access management is really quite refreshing, I’ve really enjoyed seeing that level of interest here.” LEE CUNNINGHAM, XCHANGING, Solutions Architect.

“It’s been an interesting event, not only to hear about other experiences from different sectors and different companies but to meet interesting people who have had real experiences.” WOUTER DEBECKER, BELGIAN GOVERNMENT, CSAM Service Owner.