Identity Management

17 September 2019

Van Der Valk Hotel, Utrecht



for senior risk management, security and IAM professionals across government and large enterprise organisations


“I think it’s been a pretty successful event for us, we had a seminar slot as well, really good attendance and we’ve seen a lot of interest in our solution. It’s actually a really high quality of delegate, lots of executives and decision-makers on the IT side. Anyone focussed on identity and access management issues, you will find them here.” PROTECTED-NETWORKS.COM, Head of Channel.

At a glance

Businesses are under increasing pressure to protect their critical data assets, ensure regulatory compliance, and offer great user experiences in the digital domain for both employees and customers. To keep up with new and emerging risks – while also embracing the fullest potential of disruptive technologies like cloud, IoT, blockchain, AI and big data – enterprises are evolving to a different security paradigm, one that puts identify at the heart of their security model. IAM leaders are consequently faced with a new set of challenges which include aligning their IAM projects with business goals, identifying and responding to risks, and implementing successful next-generation identity architectures and technologies.

Join Whitehall Media’s 7th Identity Access Management Europe conference, hosted in Utrecht for the first time, to discuss key insights and trends across digital identity, the newest techniques to ensure successful IAM implementation, and strategies to create secure and resilient identity infrastructures. This must-attend event will review policies, processes, standards and emerging technologies utilised by government and large enterprise to unlock the potential of IAM in facilitating business growth.


“We’ve had some great customer conversations ranging across a lot of variables including financial services and healthcare, a lot of different topics driving around customer identity, IOT, enterprise identity, so there has been some fantastic dialog” FORGEROCK, Senior Vice President PM.


IAM Fundamentals: Best Practice on Strategy and Implementation

  • Building your business case
  • Ensuring the success of your IAM project – strategy and metrics
  • Managing entitlements, credentials, privileges, duties and roles
  • Provisioning/De-provisioning
  • Federated Access Management
  • CIAM vs. Enterprise IAM
  • Intelligent API Security
  • CRM and IAM
  • Selecting the right solution provider
  • Effective data management and security
  • Taking account of GDPR
  • Essentials of identity administration and governance
  • Defining policy and action response
  • Server and network security
  • Password Management
  • Asset and account discovery
  • Third party access management

Benchmarking for Success: Moving your IAM programme forward

  • Identifying and tracking new and emerging risks
  • Customer IAM – dealing with challenges
  • Encryption techniques
  • Endpoint security
  • Privileged Account Management
  • Business GRC
  • Security classification and policy enforcement
  • IAM Security / Threat Monitoring and Intelligence
  • Anomaly detection (analytics
  • Incident and breach response
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Self-service IAM
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Capabilities
  • Cloud user and access security
  • Continuity planning and data loss prevention

Future-proofing your IAM investment

  • The security landscape in 2019
  • Exploring future IAM trends
  • IAM and Disruptive Technologies – opportunities and risks
  • Blockchain enabled IAM
  • Machine Learning and IAM
  • Automating manual processes
  • Deploying analytics for an insights-driven IAM programme
  • Understanding the evolving nature of trust and digital identity
  • Evaluating IaaS and PaaS service providers
  • Overcoming challenges with legacy IAM
  • Keeping up with user expectations

Featured Speakers