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4 October 2022

Van der Valk Hotel, Utrecht

Speakers @ IDM europe


Extensive research is carried out in order to ensure that our programmes provide a platform for industry experts from the worlds most data driven organisations are able to address the most important issues which matter to you and provide a path towards greater success

Previous Speaker
Robert Garskamp
Entrepreneur, Advisor on Digital Identity Matters and Founder of the IDnextplatform

With the enormous speed of technological digitalisation transformation nowadays, Robert believes that it will influence, constitute and shape our society where you are able to control your identity on attribute level within a secure and privacy-regulated basis.

As an expert for 10 plus years, Robert strives to share his knowledge and experience regarding several topics about digital Identity, security, privacy, mobility, risk management and compliance with several organisations in different sectors. He also advises and consults various organisations (in the public and private sector) related to digital identity.

Robert is Founder of the IDnext platform, a pan-European open and independent platform to support and facilitate innovative approaches in the world of the digital identity, creating awareness about digital identity, providing a knowledge and networking platform for experts in IT, Business and Marketers as a European centre of expertise.

Previous Speaker
Rod Boothby
Global Head of Identity, Digital Platform, Banco Santander

Rod joined Santander as Global Head of Identity in 2019.

Rod was co-founder and COO of npm, Inc. (now MSFT). 20 million developers use npm to share open-source code.

Rod started his career as a Fixed Income Derivatives quant at Wells Fargo.

He then joined Ernst & Young before becoming Global Head of APIs at AIG.

Previous Speaker
Annet Steenbergen
Project Lead Aruba Happy Flow 2.0, Government of Aruba

Annet is co-founder/initiator of the Aruba Happy Flow project for the Government of Aruba. The Happy Flow project was the first single token initiative that created a seamless flow of passenger facilitation from curb to gate through the reuse of biometrics and advanced cooperation through data sharing between the public and the private sector in the travel ecosystem.

Currently, the Aruba Happy Flow project is developing a second phase of innovations, with one of the aims to connect off-airport stakeholders like a hotel and a car rental to the seamless and contactless travel experience. The use of digital identity, digital health credentials and privacy and security by design will be a central part of this second phase.

In 2016 Annet took on the chair of IATA’s Facilitation Working Group (FWG) and is a member of IATA’s OneID Advisory Board.

Since 2017 IATA started the One ID task force, residing under the FWG she actively participates in several working groups on creating standards and best practices to prepare the aviation industry for cross-border seamless and contactless travel.
In 2020 Annet was awarded the Women in Biometrics Award.

Besides her work for the Government of Aruba, she is a consultant on seamless and contactless passenger facilitation with a strong focus on digital identity in the travel ecosystem, stakeholder identity management cooperation, data sharing solutions and data privacy/GDPR.

Annet has 25 years of international experience working in the field of border management (Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service) and public-private cooperation at airports to counter illegal immigration and human trafficking.

She has, besides Aruba, previously worked in i.e., the Netherlands, Suriname and South Africa.

Furthermore, she also enjoys public speaking engagements, writing articles and thought leadership on the topic of contactless travel and the use of a digital identity.

Previous Speaker
Jim Dubois
Former CIO at Microsoft Corp.

Prior to joining Saviynt’s Board of Advisors, Jim DuBois served as Chief Information Officer and Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Corporation from May 2013 to September 2017. Mr. DuBois was accountable for the company’s global security, IT infrastructure, collaboration and business applications. Jim is a tech leader with a unique view of IT innovation and digital transformation along with a deep understanding of technical strategy, cyber security, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. He brings content about these topic areas to life with stories from his 25 years at Microsoft, especially leading the digital transformation as CIO as Satya Nadella reinvented Microsoft.

Previous Speaker
Maarten Bevers
Information Security Officer, LeasePlan

Maarten Bevers is an Information Security Officer and a specialist in IAM, which comes with the experience of working with global enterprises and a background in general safety & security management and predictive profiling/crowd control.

Within the world of information security and IAM, communication is key. Maarten focusses on translating technical and “dull” material to layman’s terms, both from a process as well as a policy point of view. This translation should be a key element in any Information security and/or IAM strategy if you want to ensure business involvement and awareness.

Together with business focussed solutions, a balance between security and ease of access can be achieved.

In Maarten’s presentation, he will focus on exactly these elements; business communication, business friendly tooling and the balance between security and ease of access.

Keynote Speaker
Selin Kamas
IAM DevOps Tech Lead, Swisscom
Previous Speaker
Shashi Prakash Singh
IAM Architect, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
Previous Speaker
Mark Fodor
Specialist Identity & Access Management, Interhyp Gruppe

For the last 4 years, Mark has been working in the financial industry.

He has been involved in several aspects of IAM, and several IAM roles.

These include, but are not limited to, IAM Project Management, the designing of workflows that are compliant with regulations, and the migration of the organization to an IAM approach that involves new tooling and a different way of thinking about access rights.

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