Identity Management

14 March 2019

Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt




Thursday 14th March, 2019

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.


Detecting Malicious Inside Actors

Unlike outsiders, who start with zero knowledge of the network and organisational processes, an employee understands your systems, can cover their tracks behind legitimate activities and knows where the most sensitive and important data lies.

To combat this, strategies to identity and contain insider threats have to be sophisticated and go beyond the regular indicators of compromise. In this session we look at the key tools and techniques you can deploy in your organisation to prevent malicious inside actors from causing irreparable damage to your reputation and data.

User Behaviour Analytics in Action

Ever had a credit card frozen abroad? Or locked out of an account you have a legitimate right to access? Then you know the frustration of being beholden to a user analytics system that it is not smart enough to cope with the complexities of the modern business environment.

In this seminar we look at smart, context-aware UBA tools that can categorise threat levels and combine them with increasing authentication to create systems that are highly secure and do not obstruct your employees.

Going Passwordless – Is Your Organisation Ready?

Numerous systems now exist to remove passwords entirely from your organisation. Tokens, biometrics and mobile all offer means of authentication that are more secure than passwords and without all the difficulties that passwords create.

But is your organisation ready to implement them yet? Join this seminar for a discussion about the ways you can implement non-password solutions and overcome barriers to implementation – both technical and cultural.

Identity in the Cloud 

Moving your identity provider to the cloud offers a range of benefits, from greater security to scalability of resources, all while reducing your operational costs.

In this session, we cover the main advantages of moving to a cloud provider and tackle some of the ways you can ease migration.

Meeting Global Privacy Regulations Through IAM

Join this deep-dive look into ways new data protection and privacy regulations will impact employee and customer credentials, and the personal information and sensitive data organisations hold. We also discuss the ways IAM can be a driver of greater security, privacy and access to achieve and go beyond regulatory compliance.

Identity as a Driving Force for Digital Transformation

The business IT landscape is becoming more complex. Technologies such as cloud, mobile, BYOD and shared working environments throw up new challenges for identity systems but also immense opportunities.

This seminar looks at the ways in which identity can be the foundation of your enterprise’s digital transformation strategy and empower employees and customers with tools and seamless experiences that untap new business potential

Single Sign-On Success Stories

Using the case study of a large organisation which effectively implemented SSO for employees, we cover:

  • Secure Single Single-On
  • Overcoming IT Infrastructure complexity
  • Challenges and difficulties of implementation
  • Introducing two factor authentication and other secure technologies
Where Next for Multi Factor Authentication?

In this fun seminar, we explore some of the newest technologies being created to authenticate and secure the systems of the future. We look at recently implemented biometric technologies, analytics driven security tools, pressure pad identification, and the technologies we predict will completely revolutionise the identity and authentication sphere.