Identity & Access Management: how to make it secure and customer-oriented

Ruben Rodriguez Perez, Senior Solutions Engineer, Okta

A login box must have the right balance between user-friendliness, data protection and security. But what does modern access management look like? In this webinar, you will learn how to secure identity data with a security-oriented solution and thus gain the trust of your customers.

Do you want to keep an eye on cyber security risks and digital customer identities in equal measure? And rely on your identity access management (IAM) infrastructure as the front door for your customers’, employees’ and partners’ access to corporate resources and digital services? Perhaps you are already planning a CIAM (Customer Identity Access Management) strategy? If so, join Ruben Rodriguez of Okta/Auth0 to learn more about what a future-proof customer identity and access management must contain. This includes the interplay between security and customer experience, collaboration with product management, marketing and development departments, and the proper orchestration of common authentication options. Learn more about:

– Metrics for success in deploying customer-centric identity management

– Strategies for data storage and management in integrated CIAM systems

– How to turn weak points in your access management into strengths

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