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24 May 2022


Seminars @ IDM dach

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CIAM for the win!


Customer-facing identity and access management (CIAM) plays a significant role in helping today’s digital businesses acquire and retain customers, while providing them with the necessary security features and personalization for them to engage and transact with the company.

We address, the key pillars you need to ensure your CIAM platform is relevant to the needs of your customers as well as able to provide you with the security you need.

  • Support identity verification integration (IDV), progressive profiling, and privacy
  • Provide granular authentication and multifactor and Passwordless authentication
  • Offer integration with A/B testing, marketing, loyalty, and business systems

The value of a centralised login experience


A unified enterprise ID provides seamless, secure access to hundreds of an organisations applications worldwide.

Unlimited by geography, size, scale, access demands or degree of privilege, a centralised login experience provides you with

We address, how our universal ID enterprise solution means having a sustainable business which is able to grow exponentially when performing business on a global scale.

Simplify Communication Between APIs and Trusted Services


With effective machine-to-machine communication, you can easily handle authentication and authorisation for non-interactive applications ranging from IoT and trusted subsystem interactions to daemons.

We address, how to:

  • Enable secure access to your API from other internal or external non-interactive third party-apps with minimal configuration
  • Use the identity of the IoT device instead of a user identity to streamline a secure IoT implementation
  • Allow non-interactive applications such as app servers, CLI’s daemons, and others to consume your API safely and securely in cases where no human interaction is necessary

The password is dead, long live the password!


Passwordless authentication enables a secure and frictionless experience for everyone.

Given that over two-thirds of people reuse passwords across sites, resulting in an increasingly insecure e-commerce ecosystem, isn’t it time that the adoption of a truly Passwordless design solution meant that it was not only possible to mitigate these issues but actually make the authentication experience a positive one?

We address, how password vulnerabilities account for more than 80% of all breaches, how this costs your business time and money, and why it’s time to say goodbye to your long-held password in favour of the industry’s leading Passwordless authentication and verification platform which, with unique biometric traits, significantly reduces risk.

Streamline your MFA without compromising on security


An MFA platform which can be activated and adapted to whenever and wherever you choose, without impacting every user, is one in which authentication is effortless and user experience is of equal value to security.

Rather than a traditional MFA product, with an adaptive, step-by-step authentication you are able to restrict access to more sensitive resources without compromising on user experience.

Instead of a singular MFA or PAM approach, we provide you with the power to differentiate between single user access demands based on their genuine need to move into more restricted areas of applications.

Join us as we map out how you can maximise UX and security.

Endpoint Privilege Management and Application Control


Employee workstations and personal devices can be the most vulnerable part of your IT system.

If a local admin clicks on a malicious link and downloads malware, their workstation is instantly compromised.

One compromised user with privileged access can give a hacker full control to take down the network.

We address, how to:

  • Stop malware and ransomware attacks like these from exploiting applications by removing local administrative rights from endpoints
  • Automatically removing admin rights from managed endpoints mitigates critical vulnerabilities
  • Easily implement least privilege and application control today with our Business Security Privilege Manager

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