Programme @

IDM dach

Identity Management

24 May 2022


Programme @ IDM dach

Morning Session

Building back better with a robust, reliable and flexible IAM strategy

  • Building blocks for your Zero Trust journey
  • The Future of Access Management
  • The importance of identity in securing your business
  • Defend the perimeter!
  • How SASE supports the new way of working

09:15 (CEST)

Conference Chair's Opening Address

Dr Gilad Rosner
Founder, IoT Privacy Forum
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Gilad Rosner, Founder, IoT Privacy Forum; Expert in Public Policy of IoT & Identity Management; Privacy and Technology Policy Researcher

09:35 (CEST)

5-maturity levels to integrate your XaaS into your IAM

Dr Frank Simon
Head of IT Security & IAM, Zurich Insurance Germany
view profile

Dr Frank Simon, Head of IT Security & IAM, Zurich Insurance Germany

• More and more enterprises leverage XaaS solutions for their business
• The way to enable users to use XaaS should be a decision point for selecting
• In reality there exist at least 5 different approaches for IAM integrating
• The way you integrate does not have only impact on compliance but also on user experience

09:55 (CEST)

Creating Trust with Reusable Digital Identity

Aarti Samani
SVP Product & Marketing, iProov
view profile

Aarti Samani, SVP Product and Marketing, iProov

With more and more digital adoption we are connecting our physical and digital worlds in ways previously unimagined. Whilst this presents us with the space to create increasing degrees of convenience, it also enhances the likelihood of privacy being compromised.

The fundamental question is, how do we balance these trade-offs? And will the companies that find this balance foster greater loyalty? Alongside the need for enterprise to adapt, the distributed world is becoming more and more mainstream.

Can we challenge ourselves to find the middle road, where we create great customer experiences that are also private and secure by design?

• The creation and maintenance of customer/citizen trust is critical for the evolution of digital services, digital wallets, eIDAS2 etc.
• Customer/citizen experience is a high focus for any organisation & the ability to balance strong security with strong CX is an ongoing challenge for organisations.

10:10 (CEST)

Zero Trust Architecture demystified

Fabrizio Di Carlo
Head of Product and Infrastructure Security, Scoutbee
view profile

Fabrizio Di Carlo, Head of Product and Infrastructure Security, Scoutbee

While working in some major Financial Organizations and consulting companies around the world, Fabrizio discussed several doubts that CISOs, CTOs, and stakeholders have in regard to Zero Trust.

In this presentation Fabrizio will discuss:

• What Zero Trust is (and what is not)
• User experience
• key elements of Zero Trust Architecture/design

10:25 (CEST)

If it’s not Simple, Scalable and Agile, it’s not Modern IGA

Rod Simmons
VP of Product Strategy, Omada
view profile

Rod Simmons, VP of Product Strategy, Omada

IGA continues to evolve and for any solution to be fit for purpose and meet the demands of organisations today, it needs to be easy to configure, provide elastic scalability and deliver rapid Time-to-Value.

We’ll share our views of how IGA needs to evolve, highlight key winning strategies from our proven best practice framework, and show how our customers are securing their organisation’s identities with successful modern IGA programs that are delivering rapid value and low TCO.


10:40 (CEST)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

11:00 (CEST)

Virtual Networking in the Exhibition Area

11:15 (CEST)

Welcome to session two by the Conference Chair

Dr Gilad Rosner
Founder, IoT Privacy Forum
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Gilad Rosner, Founder, IoT Privacy Forum; Expert in Public Policy of IoT & Identity Management; Privacy and Technology Policy Researcher

11:20 (CEST)

Advocating for Decentralised Identity in Europe: 7 Lessons Learnt

Sebastian Manhart
Advisor on Digital Identity, Technical Consultant, Identification for Development (ID4D), The World Bank
view profile

Sebastian Manhart, Digital Identity Entrepreneur and Advisor

A decentralised identity has taken Europe by storm: from a flourishing private sector to impressive government initiatives, to the draft eIDAS regulation, it seems a question of how and when, not if, this technology will become the standard across the continent.

Sebastian Manhart – an identity entrepreneur and expert – was hired by the German Chancellery to promote the use of decentralised identity across Europe. In this process, he met with over 300 policy makers of all levels of seniority from all European member states and the European Union to discuss the current state and the potential of digital identity. Come to this talk to find out what he learnt, where he believes we are at, and – crucially – what the future of decentralised identity holds for Europe.

11:35 (CEST)

Identity is the New Blue

Caroline Lawson
Senior Manager, Solution Engineering UK & DACH, SailPoint
view profile

Caroline Lawson, Senior Manager, Solution Engineering UK & DACH, SailPoint 

Blue is the world’s most popular color. But this was not always the case. Originally, it was little used in art and clothing, and in turn, had little symbolic cultural value. In the course of a few key decades, however, blue overcame obstacles of sourcing and production, and its popularity exploded—rising to represent some of the highest values of society. Subsequently, a wave of innovation democratized the color, placing it in the hands of “normal people” and cementing its cultural legacy. Identity finds itself on a similar path. After a period of relative obscurity, identity has begun its rise over the past decade—but the journey is just beginning. Like blue, it faces challenges to its ascendancy—both practical and ethical. We’ll extract lessons from the trajectory of the world’s most popular hue and seek to apply them to the arc of identity. The color of the world is changing once more.

11:50 (CEST)

How SASE supports the new way of working

Amol Sawarkar
Enterprise Architecture - Global IT Planning and Project Management
view profile

Amol Sawarkar, Enterprise Architecture – Global IT Planning and Project Management, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

SASE has become a noticeably more prominent feature of the enterprise network security space.

Whilst the trend in recent years towards off-prem solutions such as SaaS, IaaS, and DaaS, has driven much of its popularisation, it is the pandemic that has brought its importance to the forefront.

This importance is being driven by the need to run applications outside of traditional data centres and support employees working remotely.

Still, as the world continues to slowly reopen, it’s important that security leaders factor in the need to not only support hybrid working but also maintain a working model which is secure, agile and successful.

We address how this can be achieved:

  • How SASE will support the new way of working
  • What defines the perimeter as the world begins to open up again
  • The shift to and importance of a focus on protecting people, not places, wherever they work
  • How the protection of data is paramount to the success of the business as a whole
  • How SASE architecture enables a good user experience while keeping the business secure

12:05 (CEST)

Human-centric Identity

Mehmet Yaliman
Senior Solutions Architect, Ping Identity
view profile

Mehmet Yaliman, Senior Solutions Architect, Ping Identity 

Security vs experience. Platform vs best of breed. Fast vs thorough. The identity technology world forces us to make trade-offs. These difficult decisions are an endless exercise in technical and logistical nuances like developer and IT resources, product licenses, integrations, and deployment methods. Get ready!

We are entering an era where IAM professionals can rise above those tradeoffs, and rapidly evolve from technical experts to experience artists by using solutions that customise, code, and integrate for you. This means humans can focus on what humans do best: creating amazing experiences, differentiating from competitors, reacting to market trends, leveraging innovations like decentralised identity and partnering with business owners to anticipate and exceed user expectations.

12:20 (CEST)

Questions to the speakers

12:45 (CEST)

Networking Lunch in the Virtual Exhibition Area

Afternoon Session

Moving forward with the right tools, technologies and people in place

  • Mobile worker security or user experience – how about both?
  • How to better manage device-based access
  • The Four Pillars of Certificate Automation
  • Adapt to the new normal with adaptive access policies
  • AIOps as the new enterprise perimeter
  • Unite the tribes: MIM + DevSecOps = digital business enabler
  • Why machine identities matter: MI’s as your networks weakest link

13:30 (CEST)

Session Three - Seminar sessions

14:15 (CEST)

Networking Break in the Virtual Exhibition

14:30 (CEST)

Welcome to Session Four

Dr Gilad Rosner
Founder, IoT Privacy Forum
view profile

Gilad Rosner, Founder, IoT Privacy Forum; Expert in Public Policy of IoT & Identity Management; Privacy and Technology Policy Researcher

14:35 (CEST)

Talent Gap – secure access to sensitive systems

Markus Mehnert
Regional Sales Manager, Delinea
view profile

Markus Mehnert, Regional Sales Manager, Delinea

  • Pretty much all industries are struggling with a talent shortage.
  • Companies continuously need to find ways for supporting their growth with human capital.
  • One solution is to have employees geographically spread and to work with remote & 3rd party experts.
  • This does create another attack-surface which needs to be protected.

14:50 (CEST)

IAM Process Map: The ins and Outs of Identity and Access Management

David Doret
IAM & PAM Manager, BNP Paribas in Switzerland
view profile

David Doret, IAM & PAM Manager, BNP Paribas in Switzerland


15:05 (CEST)

Digital Identity in Aviation – Unlocking the potential & transforming customer experience of air travel

Louise Cole
Head of Customer Experience & Facilitation, International Air Transport Association (IATA)
view profile

Louise Cole, Head of Customer Experience & Facilitation, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

In 2022, IATA is accelerating the completion of the Industry Standards and Recommended Practices for One ID.

One ID is an aviation industry initiative that will introduce a streamlined, contactless, and passenger-centric travel experience to achieve significant improvements to operational efficiency and overall security.

A passenger, using digital identity technologies, can assert their identity to the level required at each process step.

By using these technologies, a passenger can store and manage their digital passport, a biometric credential and the required travel documentation, and flight information, while maintaining their privacy and the protection of personal data.


15:20 (CEST)

Introduction of an IDM solution in the company - the human factor

Catrin Schröder-Jaross
Senior Manager Data Migration & Testing, Otto Group
view profile

Catrin Schröder-Jaross, Senior Manager Data Migration & Testing, Otto Group

• New technologies challenge and disrupt everyday life
• Which players are involved and what are their motivations?
• How can a common path be followed

15:35 (CEST)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

15:55 (CEST)

Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair

16:00 (CEST)

Conference Close

Please note:
Whitehall Media reserve the right to change the programme without prior notice.

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