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19 May 2021

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Seminars @ IDM DACH


Evaluate cutting-edge technology and solution providers through our Live Web Seminars by attending solution provider sessions. Connect with your fellow IAM and IT security leaders and dive into thoughtful conversations spurred by powerful sessions and hear directly from the experts behind the latest IAM innovations.

All sessions will be available on-demand after, so you won’t miss anything. Session times are subject to change. Participants can also connect with peers and experts to ask questions, share insights, and get the most from the leaders in the industry

PLEASE NOTE: All Conference Sessions (including slides) will be presented in English ONLY
Delegates will be able to attend two seminars at the event ‘live’ as they will run in two sessions.
All event footage will be available on demand for a maximum of 2 hours after the session has closed.

A – BEYONDTRUST – Why Just-In-Time (JIT) Privileged Access is the Next Big Step in Risk Reduction


Ian Pitfield, Senior Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust

A true least-privilege security model requires users, processes, applications, and systems to have just enough rights and access—and for no longer than required—to perform a necessary action or task. While organizations are increasingly effective at applying the “just enough” piece using Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions, they have largely neglected the time-limited and persistent risk part of the equation. Today, powerful accounts with always-on (24×7) privileged access proliferate across enterprises. The privileges of these accounts are always in an active mode—for both legitimate use and misuse.

Just-in-Time (JIT) Administration is an approach in which organizations dynamically assign privileges to accounts and assets to ensure identities only have the appropriate privileges when necessary, and for the least time necessary. Adopting JIT as part of your PAM approach means you can implement a true least-privilege model across your enterprise. Join this session to understand how to: – Significantly reduce your organization’s threat surface by shifting from an always-on privileged access model to a JIT approach – Identify use cases where JIT PAM is an absolutely necessity – Choose and implement JIT PAM triggers, methodologies, and workflows that will immediately help you to drive down risk enterprise-wide.

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Ian Pitfield
Senior Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust
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Room / Location:
Session 4 @ 13:45

B – FORGEROCK – Overcoming organisational blind spots and delivering a better user experience with a modern IDM Platform



Steffo Weber, Director Customer Engineering, ForgeRock

Sebastian Drees, Major Account Executive, ForgeRock

Moving your organisation from a contract-based to an identity-based service approach: A deeper dive into the logic, the solution and some insights into what this means for your business and your customers.

In this session we’ll discuss and show how data quality issues and unclear relationships within customer contracts can hinder the user experience and how a modern CIAM solution approaches and solves this.

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Steffo Weber
Director Customer Engineering, ForgeRock
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Sebastian Drees
Major Account Executive, ForgeRock
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Room / Location:
Session 4 @ 13:45

C – AUTH0 – From Business to Business: Your customers and partners deserve a better IAM experience!


Ruben Rodriguez Perez, Senior Solutions Engineer, Auth0
Tobias Urban, Partner Solutions Engineer, Auth0

With businesses as the target customer for SaaS and B2B companies, handling authentication of users within these businesses can be complicated. How are users organized within a specific target business? What about separate branding, access control, and SSO for each business? We’re forced to build this all from scratch each time we create an application, which cuts into the time we have to build the app itself. We’ve struggled with this at Auth0 ourselves when building our applications, like our Dashboard.

Join us in this seminar where we share our learnings and Best Practices around building resilient, secure and exciting B2B applications that are powered by your IAM system. We will cover:

  • Why a strong Identity foundation is essential for any B2B app
  • How to secure and excite your business customers and partners
  • The potentials and quick wins you should consider next time you work on your B2B offerings

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Ruben Rodriguez Perez
Sr. Solutions Engineering, Auth0
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Tobias Urban
Partner Solutions Engineer, Auth0
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Room / Location:
Session 4 @ 13:45

D – SAVIYNT – Protecting and monitoring privileged access in the cloud: the convergence of IGA + PAM


Chris Owen, Director of Product Management, Saviynt


Today, many organisations have digital transformation and cloud-first initiatives as their top priorities. For Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions, the transient nature of the cloud is one of the biggest challenges. Critical assets have changed. Workloads can be spun up and down within days or hours. Admins connect to the cloud in multiple ways to perform privileged activities. Each of these new access points creates a new risk that organisations need to manage and monitor.

Traditionally, PAM was viewed as an IT problem, not a business problem, resulting in separate access policy silos and a lack of visibility into the most critical access within an organisation. But how can we truly understand what a person does with their privileged access and the risk associated with the totality of a user’s access across the enterprise?

Join this session and learn how combining Cloud PAM with Enterprise IGA can help you: –

  • Build a new, automated approach to securing critical assets within the cloud
  • Enhance your Zero Trust strategy with risk analytics
  • Inject preventative critical access risk analysis into the request process
  • Create risk-based approval workflows during the access request process
  • Include risk analytics in the privileged user access review process

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Chris Owen
Director of Product Management, Saviynt
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Room / Location:
Session 4 @ 13:45

E – ManageEngine – How does ManageEngine help in implementing least privilege delegation model


Vivin Sathyan, IT Security Evangelist, ManageEngine

As organizations grow, networks, additional resources, and administrative tasks also grow at a faster pace. It becomes difficult for the IT department to manage the entire Active Directory in a timely, error-free and efficient manner. The fact that the IT admins have to follow a long list of best practices to delegate Active Directory administration only makes things worse, especially in the present scenario where majority of the workforce has shifted to a Work-from-home mode.

Thus, the need to the hour is to  delegate actions to other users in a non-intrusive manner which will help us keep the number of administrative accounts to a bare minimum. In this session we will be discussing the challenges with the native delegation methods and the action items to overcome those.

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Vivin Sathyan
IT Security Evangelist, ManageEngine
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Room / Location:
Session 5 @ 14:45

F – IC CONSULT – Globalize Your IAM with IDaaS  – All about Challenges, Customer Insights and Best Practices


Heiko Hütter, CEO, Service Layers
Andre Priebe, CTO, iC Consult Group

Globalization has spread business and production sites all over the world. Companies are faced with distributed IT systems as well as with different and demanding regulations in various countries, spanning from the U.S. through to Europe and Asia, especially China and Russia. For many businesses IAM is a central part when it comes to managing employees, partners, customer, things and APIs in a secure and reliable way.

The development of cloud services, the DevOps movement and the increasing maturity of IAM software lead to new ways to cope with these challenges.

In this presentation you will learn more about:

  • Challenges for a worldwide distributed IAM
  • The positive effect of DevOps and cloud strategies on IAM projects and vice versa
  • Success factors for IAM deployment and operations for global enterprises

We look forward to your questions after the presentation. You can also submit them in advance to


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Heiko Hütter
CEO, Service Layers GmbH, Service Layers
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Andre Priebe
CTO, iC Consult Group
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Room / Location:
Session 5 @ 14:45

G – ONE IDENTITY – The Right Approach to the Cloud for Identity and Access Management



Abdullah Ahmad, Sales Engineer, One Identity

There are two fundamental truths:
1. Identity should be at the center of every security strategy
2. Your organization is on the fast-track to the cloud and prefers cloud solutions whenever possible

The problem is these two truths are often at odds with each other. Identity and access management solutions typically offer limited functionality or scope when they come from the cloud. And one person’s cloud strategy may look entirely different from another’s. So, what are we to do?
In this session, we will discuss the many faces of the cloud and how any organization pursuing an identity-centric security strategy must implement that strategy in the way that best supports their path to the cloud, their current realities, and above all their IAM objectives. It is possible to get both – identity-centric security AND a cloud-first deployment – but you need to do it in the manner that’s right for you. Learn how to implement IAM in your cloud, your way to achieve cloud without compromise.

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Abdullah Ahmad
Senior Solutions Architect, One Identity GmbH
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Room / Location:
Session 5 @ 14:45

H – VENAFI – What is Machine Identity Management and why should my company care


Jens Sabitzer, Senior Solution Architect, Venafi

Stephane Dorchin, Commercial Director – Continental Europe, Venafi

Just like user names and passwords authorize access to humans, keys and certificates act as machine identities that authorize and validate machine access to valuable data.

However, in many ways protecting the identities of machines is more challenging than protecting those of humans. Learn more about Machine Identity Management and why your company should care.

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Jens Sabitzer
Senior Solution Architect, Venafi
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Stephane Dorchin
Commercial Director – Continental Europe, Venafi
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Room / Location:
Session 5 @ 14:45

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