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Seminar 1

Managing migration to a modern IAM platform

Encouraging and securing investment in IAM software can be a difficult task, especially when your existing platform appears to be performing at an adequate level.

In this seminar, you will learn how much extra value a modern IAM platform can bring to your business, as well as the time, cost, and resource benefits you will achieve.

We address:

  • Legacy versus modern
  • Capabilities comparison
  • Keeping pace with business and industry demands
  • Understanding what a modern deployment looks like

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Seminar 2

A novel approach to IAM TPM: sponsor but do not trust

The growing number of non-employees is making of IAM teams increasingly difficult, with as much 40% of workforces being made up of non-employees. In some cases, non-employees can exceed the number of employees, making the job of your security team and your IAM architecture immeasurably more difficult then it was just a few years ago.

We address:

  • Understanding your business gaps in non-employee processes
  • The consequences of not addressing legacy points of contact
  • Delivering actionable decisions effectively
  • Adopting an identity-first approach to your external business relation

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Seminar 3

Navigating your IAG domain: adopting a holistic approach

Enterprise identity governance is struggling to keep with digital transformation initiatives. What is required is the adoption of modern IG technologies which have increasing degrees of scalability, agility, and intelligent design in order to meet evolving business requirements.

We address, how to adopt a holistic approach to IAG, better understand your organisations IAG needs, and successfully navigate the complexity of the IGA domain avoiding common pain points.

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Seminar 4

Protecting privilege: at all times and in all places

Many companies are struggling to keep pace with the number of privilege demands being placed on them. This has led to a situation in which many privileges are poorly managed due to an overreliance on password management centric approaches as this only goes so far in accounting for the size and complexity of the overall demand.

In this session, discover how the universal privilege management model can secure every user and asset within your IT ecosystem.

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Seminar 5

AI-driven cyber defence: smart security

As cyber-attacks grow in severity and complexity, with identity-driven fraud accounting for the vast majority of security breaches, more than ever businesses need to automate and augment their ability to deter, react and defend against the many threats it faces on a daily basis.

We address, how AI-driven security is helping security your IAM security team to stay ahead of threats by adopting an always-on approach to cybersecurity, providing you with instant insights and reduce response times.

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Seminar 6

How to survive an attack: problem, action, solution

Every-day in every way, computer services are being compromised by malicious actors who are able to execute bot-based attacks in order to access user accounts. The relatively cheap cost at which this can be carried out means that every-day consumers are falling victim to attacks which historically were limited to high profile attacks.

We address:

  • The security challenges for retailers
  • What do bot attacks look like?
  • How to identify them
  • How to best protect your customers
  • Defending your digital assets

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