Mostafa Hassanin

Mostafa has over a decade of information security experience in file sharing, banking, finance, and online marketplaces. He holds a B.Sc in Computer Science (Loughborough), M.Sc. Software and Systems Security (Oxford), and an Executive MBA (INSEAD). Mostafa has played a pivotal role in establishing and developing the security practices and capabilities of Switzerland’s leading brands, such as Ricardo,, Homegate, Immoscout24, and Autoscout24. He has also contributed significantly to the security of Switzerland’s banking and finance industry, authoring security concepts, guidelines, technical standards, and overseeing their implementation. As a Group CISO, he’s currently leading the efforts of safeguarding billions of Swiss Francs in assets, the digital safety of hundreds of employees, and the protection of millions of customers in Switzerland’s largest group of online marketplaces (SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG).

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