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7 March 2024

Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Frankfurt

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Chair & Keynote Speakers
Conference Chair
Linda Strick
Director EMEA, Cloud Security Alliance

Linda Strick works since 2018 at Cloud Security Alliance as Managing Director for CSA EMEA. Her main focus is on Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Certification Frameworks for Cloud in different application areas, GDPR and privacy compliance. Before joining CSA she worked as a senior researcher for more than 30 years at the Fraunhofer-Institute FOKUS in Berlin, Germany.


Keynote Speaker
Frederik Thorn
Global Information Security Officer, Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG

Frederik Thorn, currently the Global Information Security Officer at Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG, has a career spanning various sectors including roles at EY and Deloitte. Renowned for his expertise in implementing effective and pragmatic Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) globally, Frederik is equally adept at navigating the interfaces between ISMS and Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS). He extends his influence beyond corporate realms by mentoring newcomers in information security and occasionally performs keynote presentations on the challenges in information security and cybersecurity.

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Christian Prehofer
Director, Corporate R&D, DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbH

Christian Prehofer’s current role is director for connected mobility at DENSO Germany in Corporate R&D. He is focusing on digital services & identities in mobility, trusted data exchange and data analysis with federated learning. Furthermore, he is also lecturing at TU München.  Before this, he was research group leader for Internet of Things & Services at Fortiss. He also served as Chief Researcher at Fraunhofer ESK and professor in Computer Science at TU München. Between 1998 and 2009, he held different management and research positions in the mobile communication industry.  He obtained his Ph.D. and his habilitation in computer science from the TU Munich and is author of more than 150 publications, one book and 34 granted patents.

Keynote Speaker
Abhijit Naik
Security Architect, DB Schenker

Abhijit Naik, a certified professional holding CISSP (ISC2) and CCSP (ISC2) credentials, fulfills the role of Security Architect at DB Schenker AG. His role encompasses conducting comprehensive risk assessments and orchestrating threat modeling exercises. Through his consultancy endeavors, Abhijit fortifies organizational digital landscapes by advocating for the implementation of secure by design and Zero Trust principles. Possessing a background in Cloud Security, Application Security, and Secure Network Infrastructure, Abhijit offers valuable technical expertise. With previous experience at Symantec, his knowledge extends to enterprise security products such as IDS, IPS, EDR, SIEM, and compliance tools, enabling him to adeptly guide his clients through robust security strategies.

Keynote Speaker
Philip Kupsch
Senior Operations Engineer, HomeToGo

Philip Kupsch, a Senior Operations Engineer at HomeToGo, implemented OctoDNS and github actions workflow for multiple zones with Cloud team as a self-service DNS management to be used for various teams. 5 years as Operations Engineer at Wayfair, Terraform, Puppet, Rundeck, Kubernetes, Docker, BigQuery/Google Cloud Storage, he’s built solutions for improving CI/CD pipelines, enabled standardized observability in tools throughout the environment, enabled data-driven solutions by building an ETL pipeline for major incident data, built self-service tools to improve developer experience. Almost 2 years as System Administrator at MGT-Commerce, migration, hosting and troubleshooting AWS services which involve ecommerce business domains.

Keynote Speaker
Selin Kamas
DevOps Tech Lead @IAM, Swisscom

Selin has almost 9 years experience in software engineering. She is currently the DevOps Tech Lead @IAM at Swisscom. She has mostly worked in Identity and Access Management teams. Selin has also worked as a Software Engineer in cyberspace security teams. She has interests in the fields of Network Security, Web App Security, Monitoring, Automation, and Cloud Management.

Keynote Speaker
Mostafa Hassanin
Group Director of Security & Anti-Fraud (CISO) | Head of Group Security & Anti-Fraud Team, SMG Swiss Marketplace Group

Mostafa has over a decade of information security experience in file sharing, banking, finance, and online marketplaces. He holds a B.Sc in Computer Science (Loughborough), M.Sc. Software and Systems Security (Oxford), and an Executive MBA (INSEAD). Mostafa has played a pivotal role in establishing and developing the security practices and capabilities of Switzerland’s leading brands, such as Ricardo, Tutti.ch, Homegate, Immoscout24, and Autoscout24. He has also contributed significantly to the security of Switzerland’s banking and finance industry, authoring security concepts, guidelines, technical standards, and overseeing their implementation. As a Group CISO, he’s currently leading the efforts of safeguarding billions of Swiss Francs in assets, the digital safety of hundreds of employees, and the protection of millions of customers in Switzerland’s largest group of online marketplaces (SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG).

Keynote Speaker
Annet Steenbergen
Advisor/SME Digital Identity and Travel, EU Digital Wallet Consortium (EWC)

Since co-founding/initiating the Aruba Happy Flow project in 2013 after many years working in international border management, digital Identity and innovation for the travel eco-system has been at the centre of her work. She is currently a consultant for the travel and tourism industry and works on projects with focus on implementing digital identity, the (EU) digital wallet, ICAO DTC. Creating true Seamless Travel while preserving data privacy and data protection.

SInce 2016 Annet has been actively involved in IATA OneID working groups and in 2020 she was awarded the Women in Biometrics Award.

Keynote Speaker
Stefan Bosnjakovic
External IAM & GRC Architect, Glencore International AG

The emphasis of Stefan’s professional activity during the past fifteen years has been on IAM and GRC projects, driven by the clients’ needs to comply with regulatory demands and close audit findings, complemented by related project activities.

Stefan’s experience also includes Regulatory Requirements (ECB, BaFin, FinMa, BoE, MAS, SOx, FED, FFIEC), Business Process Analysis, Workflow Engineering, Operational Risk Management, IT Security Management (ISO 27000, MaRISK), and Audits.

In addition to pure IAG issues he is integrating related IT-Security related topics such as HPAM (High Privilege Access Management), SSO (Single-Sign On), MFA/Passwordless Technologies, CM (Cloud Migration), Firewall and VPN/SD-WAN into his architecture solutions to complete the overall end-to-end IAG framework.

This is rounded up by communication, coordination and setting up train-the-trainer schemes with HR, relevant business and specialist departments.

Keynote Speaker
Ishaq Walizada
IT Security Analyst, Allianz Global Investors

As a seasoned Identity and Access Management (IAM) specialist, I bring a wealth of experience in designing, implementing, and managing robust security solutions. My dedication to safeguarding digital assets and ensuring seamless user access aligns with the evolving demand. 5+ years of experience in identity and access management, PAM- PAM-privileged access management, data privacy and security and service desk ticketing systems. My aim is to bridge the gaps between people and technology and create a risk-aware IT environment that aligns with the overall business objectives. I strive to help deliver a seamless IT support and technology experience to end users.
Skills include Cyber Security, IT Risk Management, system administration, privileged access management- CyberArk, SailPoint, Azure AD, Oka and One Identity, resource planning, service level agreement, technical and interpersonal skills, client relationship management, corporate contribution and Microsoft infrastructure.

Keynote Speaker
Ilya Gubarev
Chief Digital Software Architect, Innomotics

Ilya is Chief Digital Software Architect at Innomotics – A Siemens Business.

Additionally, he heads up the Architecture and Release Train department, responsible for embedded, edge, and cloud development (Inspire IQ), and is a member of a strategic team inside of Medium Voltage Drives business unit.

Before that Ilya worked for Siemens MindSphere Platform now called Xcelerator Industrial Hub.

In his 25+ years of experience in software design and development, Ilya covered several industrial domains working in product, platform, and solution development projects.

He is currently an active member of Siemens wide software architecture communities for API design and IAM (Xcelerator).

Plenary Speakers
Plenary Speaker
Veronika Dörffler
Associate Director Germany Central, iC Consult

In the realm of cybersecurity, Veronika Dörffler emerges as a trailblazer. She specializes in crafting personalized Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions that transcend industry boundaries. Her commitment to regulatory excellence ensures IAM strategies not only comply but surpass standards. Veronika prepares clients for IAM audits, transforming these processes into opportunities for fortified security. With experience across various industries, her IAM expertise provides targeted solutions that are effective and industry-specific. At the core of her strategy is a focus on information risk management within the IAM framework. Safeguarding the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of client identity data, she ensures a secure and resilient foundation for sustainable business practices.

Plenary Speaker
Axel Bujak
Product Owner IAM, GIZ

Responsible for IAM at GIZ since 2003:

– Design and development of the IAM solution at GIZ
– Project manager/product owner of various IT projects in the IAM environment
– Stakeholder management
– Introduction of the new IAM solution at GIZ

Plenary Speaker
Fehmi M’Barek
PO CIAM (intern), ITERGO Informationstechnologie GmbH

Fehmi holds a Master of Engineering in IT Security and Forensics from the University of Applied Sciences Wismar. With over 12 years of experience in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) field, he had the privilege of contributing to projects at renowned firms such as iC Consult, Accenture, and Devoteam. Throughout his career, he had the opportunity to serve clients including BMW, ERGO, and HUK, where he honed his skills and expertise in ensuring robust IT security solutions.

Plenary Speaker
David Johnson
Lead Consultant, iC Consult

David Johnson is a seasoned Identity and Access Management (IAM) professional with over 15 years of experience in the field. He has worked with several Fortune 500 companies and has been instrumental in designing and implementing IAM solutions that have helped these organizations achieve their business objectives. David is a certified IAM professional and has a deep understanding of the latest trends and best practices in the field. He is passionate about helping organizations leverage IAM to enhance their security posture and improve their operational efficiency.

Plenary Speaker
Hannes Stockner
Head of Data Integration, HTI Services

Hannes has worked as a Software Developer for various companies in Vienna, Hamburg, Zurich and London. His focus in the last years has been on developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications and managing projects related to Data Integration.   As the Technical Lead of the Skadii Ski Resort Management Platform, Hannes oversees the development and maintenance of the platform to ensure the smooth operation within a ski resort. Additionally, he is also leading the Data Integration initiative of HTI Services, which provides IT services for companies within the HTI Group. The HTI Group combines innovative solutions and sustainable products in the fields of winter sports technology, urban mobility, material transport, snow and vegetation management, as well as renewable energies.

Plenary Speaker
Mareike Mett
Channel Sales Engineer, Delinea

Mareike is a Channel Sales Engineer at Delinea, driving the channel strategy and partner enablement for Delinea’s product portfolio. She joined Delinea 2.5 years ago straight after graduating from university. Mareike has worked with dozens of customers in the DACH region over the past years and has delivered several webinars and attended in person events across Central and Eastern Europe. With her experience, she currently focuses on Delinea’s channel partners, helping them and their customers to use Delinea’s PAM solution to mitigate the ever increasing security risks and meet security requirements such as the recently published EU NIS2 directive.

Plenary Speaker
Klaus Hild
Principal Identity Strategist, SailPoint

Klaus Hild Principal Identity Strategist, SailPoint Klaus Hild has been working in the field of identity and access management since the late 1990s. In various positions he has initiated many customer projects, described tasks in these projects and implemented them. He joined SailPoint Technologies in 2016. Klaus is always more interested in practical implementation than in new buzzwords and helps customers and partners to find the best way to sustainable identity security. His work as an Identity Strategist at SailPoint involves both adapting to current market demands and having a thorough knowledge of typical business requirements across different industries.

Seminar Speakers
Seminar Speaker
Michael Lang
Solution Sales Specialist - Workforce, CyberArk Software (DACH) GmbH

Michael Lang has more than 30 years of IT expertise. Prior to joining CyberArk he served as Sales Engineer at SailPoint and as Security Architect at NetIQ and Novell. Since 2022 he supports the CyberArk DACH team with all Access related requests.

Seminar Speaker
Michael Grützmacher
Solutions Engineer DACH, CyberArk Software (DACH) GmbH

Michael Grützmacher joined CyberArk in 2023 and is currently working as Solutions Engineer in the DACH region. During the past decade as a Professional Consultant and Software Engineer he focused on various topics in IT security. He now has a specific focus on identity security.

Seminar Speaker
David Baier
Solution Architect, Ping Identity

Since 2022 David Baier has been part of the EMEA solution architects team. David uses his 10+ years of experience in the IT sector and Digital Transformation to help prospects find their fitting solution with Ping Identity’s SaaS or Software products. During this process he consults prospects, implements demo applications on use cases and delivers help whenever is needed in the pre-sales process. Before joining Ping Identity, David was working for Weidmüller as an Automation Software Engineer helping customers optimize their automation processes.

Seminar Speaker
Dr. Steffo Weber
Director Customer Engineering, Ping Identity

Dr. Steffo Weber, Director Customer Engineering at Ping Identity, studied Informatics in Bonn with a focus on “theoretical informatics” and has worked in the areas of security analysis/penetration testing and highly available and scalable Internet architectures (fingers in heavy oil). He has been at Ping/ForgeRock since 2015, where he and his team support customers in implementing their CIAM requirements (fingers in light oil).

Seminar Speaker
John Pritchard
CPO, Radiant Logic

John is Chief Product Officer at Radiant Logic, responsible for the company’s global product vision and leading engineering, product and design. Previously John was at Okta, where he served as Vice President of Product Management for Okta’s Developer and Partner Ecosystem. His background is in new product development of fault-tolerant distributed SaaS systems and brings more than 25 years of product and engineering experience from Adobe, IBM and Lockheed-Martin. John holds an MBA from Duke University and a PhD from the University of Denver with a research focus on Artificial Intelligence.

Seminar Speaker
Frank Schmaering
Senior Solutions Engineer, Saviynt

Frank Schmaering is an experienced speaker and tech enthusiast who specialises in IGA, GRC, PAM and authentication topics. He speaks passionately about identity governance, identity modernisation and compliance regulations such as NIS2; drawing upon over twenty years’ experience as a consultant in digital security/identity, authentication and biometrics.

In 2019, after a spell at ActivIdentity (now HID Global), MicroFocus and NTT, Frank joined Saviynt – as Senior Solutions Engineer for the EMEA East region he advises enterprises looking to modernise their IAM and especially their IGA/GRC and PAM posture.

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