From Foundational to Exceptional: Best Practices for Access Management Programs

Michael Lang, Solution Sales Specialist – Workforce, CyberArk Software (DACH) GmbH
Michael Grützmacher,  Solutions Engineer DACH, CyberArk Software (DACH) GmbH

Security-minded companies know that Access Management (AM) is more than employee efficiency. They deploy AM solutions to defend their IT systems against cyberattacks, identity-focused security breaches, and data loss. Despite being a standard component of cybersecurity and a central pillar of the enterprise technology portfolio, Access Management programs vary greatly from company to company. Some IT organizations are laying the foundation, while others are well on the way to operational excellence. No matter where your organization is on the Access Management journey, the need to secure and maintain control of identities, as well as defend against modern attacks is always there.

In this session, you’ll learn about the best practices to create more secure and sophisticated Access Management programs that enable businesses, enhance user experience, and provide better protection against breaches.

Join our CyberArk experts to learn best practices for foundational to exceptional Access Management programs, including:

– Alignment of authentication policies with NIST guidelines
– Leveraging User Behavior Analytics for risk-based decisions
– Protecting non-SSO credentials and secrets
– Monitoring and securing activity within web applications
– Managing access for B2B users and 3rd parties

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