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Identity Management

7 March 2024

Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Frankfurt

Seminars @ IDM DACH

Away from the conference hall, you have the opportunity to deep dive into a subject that is of most relevance to you. With a wide selection of seminars to choose from, you are certain to find one which feels as though it has been tailor-made with you in mind.

 Is Authentication Still Relevant?


David Baier, Solution Architect, Ping Identity

Many companies and organizations are currently looking at multi-factor authentication (MFA) to improve IT account security. They have realized that simple password procedures alone are no longer sufficient for adequate security.

Customers are also simply annoyed: whether it’s newsletters, shopping portals or streaming services – new passwords are constantly being added. Even if these can be conveniently managed, there is still the risk of the singular factor, which is either rarely or never changed or where the change process is not user-friendly.

How can the authentication process be improved? Or to go further: do we need authentication at all?

David Baier
Solution Architect, Ping Identity
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Main Conference Room

AI and ML – Transforming the future of Identity Security?

Frank Schmaering, Senior Solutions Engineer, Saviynt

ChatGPT has certainly caused a stir over the past year, magnifying the discussion around artificial intelligence (AI) and its use in all aspects of our world. But there are still questions as to what AI and machine learning (ML) really are and how they work.

In this session we will discuss the impact of AI and ML in identity security and how it helps simplify program management, assisting administrators with their daily tasks, and helping end users focus on their core responsibilities.

Learn how AI and ML simplify overall program management and reduce an organisation’s threat landscape. This session will include:

  • Defining the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • The history of AI and ML in security.
  • Benefits AI and ML within Identity Governance.
  • How Saviynt uses machine learning to support strong identity security programs.
Frank Schmaering
Senior Solutions Engineer, Saviynt
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Building Radiant AI: Lessons Learned on Applying Large Language Models in Identity

John Pritchard, CPO, Radiant Logic

Generative AI, with its capabilities in analyzing data and behavior, presents a promising solution to improve identity and application access risk management. Large Language Models (LLMs) provide a generational leap for understanding risks and detecting anomalies in data. However, they also suffer from a wide range of issues including hallucinations, privacy, and data protection–blocking many use cases. This session will cover our experiences in the integration of LLMs to streamline access governance processes and reduce access risk management for business applications. Key topics to be covered include:

  • Real-World Applications: Using LLMs to improve identity and application risk management.
  • Commercial and Open Source LLM options.
  • Integration patterns like Chain-of-Thought prompting, Chain-of-Experts and Retrieval Augmented Generation.

This presentation is designed for IT professionals, cybersecurity experts, and decision-makers seeking to stay ahead of the curve in protecting their organizations. Join us to discover how Generative AI can be a game-changer in mitigating risks and fortifying your identity security posture.


John Pritchard
CPO, Radiant Logic
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From Foundational to Exceptional: Best Practices for Access Management Programs


Michael Lang, Solution Sales Specialist – Workforce, CyberArk Software (DACH) GmbH
Michael Grützmacher,  Solutions Engineer DACH, CyberArk Software (DACH) GmbH

Security-minded companies know that Access Management (AM) is more than employee efficiency. They deploy AM solutions to defend their IT systems against cyberattacks, identity-focused security breaches, and data loss. Despite being a standard component of cybersecurity and a central pillar of the enterprise technology portfolio, Access Management programs vary greatly from company to company. Some IT organizations are laying the foundation, while others are well on the way to operational excellence. No matter where your organization is on the Access Management journey, the need to secure and maintain control of identities, as well as defend against modern attacks is always there.

In this session, you’ll learn about the best practices to create more secure and sophisticated Access Management programs that enable businesses, enhance user experience, and provide better protection against breaches.

Join our CyberArk experts to learn best practices for foundational to exceptional Access Management programs, including:

– Alignment of authentication policies with NIST guidelines
– Leveraging User Behavior Analytics for risk-based decisions
– Protecting non-SSO credentials and secrets
– Monitoring and securing activity within web applications
– Managing access for B2B users and 3rd parties

Michael Lang
Solution Sales Specialist - Workforce, CyberArk Software (DACH) GmbH
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Michael Grützmacher
Solutions Engineer DACH, CyberArk Software (DACH) GmbH
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