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6 July 2023

The Westin Grand Frankfurt

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Chair & Keynote Speakers
Conference Chair
Bharat Thakrar
CISO and Principal Security Lead, Information Security Forum

Bharat has over 18 years’ experience in the cybersecurity industry and he was the cybersecurity lead and Head of Cyber Resilience at BT. He now works as a CISO/BISO and board-level advisor. He specialises in cyber risk, incidence response, threat intelligence, IAM, zero trust and engaging CXO’s on cyber scenario planning. Bharat is a regular conference chair/keynote speaker, visiting lecturer on BSc/MSc courses and was consultant and advisor on the UK Cyber Security Council (UKCSC) Formation Programme. Bharat has an MBA from Imperial College and is CISSP certified.

Plenary Speakers
Plenary Speaker
Amol Sawarkar
Enterprise Architecture - Global IT Planning and Project Management, IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies)

Amol is a university degree holder in Computer Engineering supported by strategic certifications like ITIL, IS Audit, Project Management, and Enterprise Architecture.

Over the span of close to 30 years of experience, he has carried out different roles and responsibilities including but not limited to Systems Deployment, IT Ops coordination, project management, and Enterprise Architecture.

Having spent his initial eight years working in India for technical consultancy/service providers, Amol has been working at the Head Office of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies for the past 21 years.

As a part of the Global IT Planning team, his main responsibility is around the Enterprise Architecture function working with the IT Business Partners, Project Managers, and the IT operations team.

Plenary Speaker
Abhinav Bajaj, IAM Lead, Delivery Hero SE
Abhinav Bajaj
IAM Lead, Delivery Hero SE

Abhinav has over a decade experience in conceptualising, designing, implementing & managing IAM solutions across industry verticals. Abhinav has been working with Delivery Hero for the last 5 years as an IAM Lead. As an IAM lead, Abhinav actively contributes when it comes to putting together the IAM roadmap, strategy, product selection, and conducting & leading POC, architecting, and implementing the solutions.

Plenary Speaker
Drs. Jacoba C. Sieders
Drs Jacoba C Sieders, Independent Digital Identity/IAM Expert

Jacoba Sieders is an all-round digital identity expert, dedicated to making digital life better and a lot more secure!

After twenty years in leading identity- and security positions at multinational banks, (ABNAMRO, ING, Rabobank, and the European Investment Bank, the EU financial institute), Jacoba now focuses on strategic freelance assignments only, whilst maintaining advisory board roles. As a member of the eSSIF-Lab advisory board, she reviewed SSI projects demanding EU innovation funding, deciding on the allocation of EU grants.

Cyber security and privacy-related legislation is her special interest. She works in the Netherlands and lives partly in France, but has long-term experience with offshore teams. She also worked in New Delhi, India.

Jacoba holds a Master’s degree in Classics from Leiden University (Greek, Latin, Hebrew) but re-educated to start an IT career, first as a developer in Java, C++ and databases, moving to IAM and cybersecurity from there.

Plenary Speaker
Christoph Sauerwein
Chairman and Co-Founder, TrustCloud

Christoph Sauerwein is the Chairman and Co-Founder of TrustCloud. Christoph along with co-founder and CEO Saioa Echebarria have built the TrustCloud brand into a best-in-class player in the KYC/AML space providing end-to-end solutions across video ID verification, digital signature and electronic vaulting.  Earlier this year, TrustCloud became the pioneer in secure digital transaction choreography, enabling digital transformation leaders to implement truly global orchestration solutions for every type of transaction.  The team at TrustCloud are committed to their mission of reshaping the future of digital identity with the principles of empowering individuals with self-sovereignty, establishing trust between customers and suppliers and unshackling buyers with the freedom and flexibility of choice.

Plenary Speaker
Rasa Siegberg, Business Owner (IAM), Fujitsu Finland
Rasa Siegberg
Business Owner (IAM), Fujitsu Finland

Rasa Siegberg has worked in the information security area since 2000, for companies such as SSH Communications Security, SafeNet, AuthenTec, TietoEvry, and now with Fujitsu Finland. Over the years he has held positions in technology development, product marketing & management, sales and now in managed services production.

Plenary Speaker
Stefan Bosnjakovic
External IAM & GRC Architect, Glencore International AG

The emphasis of Stefan’s professional activity during the past fifteen years has been on IAM and GRC projects, driven by the clients’ needs to comply with regulatory demands and close audit findings, complemented by related project activities.

Stefan’s experience also includes Regulatory Requirements (ECB, BaFin, FinMa, BoE, MAS, SOx, FED, FFIEC), Business Process Analysis, Workflow Engineering, Operational Risk Management, IT Security Management (ISO 27000, MaRISK), and Audits.

In addition to pure IAG issues he is integrating related IT-Security related topics such as HPAM (High Privilege Access Management), SSO (Single-Sign On), MFA/Passwordless Technologies, CM (Cloud Migration), Firewall and VPN/SD-WAN into his architecture solutions to complete the overall end-to-end IAG framework.

This is rounded up by communication, coordination and setting up train-the-trainer schemes with HR, relevant business and specialist departments.

Plenary Speaker
Klaus Hild
Principal Identity Strategist, SailPoint

Klaus Hild has been working in the field of identity and access management since the late 1990s. In various positions he has initiated many customer projects, described tasks in these projects and implemented them. He joined Sailpoint Technologies in 2016. Klaus is always more interested in practical implementation than in new buzzwords and helps customers and partners to find the best way to sustainable identity security. His work as an Identity Strategist at SailPoint involves both adapting to current market demands and having a thorough knowledge of typical business requirements across different industries.

Plenary Speaker
Thomas Heinz
Team Lead Solutions Engineering Commercial Central & Eastern Europe & Switzerland, Okta

Thomas is Team Lead Solutions Engineering for Commercial Central & Eastern Europe & Switzerland.

His passion is technology & improving digital workflows and productivity. At Okta he is connecting the right people to the right technology at the right time.

Thomas enjoys doing PreSales – the combination of IT and problem solving, talking with people about business challenges is a very good combination for him as he is an open minded and always positive person.


Plenary Speaker
Thomas Müller-Martin
Lead Architect, Omada

With 20 years of experience in Identity Management, Thomas Müller-Martin has helped global large-scale customers to maximize the benefit of their IAM solution in various roles, from solution architecture to sales engineering. As Global Lead Technologist, he ensures that the innovative and market-leading product capabilities of Omada Identity Cloud can be effectively amplified and used by the partner network, creating happy customers with a short time-to-value.

Plenary Speaker
Adam Preis
Director, Solution Marketing, ForgeRock

Adam Preis is a Director of Solution Marketing at ForgeRock. Over the past 10 years, Adam has taken a number of digital offerings to market, managed complex technology projects, and led customer and partner relationships across the private and public sectors.

Plenary Speaker
David Baier
Solution Architect, Ping Identity

Since 2022 David Baier is part of the EMEA solution architects team. David uses his over 10 years experience in IT sector and Digital Transformation to help prospects find their fitting solution with Ping Identity’s SaaS or Software products. During this process he consults prospects, implements demo applications on use cases and delivers help whenever is needed in the pre-sales process. Before joining Ping Identity David was working for Weidmüller as an Automation Software Engineer helping customers optimizing their automation processes.

Plenary Speaker
Mike King
Sales Engineer, Silverfort

Mike King is a seasoned professional with 10+ years of experience in Identity Security and Governance. With a background as a former developer and extensive work as a solution architect, Mike excels in designing and implementing secure identity management solutions. He holds certifications in CCSP and Azure Solutions Architecture, showcasing his expertise in cloud security. Mike is dedicated to empowering organizations to manage identities, protect data, and mitigate risks in today’s digital landscape.

Seminar Speakers
Seminar Speaker
Reto Bachmann
Technical Regional Manager Austria, Switzerland and Middle East, One Identity

Reto Bachmann has over 25 years of experience in IT, and over 15 years in IAM and cyber security. He has been instrumental in numerous implementation projects for well-known companies across the EMEA region, and has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the region’s business, IT, risk and compliance environments. Prior to joining Quest, Bachmann has held various positions including Head of IT, across different organizations such as the world-leading industrial company Alcan Mass Transportation.

Seminar Speaker
Frank Schmaering
Senior Solutions Engineer, Saviynt GmbH

Frank Schmaering advises enterprises looking to modernise their IGA/IAM posture. He earned his technical stripes over 15+ years as a consultant in digital security/identity, authentication and biometrics at ActivIdentity (now HID Global), MicroFocus and NTT, joining Saviynt in 2019 as the Senior Solutions Engineer for the DACH region.


Seminar Speaker
Dr. Heiko Klarl
Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, iC Consult

Dr. Heiko Klarl has been in Identity and Access Management for more than fifteen years. He is driven by the motivation to bridge the gap between business and IT in order to create holistic solutions spanning from the customer’s strategy to the technological implementation. He successfully accomplished a wide variety of Identity and Access Management projects in different domains like automotive, banking and logistics. As Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of iC Consult Group, he is passionate to understand the challenges of his customers and to work with them to find the best fitting solution.

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