Andrew Gogarty

Andrew helps organisations understand the business value of security. By taking on the challenging role of educating organisations on how to improve their cyber security maturity, he enables companies to achieve their desired business outcomes securely. He aims to raise general awareness of security issues, the evolving threat landscape, and how organisations can go about even the most complex situations. Andrew’s twenty-two years of cybersecurity experience enables him to engage in detail across multiple levels including IT Admins, Sysadmins, Security Admins and the C-suite to build relationships, be a trusted partner, and communicate best practices.

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How to Design Your Security Integrations
A Mimecast product manager shares tips for integrating best-of-breed tools via APIs to more quickly identify, analyze and respond to threats. In a rapidly evolving threat environment, effective cyber defense requires a diverse set of focused, best-of-breed security tools. Integrating those tools is key to faster threat identification and response, helping security teams do more...
8 Questions CISOs Should Be Asking About AI
Blog By: Illumio  Trevor Dearing | Industry Solutions Marketing Director Chief information security officers (CISOs) are faced with the daunting task of protecting their organizations against increasingly sophisticated threats — and this will only get more difficult in the years to come with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is now a tool for both...
Risk management and Cyber Intelligence is key to public sector security
Blog By: One Identity This year the UK government broke new ground in protecting national infrastructure by launching the GovAssure programme. The GovAssure programme promises to be transformative change in government cyber security, by bringing rigour and objectivity to the table. In short, this initiative aims to audit all government departments by semi-independent entities. GovAssure...