AI Powered Identity: Fact or Fantasy?

Rob Byrne, Field Strategist, One Identity
Chris Thorpe, EMEA Cloud Solutions Architect, Quest Software

AI and Machine Learning promise to revolutionize our lives and work practices for the better, not least in the domain of Cyber Security. But is it really “Intelligence”? Is it overhyped and what are the risks it entails? Can AI make my life easier, “just figure things” out and protect my organisation from attacks and risk? How much value can you really offer your organization by bringing these new technologies to bear? Is this a quick win and is my organization mature enough to avail of these new capabilities?​ In this breakout session Chris and Rob will share their experience and best practice helping organizations unlock the value of Identity Intelligence. They will explain pragmatic steps towards the promised AI powered future and explain how your organization can begin to incorporate Identity centered Analytics, Insight and Intelligence into your Cyber Security strategies.​

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