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Government IT Security

23 May 2024

Victoria Park Plaza, London

Seminars @ GOVSEC


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Hackers Don’t Hack In – They Log In. How to Combat the Threat of Identity Compromise


Lee Elliott, Director, Solutions Engineering, BeyondTrust

The world of cyber security is changing, with more dynamic highly connected systems than ever. With an explosion of apps, accounts and access, the battleground has shifted from traditional perimeter and endpoint security into the world of identity security, effectively meaning the hacker has been replaced by the credentials thief. With Identity compromise common to almost every cyber attack, distinguishing between how a legitimate user is leveraging an identity and the misuse of that identity by an unauthorized user is difficult. This leaves the door open for threat actors to use impersonated identities to access resources, compromise systems, move laterally and achieve their illicit objectives. Today this is effectively making identity the new security perimeter. Following on from his main agenda session, join Lee as he discusses what is driving this paradigm shift and how attackers are successfully exploiting the gaps in visibility between IAM and security tools. You will hear:

  • Why is Identity Security Challenging to Achieve?
  • How PAM is evolving to meet the challenges of Identity Security.
  • How to detect Indicators of Identity Compromise.
  • How to Align Identity Security Best Practices.
  • Real world validation of combating an Identity Breach.
Lee Elliott
Director of Solutions Engineering, BeyondTrust
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Room / Location:
Main Room

In the Cloud and AI Era, How Attackers Exploit Digital Trust (And How to Respond)


Paolo Passeri, Cyber Intelligence Principal EMEA, Netskope

The Shift to Cloud and AI will continue throughout 2024-2025 as more organisations build their capabilities for the now and the future. This session will focus on real-world practical methods to safely enable and secure these applications and systems, ensuring data is safe and users and business resources are protected. Sharing Paolo’s own research as Principle Threat Intelligence Analyst at Netskope, this session will provide practical guidance on applying zero trust, risk and security management to Cloud and AI systems, including:

  • The top threats from cloud based malware and threats in 2024.
  • Detecting and defending against cyber threats delivered via the cloud / GenAI.
  • Avoiding sensitive and personal data loss from cloud-based attacks.
  • Building awareness of Cloud and GenAI risks across your organisation – ensuring safe and responsible use.
Paolo Passeri
Cyber Intelligence Principal EMEA, Netskope
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Room / Location:
Edward 1

Beyond Protective DNS: How to Unlock the True Power of DNS as a Security Control


Trish Almgren, Senior Product Marketing Manager & Field Evangelist, Infoblox

Protective DNS (PDNS) adoption has increased in recent years by the public and private sectors globally to address the evolving threat landscape and the numerous sophisticated e-crime attacks targeting every industry vertical – especially governments. While PDNS is a great first step to unlocking the power of DNS as a security tool, it leaves a lot of other benefits on the table. In this session learn:

  • Why all PDNS solutions aren’t created equal.
  • Why taking a malware-centric approach is just a band-aid solution for a larger problem.
  • How DNS can stop attacks before they occur.
  • How DNS is critical to unmasking threat actors and not just their campaigns.
  • How DNS detection and response can improve SOC efficiency by more than 34%
  • How AI can cut through alert noise and surface critical threats.
Trish Almgren
Senior Product Marketing Manager & Field Evangelist, Infoblox
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Room / Location:
Edward 3

Back to the Future: Protecting Tomorrow with Postquantum Cryptography


Matthew Santos, Cyber Security Specialist, Thales

As we stand on the verge of a quantum computing revolution, the looming threat of post-quantum computers poses a significant challenge to traditional cryptographic systems. With the expectation of NIST releasing the new crypto algorithm standards this year, businesses must ask themselves: what steps can they take to protect themselves from the inevitable risk of post-quantum computing? To prepare for the future of postquantum crypto, we need to go back to the basics. In this presentation, Matthew will be discussing how Thales can help you prepare for the world of postquantum cryptography. Join us to learn:

  • Why quantum computing matters to your security today?
  • What is postquantum crypto all about?
  • How is this linked to your PKI infrastructure, your on-prem or cloud infrastructure, the key management and crypto tools?
  • What are NIST recommendations and how to achieve them?
Matthew Santos
Cyber Security Specialist, Thales
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Room / Location:
Edward 5

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