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26 May 2022


Seminars @ GOVSEC


Connect with your fellow leaders and dive into thoughtful conversations spurred by powerful sessions and hear directly from the experts behind the latest innovations.

The Tale of the Changing Threat Landscape


Simon Walsh, Cyber Security Architect, Trend Micro

Trend Micro blocked over 94 billion threats in 2021, a 42% year on year increase, and malicious actors are likely to step up their attacks once again this year.

Against this background, Simon will discuss the 2021 ransomware attack on the Irish Health Service Executive, and how one hospital successfully defended themselves against same, something he was intricately involved with from day one.

Simon will also look at how a unified approach to threat detection and response can help you discover your attack surface, assess your risk, and ultimately mitigate it.

Simon Walsh
Cyber Security Architect, Trend Micro
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Session 3 @ 13:30

The Path to Zero Trust by Securing Privileged Identities


Brian Chappell, Chief Security Strategist, BeyondTrust
Brendan Casey, Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust

Attacks on identity and privileged access pathways are relentless, with the stakes of a cyber-breach never higher. Securing privileged identity within your organisation has never been more important as it is the foundation of a successful Zero Trust implementation. Zero Trust is built on foundations that are essential across your cybersecurity strategy, delivering greater value from existing cyber investments.

In this interactive workshop, Brian will outline:
• Why protecting identities is fundamental to achieving Zero Trust
• Practical steps you can take NOW to secure your privileged identities
• The pivotal role Privileged Access Management plays in achieving Zero Trust

Brian Chappell
Chief Security Strategist, BeyondTrust
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Brendan Casey
Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust
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Session 3 @ 13:30

Best Practices in Identity Centric Cyber Resilience


Alan Radford, Global Identity and Access Management Strategist, One Identity
Alistair Holmes, Software Sales Engineering, Quest

Our view on cyber resilience is that organizations should always assume a breach has occurred, as even the best perimeter defenses can do nothing to stop bad guys from eventually breaking in. That’s why you must have strong internal security and governance. With our unique focus on identity-centered security coupled with market-leading AD management, Quest and One Identity help organizations secure their internal Microsoft environment to protect the most critical and targeted assets … Active Directory accounts and Office 365 resources.

Alan Radford
Global Identity and Access Management Strategist, One Identity
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Alistair Holmes
Software Sales Engineering, Quest
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Session 3 @ 13:30

The Benefits of Adopting External Data Controls in Both Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Worlds


Romi Hamplova, Cyber Security Specialist, Thales

Embracing the cloud transformation brought to light new challenges in data ownership, data sovereignty and data security best practices. With continued data breaches making the headlines we will talk about how digital sovereignty and data encryption are linked together and essential areas to consider when transitioning to cloud or operating in an hybrid space. We will showcase how you can grasp control of your current cloud footprint as well as maintaining the ownership of your data without relinquishing control to your Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

We will share our experience working with governments departments in our capacity as a trusted data security advisor and demonstrate how to adhere to key compliance requirements. We will decipher some of the common encryption terms (EKMS, BYOK, HYOK, BYOE, CMEK, etc) and emphasise the most important best practices. Thales CPL is a Market leader and innovator in data security, encryption and key management.


Romi Hamplova
Cyber Security Specialist, Thales
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Session 3 @ 13:30

REVIL: Pick your Path


Adrian Culley, Senior Security Engineer, Cybereason

Today’s Ransomware actors are operating to devastating effect as evidenced by recent attacks such as Colonial Pipeline and JBS attacks, showing that a successful attack can disrupt any business. Cyber Security leadership in several countries have warned about the prevalence and impact of these attacks. In this session, we will walk through the steps and effects of the REVIL ransomware attack as if it were on your infrastructure. Cybereasons’ recent best ever results in MITRE round 4 highlight our unique ability to stop ransomware before it starts. As we do so you will be able to learn how these attacks can be identified, mitigated and stopped, whilst considering your current state of readiness.

 Adrian Culley
Senior Security Engineer, Cybereason
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