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18 May 2021

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Seminars @ GOVSEC uk


Evaluate cutting-edge technology and solution providers through our Live Web Seminars by attending solution provider sessions. Connect with your fellow leaders and dive into thoughtful conversations spurred by powerful sessions and hear directly from the experts behind the latest innovations.

All sessions will be available on-demand after, so you won’t miss anything. Session times are subject to change. Participants can also connect with peers and experts to ask questions, share insights, and get the most from the leaders in the industry

PLEASE NOTE: All Conference Sessions (including slides) will be presented in English ONLY
Delegates will be able to attend two seminars at the event ‘live’ as they will run in two sessions.
All event footage will be available on demand for a maximum of 2 hours after the session has closed.

A – Digital Transformation in the Public Sector Now


William J. Malik, CISA, VP Infrastructure Strategies, Trend Micro

Digital transformation is more than digitisation – we’ve been doing that for decades. It means using technology to recreate the social and professional elements of corporate culture and work processes, without direct human interaction.

This session examines the role of digital alternatives to in-person interactions that deliver business critical information, securely and safely. From the imperatives under an EU and pandemic lens, to the opportunities for public sector, and how to build and keep skilled teams.

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Room / Location:
Session 4 @13:45

B – Meeting the Challenges of Cyber Essentials Plus Alongside a Cloud First Strategy


Damien Brown, Lead Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust

Today most public sector organisations are laying the foundations for a move to a cloud first strategy. Yet, cloud first can also mean more challenges. Especially when looking to meet the ever toughening Cyber Essentials Plus guidelines. In addition to the known fundamental cloud security issues an expanded attack surface is attractive to threat actors seeking ways into your environment.

Join Damien in this interactive session and learn:

·        The most pressing cloud security risks facing Public Sector organisations

·        Where native toolsets leave gaps in security that you must address to ensure you meet Cyber Essentials Plus

·        How to implement cloud security best practices and vastly decrease your likelihood and scope of a cloud-related breach

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Room / Location:
Session 4 @13:45

C – How the Public Sector can Reap the Benefits of Secure Digital Communication, Now and in the Future


Steven Clarke, Strategic Account Manager, Zivver

Organisations of all sizes have been accelerating their digital communication efforts, especially since the onset of COVID-19 and the shift to remote working. A common misconception is that digital security is complex, intricate and will require many changes in the way people work. But organisations struggle to combine security with usability, and they need both to reap the benefits of digital communication in terms of efficiency, higher customer engagement and satisfaction.

Join Steve Clarke in this session for:

  • A sharing of experiences of how COVID-19 accelerated the need for digital communication, and the challenges that brings
  • Examples of how the right secure digital communication tools can lower your costs, increase efficiency, and improve stakeholder satisfaction
  • Gain insight and perspective into international public sector organisations who have successfully embraced digital communications and achieved better risk mitigation, cost control and adoption
  • Key takeaways: Resources to better equip yourself, your team, as well as your citizens, residents and patients in how to reap the benefits of secure digital communication both now, and in the future
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Room / Location:
Session 4 @13:45

D – Operational analytics: discover, analyse, protect


We will address the key pillars you need to implement and build a comprehensive defence against current and next generation threats. By using best of breed operational analytics, you will improve your security position, increase event turnaround, automate processes, improve efficiency, gain visibility, and power data analytics performance.

Room / Location:
Session 5 @14:45

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