Government IT Security Conference

9 May 2019

Victoria Park Plaza, London




9 May 2019

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.

Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre-selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.



Assessing the Risks of Public Cloud

It is no longer the case that public cloud is seen as less secure than on-premise infrastructure: cloud providers have economies of scale and serious security expertise which makes them ideal for hosting digital services. Yet public sector bodies cannot abdicate their duty of care when it comes to citizen’s data, and need to perform rigorous oversight of each provider’s security posture before hosting sensitive data. This session looks at the best practice in assessing cloud provider security.



Using Penetration Testing to Improve Digital Service Security

Join this session for a lively look at how penetration testing techniques and expertise can be used to find vulnerabilities in digital services. We use the example of a real (retired) government online service to showcase the methods attackers use to exploit digital services, and show why it is so important to highlight vulnerabilities in advance.


Identity and Access Management in Sensitive Data Environments

When dealing with highly sensitive data, strong IAM procedures are essential to ensure the protection of information from unauthorized access. This session looks at how IAM solutions can be adapted and implemented in government environments where strong data security is essential.


Detecting Data Exfiltration

This session examines the best ways to detect data exfiltration from your network. We show how you can use DNS logs, email activity, port usage and web uploads to pinpoint suspicious activity and find perpetrators.


Live Demo: Malware Autopsy

We undertake a live demo of malware analysis, examining a trojan which hit several organisations in 2018. We find out how it worked, how it got into the organisations’ systems, and what it did once it was inside.


Mobile Endpoint Security Solutions for a Fully Defended Network

You may not think that you need a mobile security programme, but when every single one of your employees has a mobile, and a substantial number of them use one to access your services, you certainly need one.

Join this seminar as we explore the threats that are directly targeting mobile devices, and how they can be used to compromise your network.


Using Big Data and Analytics to Improve Cyber Security Capabilities

Data analytics is the ideal way to monitor complex IT environments, when thousands of logs are produced and attackers can move across the network undetected. Join this session to see how the largest organisations are using advanced analytics and machine learning to improve their detection and security capabilities.


The Advanced Persistent Threat Landscape

Unsurprisingly, government is frequently a target of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks, which look to steal state secrets, cause disruption and damage national infrastructure. In this seminar we provide an overview of the current APT landscape, which threat actors are currently most active, and the signs to look for that you could be dealing with an APT threat in your own environment.