Government IT Security Conference

9 May 2019

Victoria Park Plaza, London




9 May 2019

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.

Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre-selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.



Victoria Suite ( Main Plenary)
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UK Parliament – Changing Ways of Working Using Efficiency and Automation

Yochana Henderson, Identity and Security Manager, UK Parliament Digital Service
Cherry O’Donnell, Product Service Owner – Identity and Access Management, UK Parliament Digital Service
Host: Paul Walker, Technical Director, One Identity

Join this interactive session where UK Parliament Digital Service will share how they use automation to be more efficient and secure in a public sector regulated environment.



Edward 1
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How Building Privilege into Interconnected Systems and the Cloud Safeguards Digital Transformation

David Higgins EMEA Technical Director, CyberArk

The evolution of how services are provided to citizens means modern government relies on increasingly complex and interconnected public sector IT systems. These world class digital services will be underpinned by open, cloud-based architectures and greater use of automation, systems that rely on privilege to interact with one another. This transition necessitates a different approach to security, where access to critical assets, applications, services and assets is controlled by a privileged access security platform to prevent attacks at the core of digital transformation.


Edward 3
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Case Study


Edward 5
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Malware, Security Analytics and Cybersecurity in 2019

Matt Lock, Director of System Engineers, Varonis (UK) Ltd

Cybersecurity can be a world of uncertainty; we’re facing a new wave of sophisticated threats, while still dealing with the same fundamental threats from decades ago (e.g., SQL injection and ransomware). Focusing on a strong perimeter to keep the bad guys out is not working. Now that attackers routinely use stolen credentials or low-tech phishing techniques to enter, and now that data is no longer kept within a perimeter, this outside-in approach is no longer practical. In this session, you’ll learn why organisations are failing at early breach detection and how data-centric security can overcome common threat detection pitfalls to reduce false positives, accelerate investigations, and stop more attacks more quickly.
Takeaways: 1. Learn why it is essential to identify and locate where your sensitive data is, who has access to it, and where it is over-exposed. 2. Learn why securing your perimeter alone won’t protect. 3. Understand where your vulnerabilities lie and the steps you need to take in order to protect your organisation from a data breach. 4. Intelligent security analytics is the future – hear how Varonis’ unified data security platform is engineered from the ground up to protect your data from insider threats and cyberattacks.


Edward 7
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Artificial Intelligence – Hype vs Reality

Rik Ferguson, Vice President Security Research, Trend Micro

Don’t be fooled by clever marketing, but equally don’t underestimate the value of AI.

Like almost everything, AI is on an evolutionary path and is hitting milestones at unpresented rates.

Its application to identify online threats or automate human tasks, is very varied. Where are we in the evolutionary journey of AI adoption into cyber security practices? And, is AI itself a risk we need to be preparing for?


Albert 1
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iboss – Cloud Based Web Security Designed to Support Compliance, Malware Defense and Data Loss Prevention

David McKissick, Solutions Engineer, iboss

As applications move to the cloud and the traditional network perimeter erodes, the need for cloud-based Internet security increases.

Join us to hear how your users will always be protected with the iboss cloud, regardless of device or location, to ensure all Internet traffic is secured for compliance, web filtering, malware defense and data loss at all times. The iboss cloud can secure user Internet access regardless of location, but has the unique ability to do so while adhering to regulations such as GDPR.