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…Conference which sits at the forefront of national, supranational, and international cybersecurity, infosec and risk mitigation research and innovation.

Government Security and Risk Management Conferences

Whitehall Media Government Security and Risk Management conferences are rightly regarded as the premier free to attend conference and exhibition, which provides a platform for the leading voices within and across government departments, agencies and institutions at the UK, regional and global level.

The role of our GovSec series is to bring together a diverse range of individuals and organisations to identify trends, explore new possibilities for security and defence, and impart best practice knowledge and understanding as to how public institutions can best defend against today’s cyber threat.

Our programme of specially selected speakers is tasked with addressing and mapping out for the benefit of our attendees how best to manage what is an increasingly complex multi-polar cyberspace in which the physical and digital are becoming increasingly enmeshed.

Delegates have a front-row experience of listening to best practice case studies and keynote presentations on how the industry across the UK, Europe, and the wider world is protecting, defending, and acting against hostile actors.

At a Glance

  • Learn why Whitehall Media is the leading government security and risk management conference provider
  • Identify what you need to do to become a better security and risk leader
  • Discover the latest security and risk tools and techniques breaking new ground
  • Understand how you can implement security and risk solutions within your workplace
  • Advance your understanding of what your organisation needs to become more secure and risk-averse
  • Keep abreast of the latest tools and techniques which entering the public sector cybersecurity market

Forth coming Government Security and Risk Management Conferences


18 May 2021

Why Attend the Government Security and Risk Management Conferences


At our GovSec series of events you will quickly become immersed within a dynamically structured and integrated space designed to encourage networking between delegates, speakers, and solution providers. From having the opportunity to connect with like minded peers, have your most pressing concerns and frustrations answered by our invited speakers or the chance to check out the demo and exhibition space where you will find familiar cybersecurity and infosec solution providers, we have your already planned out and accommodated your networking needs.


Debating ideas and sharing opinions breeds progress. It is only through the coming together of people that problems are explored, issues addressed, and successes promoted. From exclusive access to the keynote stage panel discussions and audience Q&A’s where you can exchange ideas with our guest speakers, to the individually tailored seminar sessions in which you have the opportunity for 1-1 conversation with solution providers who are experts in your field, the opportunities to debate, learn and grow are many.


Our Government Security and Risk Management conferences provide a space for individuals, organisations, and technology to meet in order to forge new ways of working. It is only by bringing together the industry’s agents for change that true innovation can take place in collaboration with our partners and clients. Together, we can build, sustain, and nurture zones of innovation in which partnerships are formed, solutions sourced and ways of working vastly improved.

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