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Exhibitor Stand Details

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Please fill in your information below to advise us of your stand type & set up time.

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Contact Details

Please complete the contact details of your Company logistics planner for this event.

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If secondary or cc contact please advise email here.

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Exhibition Stand

Please complete the exhibition stand section below. PLEASE NOTE: the exhibition is SPACE ONLY not shell scheme so you are expected to provide your own pop up stand or pull up banner(s). The space is 3m x 2m and comes with a clothed trestle table, 2 chairs and access to standard power and Wi-Fi.

We offer a stand set up and transport service should you not wish to send staff to set up the stand themselves – if you are interested in this service please tick the box below and leave set up details blank and we will contact you regarding this.

Designated Set Up Contact

If you have a Company already arranged to set up on your behalf please state the name and contact details of them here – if it is a representative from your Company then name who will be the person from your team onsite for set up.

Your Set Up Details
Time of Setup
Method of Arrival
Contents of Stand

If you are having anything else other than printed materials, standard giveaways and laptops on your stand please specify here:

Additional Power Considerations

You have access to 2 standard power sockets via an extension cable. Please advise if you require additional power or a larger capacity connection ie 3 phase power

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Type of Stand

Please tick at least one of the boxes below. *

For Basic Exhibition Stands (Pop Up Stands / Pull Up Banners / Shell Scheme)
For Space Only / Built Stands
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Once submitted, the details are final – PLEASE NOTE You cannot make additions or amendments via this link.
If you need to make an amendment or provide additional information please use the contact details you have for the Event Manager:
Upon completion, you will be sent a copy of what you have submitted via email.