Blog guidance

Guidance for Submission of blogs for Event website (500 – 1000 words)

Regarding PR for the event, all event microsites contain a ‘Blogs’ section where content can be uploaded for delegates to read regarding the subject matter of the event. The link to this page is as a sponsor of the event we would be delighted to offer you the chance to submit ‘blogs’ to us for use pre and post event. ‘Blogs’ should be 500 – 1000 words and can contain links to your product websites but on the whole, they should be fresh content i.e. not just a link to where the article is posted elsewhere.

CLARIFICATION REGARDING CONTENT: Though many websites reshare the same stories, the way the content is written should always differ. This is because Google will rank articles based on the most informative and relative information. Duplicate copies of the same content can cause Google to push your website down, often favouring the original content above yours and leaving you with a penalty. Duplicate content is defined as content that appears in more than one place (unique URL) and is more than 60% the same. References to content and snippets of content are fine but duplicating one article and re posting on Whitehall Media is not good practice for either party.