Events Privacy Notice

Events Privacy Notice

We have recently updated our Events Privacy Notice to reflect the changes in PECR and GDPR requirements which come into effect from 25th May 2018.
Your information will only be used to administer your booking, however if you show an interest in an exhibitor as detailed in this notice, then your data will be used by the third party exhibitors for direct marketing purposes. On the online booking form, it clearly states that the details you enter should be business details only and personal email addresses/telephone numbers should not be used. Whitehall Media cannot be held responsible for attendees inputting personal email or telephone numbers into the registration.
During the conference registration process, you are asked whether you wish to be contacted post-event via a drop down box option as detailed below:

During the conference registration process, delegates are asked whether you wish to be contacted post-event via a drop down box option as detailed below:

*The event Terms and Conditions outline how different parties may use your registration data for direct marketing post event. Please select from the dropdown menu.

The parties who may wish to make contact post-event as detailed in the drop down are listed in more detail below:

Whitehall Media: The conference organisers would like to provide you with details of future relevant Whitehall Media events. If you attend the event they will also send you a post event feedback survey and the CPD certificate for the event.

Exhibitors:  If you select ‘Exhibitors Only’ or ‘Whitehall Media & Exhibitors’ your details (as inputted at point of registration – excluding your dietary/access requirements) will be used by exhibiting sponsors to contact you post-event with information about the services they provide. (This applies whether you attend or do not attend the event) The terms for this data use can be viewed at

If you select this option you will also be sent the presentation slides that have been approved for release. All of our direct marketing correspondence will contain the option to unsubscribe to future mailings. The registration form is part of a discrete process and will not be revisited.  Delegates who change their mind about receiving marketing material may email Whitehall Media via or use the unsubscribe option on the marketing material.  Those who email Whitehall Media asking to be unsubscribed from exhibitor contacts also will have their comments passed back to the sponsor/exhibitor on their behalf.
If you select ‘None of the above’ (i.e. no contact from any parties) you will not be provided with the CPD certificate or approved presentation slides from the event. You will also not receive further information from Whitehall Media or the event sponsors in relation to this event unless you have specified otherwise in further or previous communications.

During the registration process, you are asked if you wish to arrange any appointments with the exhibitors at the event. If you select this option you will be either contacted by Whitehall Media to arrange these meetings or by the specified exhibitors directly. Therefore, your contact details will be passed to the exhibitors you selected for this purpose.
As you have specified that you are interested in the named exhibitors services and would like to hear more from them this will supersede the previous general contact options from the drop down options. Under GDPR and PECR the processing of your data will no longer be using consent, but legitimate interests, to provide you will the further information sought.
Financial Information or payment information gathered during the registration process and exhibitor sales – including but not limited to, credit card numbers, financial institutions, and expiration dates – is considered Financial. This information is not distributed under any circumstance and is processed in direct applications with PCI compliance.

REGARDING ONLINE EVENTS – you will asked to set visibility settings for networking within the virtual platform – it is your own responsibility to administer this with regards to networking. If you receive any meeting requests the requester would not have been party to your personal details other than your Company and job title/areas of interest – in order to initiate networking. If you then accept or make your contact details viewable then you are consenting to engage with that person via whatever medium you choose be that instant messaging, email or video call. If you visit an exhibitors booth and download items/click on links much like engaging with them in person they will have access to your contact details (like exchanging a business card) The Data Collection Consent for 6Connex shows how 6connex processes your data.

SEMINARS: For these optional sessions you will be registered upon entering a seminar for direct marketing purposes. This information will be passed to the company who is presenting the seminar in order for them to make contact with attendees to discuss the themes and products further.

Whitehall Media holds no liability over how the exhibitor may use your contact details following on from an interaction on an exhibitors stand as the exhibitors are data controllers in their own right, and lays out the terms of use of your data here Whitehall Media choses exhibitors carefully, and only trusted market leaders and innovators are selected. Due to the confidential contents of the QR Code we strongly recommend that attendees dispose of their badges carefully and place them in one of the various collection points at the venue. Badges will then be shredded and the holders recycled.

Alternative Registration types to Delegates using codes
Exhibitor and speakers registering for the events are provided with a different set of contact preferences asking whether they consent to their details being stored on our database for future contact regarding events/ease of re registering or if they wish to opt out of future contact. The other set of attendees which deviate from the standard contact preferences are Potential Sponsors as regardless of what option they select Whitehall Media reserve the right to contact them post event to enquire what they thought of the event as they were furnished with a pass for this evaluation/interest. Once interest has been established we will then revert or amend the selection made by the Potential sponsor during the registration process.

Filming & Photography – by attending an event you permit Whitehall Media (or those specifically employed by Whitehall Media) to make on-site recordings, recording you by any means including, without limitation, electronic recording, film, videotape, audio tape and photography without compensation of any kind to you. You further agree that Whitehall Media shall own the copyright of these recordings. We typically use these recordings for promotional photos and videos displayed on the event websites. Speaking sessions are also filmed and provided to the speakers for their business use. If you for any reason do not wish to be included in any footage please inform us at the time of booking via providing a photo of yourself so we can look to exclude it from recordings where possible.

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Data Security
Whitehall Media make every effort to store your data securely and have invested in the security of our email and Company computer network as well as the event management system Cvent which holds and processes all registration data. These systems comply with GDPR regulations, Cvent through the US Privacy Shield Scheme, approved by the European Commission, and staff operating these systems have been trained in the importance of data security. Should any breach occur we would follow investigation guidelines as outlined by GDPR and NCSC. We make every effort to store data for an appropriate amount of time and do not store anything considered sensitive data except Dietary and Access requirements which can infer people’s religious beliefs and physical conditions, therefore these are periodically deleted as they would be asked again at the point of registration for an event.


Onsite at LIVE in person EVENTS
Delegates will be scanned by Whitehall Media upon entrance to the event to collect attendance data for health and safety, administration, and reporting purposes only.
The information gathered from you regarding any access requirements or dietary requirements is only disclosed to the conference venue with regards to preparing for your attendance.
During the event, you may be asked by an exhibitor for permission to scan your attendee badge as an easy way for you to provide your details for a follow up discussion. Please note, your attendee badge holds company data alike to the contents of a business card, including your name, telephone number, employer, work address, email and job title.
As before, this specific indication of interest to named exhibitors will supersede the previous general contact options from the drop down options. Under GDPR and PECR the processing of your personal data will no longer be using consent, but legitimate interests, to provide you will the further information sought.