Tom Christophers

Tom is an established and recognised leader in risk management. Tom has worked within the FTSE100 for over 16 years in risk positions and is currently the Global Head of Risk at Convatec plc.

Tom specialises in designing, implementing, and embedding new risk management frameworks that are practical, engaging, flexible for all areas of the business, and aligned to active business processes. This approach ensures that risk becomes part of decision-making and strategy throughout the value chain.

Tom has hands-on extensive experience in global enterprises and provides senior leadership and knowledge in responding to the complexities of the modern business environment.

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There has been a lot of talk about enterprise generative AI over the last few months as its use has become more implemented. However, the real questions should be asked by security teams about their providers’ approach to data privacy, transparency, user guidance, and secure design and development. There is no doubt that GenAI is...
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Online Safety Protection Guide for Enterprise Employees
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