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Enterprise Security & Risk Management

28 November 2024

Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London

Presentations @ ESRM uk

Morning Session

Becoming a security and risk champion

  • Catastrophic Loss Risk
  • Zero Trust in Action
  • Leveraging the Monte Carlo Method to Quantify Risks
  • How to maintain a steady ship in times of constant crises
  • Developing a Ransomware Playbook
  • DMARC – What is it and how can it defend my brand against email domain spoofing?
  • Phishing attacks – who is most at risk?

08:00 (GMT)

Registration and Exhibition Opens

Delegates collect their badge on arrival and refreshments are served amongst the Exhibitors

09:10 (GMT)

Conference Chair's Opening Address

Dr Gilad Rosner
Digital Identity, Privacy and Regulatory Consultant
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Dr. Gilad Rosner, Digital Identity, Privacy and Regulatory Consultant

09:25 (GMT)

Catastrophic Loss Risk Management

  • Developing a formal strategy to combat and prepare for known and unknown risks
  • Deploying resilience planning, risk acceptance, or mitigation
  • Devising risk management measures to identify, measure, monitor, and report on risks across the business before they materialise into loss



09:40 (GMT)

Phishing: It’s not about the Clicks

Janette Bonar Law, Senior Specialist – People Cyber Risk Management, Coventry Building Society

Using a diagnostic approach to phishing simulations to improve business resilience to phishing attacks.

09:55 (GMT)

Leveraging the Monte Carlo Method to Quantify Risks


  • Understanding what the Monte Carlo analysis is
  • How to use it to quantify risks and turn “red,” “amber” and “green” into meaningful numbers.
  • How to use these numbers in business cases for controls and obtain that all-important buy-in from senior stakeholders.

10:10 (GMT)

Instilling a culture of risk management across the organisation

  • Making risk management part of the organisational DNA
  • Strengthening risk management practices
  • Elevating corporate awareness of risk management


10:25 (GMT)

Bridging Visibility Gaps in Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

  • Enhancing system transparency in complex cloud architectures
  • Implementing robust monitoring solutions
  • Selecting a scalable system
  • real-world implementation challenges and the resulting operational benefits



10:40 (GMT)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

11:00 (GMT)

Refreshment Break Served in the Exhibition Area

11:25 (GMT)

Welcome to Session Two

11:30 (GMT)

Developing a Response to Ransomware

  • Using a specific ransomware playbook
  • Addressing key decision points
  • Tools and techniques to create a playbook specific to your organisation


11:45 (GMT)

Using the DMARC Protocol to Defend Brands against Email Domain Spoofing

  1. Helping to stop bad actors delivering malicious emails that appear to come from your organisation to protect customers and your supply chain
  2. Combining DMARC with a Secure Email Gateway that protects your employees being targeted by sophisticated attackers posing as trusted senders to develop a powerful multi-layered approach to tackling brand abuse
  3. Benefits of DMARC, what it is and how it works



12:00 (GMT)

Phishing attacks – who is most at risk?

Phishing scams continue to pose a significant threat for both individuals and businesses. The growth in the number of cyberattacks can be attributed to several factors, ranging from inadequate network security to sophisticated hacking methods. Among all the variants, phishing attacks have been prevailing since the dawn of the internet era.

12:15 (GMT)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers: Delegates move to the Seminar Rooms

12:30 (GMT)

Delegates move to the Seminar Rooms

13:15 (GMT)

Networking Lunch Served in the Exhibition Area

Afternoon Session

  • Managing Risk in The Digital Age
  • Cyber-resilience and How to Utilise Zero Trust to Achieve it Now
  • Cybersecurity Mesh Deep Dive: Architecture

14:00 (GMT)

Conference Chair’s Afternoon Address

Dr Gilad Rosner
Digital Identity, Privacy and Regulatory Consultant
view profile

Dr. Gilad Rosner, Digital Identity, Privacy and Regulatory Consultant

14:05 (GMT)

Managing Risk in The Digital Age


  • Challenges in setting up enterprise risk management in the company in the digital age
  • Best Practice Cybersecurity Framework
  • How to sell the risk framework to the Board

14:20 (GMT)

Cyber-resilience and How to Utilise Zero Trust to Achieve it Now

  • Building more resilience into systems
  • Using the principles of Zero Trust


14:35 (GMT)

Building Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (CSMA)


  • Discussing the evolution of best-of-breed to the new CSMA along with pros and cons of each approach.
  • The vendor landscape from larger security vendors with full stacks to open source/distributed CSM solutions

14:50 (GMT)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

15:05 (GMT)

Afternoon Networking and Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area

15:30 (GMT)


Delegates have the chance to attend another one of the Seminars

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16:15 (GMT)

Conference Closes

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Whitehall Media reserve the right to change the programme without prior notice.

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